Thursday, January 31, 2008

well what?

ive kind of given up on the ten years in review post. so much new shit happens every day, its hard to keep up... should i try a shorter virgin.

moved to big sur to become a heavy equipment mechanic.

lived in a green trailer for a while.

started dating the bosses YOUNG niece.

almost went to jail for dating the niece.

moved to huricane point in big sur to escape the wrath of bosses nieces dad.

threw some of the best parties this town had seen in a long time.

bought a mercedes benz.

quit smoking.

bought a boat.

goto court for furnishing alcohol to minors. fuckers. i didnt even buy them the beer.

started smoking again. damn.

got hooked on extasy, spent thousands of dollars and lost millions of brain cells.

decided one day that i had enough of that.

started dating two girls at the same time, that didnt last long.

got my peace sign tattoo covered up.

started driving to santa cruz on weekends.

mastered the art of drinking and driving.

let the dog drive the benz home once and side swiped mountain.

blew the benz up.

moved onto clear ridge.

turned an acura integra twin turbo into a taco, dog was in the back seat that time and not impressed.

moved into blue house.

bought a toyota pick up.

drove over thirty foot embankment. laughing the whole way. think i spilled my beer.

started dating a women i met online.

moved her out from colorado.

she started cheating on me and doing drugs with scum.

my dog was hit by a car. worst day of my life.

my mother killed herself. another worst day of my life.

moved cheating girlfriend out.

started dating my buddies ex-girlfriend.

lost buddy.

that didnt last long.

started my back tattoo.

started dating different buddys ex girlfriend.

lost another buddy.

lost a lot of buddies. fuckers.

started doing a ton of coke. again.

started a metal fabrication bussiness.

got more back tattoo work done.

lost my job for refusing to take a drug test. what?

started creating alot of art.

colected unemployment.

made more money sitting on my ass than going to work.

threw several more large parties.

decided one day i had enough of that. again.

got job back and shelved metal fabrication business.

overdosed on halloween. oops! the picture look like i was having a good time!

finished angel part of back tattoo. filled in half of one wing.

buddys ex-girlfriend turned out to be a real drag.

moved up to long ridge.

started living a new life style.

started dating cheese.

moved cheese and company in.

allright, ive wasted enough time and need to get back to work... i'll perhaps work on it later.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008




almost forgot to tell you all something fun! last night i sat little cheese into the drivers seat of the truck with all four of us in the cab and let her steer the car up our two mile long dirt road! it was muddy and slippery as fuck! here are some pointers i gave her and how they translated to her.

"stay out of that big rut." she hears "see if you can get us stuck in that rut."

"try to avoid that deep muddy spot." she hears "lets see if we can do a dough-nut in the mud."

"try to stay on the road." she hears "see if you can drive us all off the road."

"now watch out, this part is tricky, stay to the left." she hears "go for it! steer right over to the edge of the road."

it was a fun ride. she did great for her first drive up the "scariest road in big sur..." i think it brightened her evening. we had dinner with a friend at our local haunt. after working on cheeses car, i drove down the restaraunt to give it to her. as i pull into the parking lot i get that oh shit feeling when i depress the brake pedal and i can feel it pop then go straight to the floor. i look underneath and at some point in the past she must have backed up over something big.

yeah and that too.

if i were to even want to get some work done today i couldn't.
i go out into the shop to see if i can get something started today only to find laborers painting rusty metal for some job they are on in my work space.

"hey you guys should wire brush that all off before you paint it. it looks like shit and will bleed through in a couple of weeks..."
"whatever. ess not for us."
"oh, so doing shitty work for someone else is what we do here?"
"fuck it."

so i move on up the yard to see whats happening with the tree stump removal.

"whats up? why are storing all this rotten wood.?"
"i dunno."
"it sure does take up a lot of space."
"i think they are going to flatten this all out so we can put the wood here."
i walk over to the boss type guy.

"so why don't we haul all this shit wood to the dump."
"why would we do that?"
"what, why would we keep it? its shit and taking up space..."
"don't you have some work to do?"
"sure, if you get the guys to get out of my way with their rusty metal painting scheme they got going on over there."
"they aren't painting rusty metal, i told them to clean it off."
"so did i but they are just painting over it."
"no they are not. i told them."
"yeah okay...well they are still in my fucking way!"
"get to work."

so i cruise back into the office. call my excavator parts guy. i ordered some parts last month and still don't have them.

