Wednesday, August 18, 2010

such a slacker

zack the slack... i know. i have had no fucking time. both of my computers at home have died. first my laptop started losing its abilities to type certain letters and then it just died all together. two weeks later my home computer died a similar death. i think i figured out why, i was watching hacked episodes of "lost". i had managed to watch all five seasons from my instant netflix account in about a month. so i was determined to finish off the series by watching some illegals copies of the final season. yup, i fucking got some major viruses from that shit is all i can figure out.
we spent an entire weekend cutting down trees in our yard, bucking them up, piling the waste and slitting up the wood. Ive spent the last three days stacking it after work... ugh...
the gardens are great and I'll have some pictures of that soon. otherwise, for the few people who do still stop by, I'm here just not very often and i thank you all for continuing to check in!!!