"hey Matt, its Zack. still waiting on those parts."
"yeah we billed you for them. i think you already paid."
"i know we paid, i still don't have my parts though."
"that's a long time ago man."
"no shit?!? that's why i am calling. where are my parts. we paid you money for parts we don't have. its raining and we still don't have the window. i know this cause I'm looking out the window of my office and i can see a blue tarp on our kobelco."
"well, whats up? wheres my parts. have you even shipped them yet."
"I'll call you back, i think i have a tracking number some where."
"so you shipped them already?"
"i don't think so."
"so how would you have a tracking number?"
"I'll call you back."

i go out into the shipping room and go for my red bull in the new freezer. gone.


back to my desk and there is a screaming baby on the floor going for level five. you know the one where he has to take in a long breath that never seems to come, takes like three gasps and when it does its about a two minute long wail of bloody murder...

yeah welcome to my day!

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

funny dayz

so much shit is going down.... just getting to work today was a fucking stress out deal. get here and its hurry up and get busy. safety meeting and resurrect equipment that hasn't moved in years, all so we can cut down some trees that "might fall down". why the fuck is this my problem. move yer own shit, cut down the trees on yer time, why do i have to babysit? oh yeah i work here. lemme take the plug out of my ass and the pacifier out and get to work.

jacked on coffee all, bear with me.

so this weekend started on Thursday. took cheese up into the mountains here for a little adventure. the condor people got two trucks stuck twelve miles or so in the hills behind the sur. we prepared for our journey and were drinking by ten a.m. and inches deep in the snow minutes later. started sliding around pretty good and threw on the chains. minutes later, I'm laying under my truck in the snow, trying to fix a broken brake line with a screw driver and a piece of epoxy covered re-bar. i had taken the tools out of my truck the night before and neglected to put them back in.... asshole.

spent the rest of the day monkeying around at about the five mile mark drinking beer writing my girlfriends name in the snow and puzzling the rancher who pulled up with my shorts and tennis shoes outfit.

"aren't you cold?" he says while wrapped up like an Eskimo.

"naw, this is great. I'm from Massachusetts. this ain't cold." with a beer in my un-gloved hand.

we try to get his truck unstuck and decide to just leave it in the ditch. ramble down the hill, sit in a hot tub out in the rain, and drive home. Friday was spent watching movies and wowing out at the rain and weather. that night was some of the gnarliest winds Ive ever heard. i used to live at a place called hurricane point, the winds we had this weekend made that place look like a kite flying festival!

Saturday cheeses car took a massive shit on the way to town, total tally? i will be replacing all four struts (finally), front brakes and rotors, fixing the exhaust, (no skids plates? can you fucking believe Subaru?) new radiator, front axles....

aaarrrggghhh, i fucking hate Subaru's!!! burn in hell you stupid car company. and if you are a Subaru owner and want to help convert me into liking them, screw off, you are probably some kind of hipster! you have obviously never worked on one. and just by chance you might be a Subaru owner AND a mechanic... blow me, you are full of shit and probably own a hamster as well....

Sunday i took little cheese (not to be confused with tiny cheese) to town to go shopping. cell phone took a shit so off to buy a new one. we tried to break all the display models,by hammering on the keys, over extending the flip ups and twisting all the slide phones. they now have no functioning display models.. yeah bitches... two fucking hours... but i settled on this model . but since our cell tower has fallen over, i haven't been able to use it yet...

the rest of Sunday was spent around the fire playing uno and watching this movie. got kids? great movie... buy it! thought eragorn sucked? (so did i.) then give fantasy another chance... great movie, wished it was another series type shit... anyway, lunch ended awhile ago and i am shirking my fucking duties now... so the lot of you need to get to work...

Monday, January 28, 2008


no time, but i know you have all been lurking around. so much has happened. our home phone line is dead. we had hundred mile an hour winds cracking at us all weekend. my cell phone died, two hours at the store to get a new one. they paid dearly for every second we waited. our road looks like iraqi war zone. trees, ruts as deep as a honda and mud you could park a tank in. slipped a snow chain on my truck and ripped my brake line off. smart... cheese bottomed out on said ruts on our road and shoved her exhaust up into her front axle, broke her radiator and mayhem abounds on that. beau is back to his old self again. had a four day weekend. have to pee real badly so i'll hopefully be back soon. thank you all for checking in!!! everette sorry i havent called! i have no phone, cell tower here is down, they had a chopper trying to fly stuff in and i gueess that didnt work. my office is torn to shreds, they are moving stuff around for the office baby...

still have to pee, and i will be back!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

so, I've started working out. cheese has been complaining about a few things so I've been doing something about it.

we got a guy here that's been complaining about where he has to park everyday. his compliant is that the three guys that live in our construction yard mooch up the best three spots. he thinks cause they live here that they should park at the bottom of the yard. (our construction yard is on a slope.) he is fed up with having to walk up to the office everyday.

on one hand i can see his point. its not like these three guys even have a valid licence, green card, visa, work permit or whatever. so they shouldn't be driving anyway, or even parking their illegally registered vehicles on company property.

but i see the other side of the border/coin as well. hey they fucking live here, they pay rent, they are our night time security and weekend patrol. they need to get around, go to the bank, store, strip club just like the rest of us, eh?

so short story drawn out into a lame post, buddy decides he is going to burn out in the mud with his rear end pointed at one of these guys cars yesterday. peels out of the yard saying fuck off, fuck you, fuck fuck fuck. something like that. well, homie sees his car covered in mud, totally covered, (2005 civic) and he is not all that happy. this is no small amigo either. he could bench press his metallic blue car easily. he washes it off and says to me "posible putasos" or "maybe a fight".

i explain to him that the last two employees that got into a fight didn't get paid for there weeks and had to beg for their jobs back. if he wanted to fight he should wait for him at the bottom of the driveway in the morning and direct him to the other side of the highway. turn him into hamburger meat there and not on property.

i think what will really happen is "burn out buddy" will have a flat tire one day and then another one for about a week or so. they will talk shit back and forth through the other people in the yard and nothing will ever come of it.

i tell you what, if someone slung mud all over my truck id walk up to them and fatten their lip. i wouldn't take my own advice and have a three week unpaid vacation. fuck that...

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

i wont talk about the fucking dog for a month.

click on the pic for the full effect!

well that's enough of that. i wont talk about the fucking dog for another month now. that's it, that's all you get and so on...beau is in brown and charlie is in white. its and oldish picture from when cheese lived on clear ridge. must get something done today folks... i hope all is well in bloggerworld!

again thank you everyone!

Saturday night my dog impaled him self on a branch somewhere on the property. came into the house and laid down. it wasn't until Sunday morning that we noticed he had lost a massive amount of blood and was woozy. after two days and bout six hundred bucks (cheap) later, i have him in my office and he is fast asleep! I'm working on getting pictures off this fucking camera to download...

Monday, January 21, 2008


JUST QUICK FOR THOSE WHO HAVE BEEN CHECKING IN. he is fine. he lost a shit load of blood. im picking him up in the morning. its a bargin. relatively. $558.20. thats two nights boarding, to surgeries, i.v. hook up, bandaging, anti-biotics, x-rays and some lube for when i pick him up and pass over the plastic for them to swipe... ugghh. but he is fine and they keep saying what a good dog he is. (still looking for pictures that dial-up will let me load.) thank you all for putting up with my many posts per hour and sending the good wishes.
i guess i'll have to put away all the fillet knifes ive been sharpening for the neighbors horse, the ammo cache ive collected and take down all the boobie-traps i set. damn, i was really looking forward to some fresh horse burgers....
night all!

i'll be back!!

what you get when you google image seacrh "naked chics with guns"

hydraulic line blown, two hour round trip drive to get it and now i need to fabricate a new one so no time for the whats up with beau post... but he wasn't shot. he is going to live. i will turn him into my new dirt bike... lets not forget I'm still taking suggestions on what to do while drinking. that doesn't involve driving, chainsaws, or dirt bikes... don't let Cher have all the fun.. Kay had some good suggestions as well... the weekend is coming up and I'll need to know by Friday!

just a thought, i could ride the dog around while juggling chickens drunk! beat ya to it. ha.
ill tell the final story bout the damn dog when i get home!!! thanks again for every ones support.


front office "we would really like to keep him for another day."

me "whats up? is he okay? hows he doing? "

"hes fine, the doctor would like him to $tay for $ome further te$t$."

"like what? did they give him an x-ray? was he shot?

"um i don't know know any of the $pecific$. i know that the doctor i$ a$king to keep him here for another night."

"so what has he done so far? how much is another night? does he know how this happened? can i take him this evening?"

"$ir, i don't know any of that information."

"um, can i talk to the doctor?"

"oh no! he i$ very bu$y."

"c a n y o u f i n d o u t s o m e o f t h e a n s w e r s f o r m e t h e n?"

"I'll $ee what i can do."

what kind of animal hospital doesn't have a chart or clip board stuck to the fucking animals cage that says what the fuck they have done to him!!! WHAT THE MOTHERFUCKINGSHIT ARE YOU PEOPLE DOING TO MY DOG!!!! GIVE ME SOME FUCKING INFORMATION!!!

i think my dog is smarter than the people that answer the phone at this animal hospital. what kind of degree do you need to have to answer a phone? to give out some information? was that not a required class at the online animal hospital phone line answering institute!?!?! did they not teach any actual skills. or do you just dress up in a blue/Green fucking smock and swipe credit cards all day. this cant be the first time some one has called worried about their pet?!?!?



SO WHEN I LEFT FOR WORK THIS MORNING IT WAS SNOWING AT MY HOUSE!!! its always a fun thing since we don't really get much snow in this part of California. enough snow had fallen to make snow balls and the like. i didn't want to come to work and had planned on taking the day off if there was snow. but due to the weekend events I'll be "working" my ass off every minute i can!

so the vet thinks that beau may have been shot. no debris in the wound and wants to x-ray this morning. now i don't know if he just wants to x-ray or if he has seen this kind of wound before. it makes me nervous. if he has been shot, I'm gonna go ape shit. yes i know, not too smart too write about that here, but man would i have a hard time holding back... pissing me off just thinking about it!! so i wont. but I'll leave you all this morning with the idea that shit is fine and its not going to cost that much money and everything is going to be all right.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

well shit

so the vet called before the end of the day. beau is going to be fine. "he has lost a lot of blood". he suspects his stoic demeaner has something to do with enimic shock. it took them two attempts of opening him up and closing of a vessel to stop the bleeding. they dont think he needs a transfusion and have someone watching him overnight. they might x-ray him tomorrow to see if he was shot. it was a real deep puncture and clean with nothing they could find close to the surface. they are hoping to give him back to me in the afternoon. he was a real matter of fact kind of guy and asked some questions. "how long has he been bleeding, would there be someone that might shoot him." and said a few really nice things as well. made me feel a little better. a friend of mine thinks we should throw a benifit party for him. to help with the costs... im going to stap a set of handle bars to the damn dog when he gets better and ride him around, since he will now be my new dirt bike!!! fucker. but our house doesnt feel the same, even charlie (the lab) is mopeing around... so the evening is upon us and the kids are back. and it will be early to bed i suppose.
oh the weather says snow down to two thousand feet tonight! thats us! if we have snow tomorrow we are all going to play hookie!!! wish beau luck wouldja!!!


SO I WAKE UP THIS MORNING WITH PEOPLE FREAKING OUT ABOUT MY DOG.... as i become more and more awake, i realize that he is bleeding and that there is blood all over the house. i throw some shorts on and head downstairs and its true. holyfuckingshit is it true! there is blood everywhere and my dog looks like a cheap horror movie victim. he has blood all over his face, neck, legs, dog bed, carpet and every where on our itialian tile flooring...
start cleaning him up and find out where he is bleeding and figure out what the fuck is going on. he has a puncture in his chest i could have stuck my pinky into and has several other small wounds on his chest. looks to me like he fucked himself up running through the woods. but could he have been in a scuffle? there are some not so nice dogs in our neighborhood. could he have been shot? no blood in his pee and he did vomit up a healthy amout of blodd, but he could have been liking himself up. im think he went chasing after charlie (our other dog who fucks himself up by running into shit) and we didnt notice it last night...
i made some calls to people and tried to stop the bleeding, lots of blood and rags later and a couple of hours go by and he is still dumping blood out of this puncture. its not pumping or spurting, just flowing out. a lot of it... get to the animal hospital, (a forty minute drive) and they want my credit card before they will let him in the door.
"hey, he is really bleeding bad."
"just fill out these forms please."
"can i do that while you plug hjm up?!?!!"
"please fill out these forms and the doctor will be with you soon."
"yeah, meanwhile my dog bleeds to death."
"would like an estimate of the costs?"
"no, i would like it if you would get the fucking doctor to look at my dog."
"would you like us to do some extra blood work?"
"why would i want that? how much is that, why do i care- wait, can you people look at my dog yet?"
"yes sir, bring him in."
"like i said, he is really bloody, do you have a back door or something."
"its fine sir, bring him in."

as i walk up to the door with my massacure victim they spot us and user me to a side door where they have a nurse waiting. this guy was way fucking cool. explained a few things to me and i warned him about how much my dog loves cats....
"not to worry, we will feed him some as soon as we stop the bleeding."
this guy was all right. took off his purple choke chain and handed him over... beau did not want to go with this guy and i had to coax him into going in side where i imediatly heard him going ape shit!!! fuck....
they want to keep him over night and possibly do surgery, yeah bye bye dirt bike. hello two thousand dollar dog. fucker. im buying him a godamn suit of armor before he is allowed to go out side and pee.... im hoping its not gonna be too bad. im hoping he is going to be alright... i was choked up and lost when i got back into my car. my hands covered in blood and towels of vomit and blood on my seat and floor. good thing blood doesnt bother me. what bothers me is the feeling of being helpless. i can fix anything, but i cant take apart the dam dog now can i? he better be alright.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

yeah....origami in the backround and whatever... drunkin braile my ass... try and use a mactop... hahaha someonebehind me just knocked over the shelves...


sorry to disapoint, i'll need more sugestestions before i can do any of the drinking ideas already put forth...
so instead i went ahead and got drunk with friends and family and did this. yep, i like to color in cheeses daughters coloring books. not only that but we did some origami recently as well. i have to fess up. im not as cool as the world thinks. i color and i fold paper.. thats all for now because i am so lame, im useing a mactop and have no idea how this P.O.S. works... hows ya'll weekend coming along.

special thanks to cher for all the ideas... kay wassup, where you at?

Friday, January 18, 2008


i dont know where i got this, but it wasnt from the artists site. so i cant give proper credit, so its not mine. hows that?

yeah, still don't feel like working today! imagine that! deal with it punk.

got forwarded this link today. pretty funny. its about this guy in d.c. who spots some crack addicts having sex for drugs in front of his house. with pictures! so if you like stories about crack, crack addicts or public sex then check it out. i'm going to add him to my blogroll if he keeps it up.

all right, the baby in my office just ripped the wettest fart. this is my fodder for you today. WTF? this is an office people! not a baby factory. i guess if i was out in the yard "working" i wouldn't have been here for that one...

weekend is coming up! anybody else excited?!?! well I'm looking forward to getting up and not going to work hung over.... just getting up.

i tell you what, I'll take some suggestions from all of you good people.... since some of you have expressed some concerns about the activities i engage in while consuming massive quantities of beer, (exp: driving, shooting guns, using power tools and chainsaws, driving dirt bikes, etc...) id like to give you the opportunity to give me some other ideas of things i could do. perhaps this Sunday even. cheese has to work and i think I'll be home alone, so anything goes, (i guess.) but it has to do with drinking alot and doing something i normally don't do. now freaks need not suggest, err, well, okay but nothing to do with ponies and goats... sheep yes! ponies no.. got it!?!?! if i end up doing one of your suggestions I'll photo my self doing it and post it here...

you don't have any suggestions??? how bout some examples you say? sure!!!

"hey Zack, why don't you get drunk and get your burn pile going? drinking and large fires always sounds like fun!!"

wow that is a great idea!!! perhaps i might do that this weekend!

"duder, why not try some rock climbing in the canyon! hike down while taking shots and do some repelling!"

wow, another excellent idea. i was planning on going for a hike on Saturday anyway. I'll bring some truck rope and duct tape with me and jump off a hundred foot cliff or two!

"you should door bell ding and ditch man, i hear mountain people love to step on flaming bags of dog shit! your neighbors will never be able to follow the Coors lite cans all the way back to your house..."

that's the best idea yet! I'm such a fast runner when I'm wasted!! and gun fire never scares me...

so i suppose i could have come up with the idea earlier in the week, and if none of you come up with anything good by Sunday, I'll extend it into next week for the following weekend... but i'm still going to some drinking and whatever this weekend. so get posting!

so good luck to me, if anybody comes up with something fun!!! have a great weekend all! I'll be checking back in later...

Thursday, January 17, 2008

no desire

i haven't wanted to be here at work all week. last week i kicked so much ass. and this week? no ass kicking. I'll be back.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

whats with that?

going to cut some wood for a buddy today after work. called up a couple other buddies and said "hey lets go drink some beer and cut some wood". fucking right on was the answer. call my landlord and ask for my/his saw back and he has lent it to a friend... WTF dude. its his saw and he can do whatever the fuck he wants to do with it, but i put a new bar and chain on it for my use. i filled the fuel tank and five gallon jug with gas/oil mix and he let him borrow that as well. umm, buy your own gas shitlips. don't give out my money to your lame ass friends. if they cant afford to buy their own chainsaw they sure as fuck cant afford to fix it! not to mention he is probably running it in the dirt! fuck!!!

so yeah, going to go and cut some wood for a friend, and managed to tom sawyer some other people into helping as well. fuck ya!

Monday, January 14, 2008

yuppp, sick of being at work already

GET ME THE FUCK OUT OF HERE ALREADY!!! i haven't done shit at work today. took an hour and a half lunch. manager man has had me order shit for his house and parts for his car. office lady one has been farting in her office all morning and says "oh, god." when she is in the bathroom and thinks no one can hear her. office lady two was told she need to re-arrange her desk and office space to accommodate her baby she brings to work. (he is ready to start crawling any day.) so instead of moving things as it was instructed for her to do, she is rebelling and has moved our conference desk "out of her way" and has now taken up the entire floor of the back office.

um hello, you need to move your desk to corner him in, not move the table so he has more room to roam and pull shit down upon himself!

I'm not in the mood to be laying down in the mud, dumping grease and oil all over myself today. shit, now they have given me a helper.

okay I'm back, sent him to work on the transport... his pussy is all chapped, he got a lecture this morning bout backing into the shops over hanging roof on Friday. he said he was looking at the dude helping him back up, and the "dude helping him back up" said he wasn't helping him after all. i think they were both right. anyway, i want a dirt bike.

funny blog

a fun blog to read i found here today... i haven't read too far back, but i think shes an American in Australia... whatever, it was funny. she had posted about pun induced store names in Australia, so i found this one... but i really don't think that's what they meant when they put up their sign...

relaxing weekend.

i was planning on having a party or filling our local bar with rejects next weekend to celebrate my ten years of surviving in big sur. but i realized that the anniversary was this last Saturday.... i actually spent that day in town. i unknowingly celebrated my "ten years" by going to town. wtf?

so it kind of takes the shine off of doing anything now. ya, boo hoo, poor me right? I'm just not down with celebrating shit early or late because it is more convenient. or so that more people could come and the like. so excited i was to finally get my "local" status, that i forgot about it all completely. wtf?

after all those years here, all the fuck ups and experiments, the waiting... i

it was a nice weekend. went bowling with some friends and out to sushi afterwards.... our favorite sushi place almost let us down, well they did. wave after wave of sushi rained down upon us... but at the end of it all the vegetarian dishes never showed up. i walked over to the waitress stand and asked about them. they promptly sent over someone who inquired if we wanted to order more.

"youneed songsing else" he very politely asked.

"no we are still waiting on some of the food we already ordered." i replied.

he looked at us with no idea of what the fuck we were talking about, he was not our waitress. she arrived and asked if we wanted to cancel our veggie orders. we could not however cancel... one of our party did not eat fish, but loves the veggie sushi items. all of which she was waiting for. for over an hour... she took it well and even cheeses two young daughters didn't fuss.

Sunday was spent in the garden and yard. got cheeses older daughter hooked on her dirt bike. (finally!!) i was starting to think that might have been the wrong gift. once she got over the fear of wiping out, she was blasting up and down the driveway and we ended up going down the road over a mile! we did that drive twice before "mom" shut us down...

it was time to unwind the girls and drop them at their dads...

relaxed the rest of the evening, watched a movie and played this card game called "fluxx".

so the weekend was good. not too bummed on missing my ten year party, dont mind missing the hangover at all. i do miss throwing parties, just not the messy aftermath. so i'm still working on the review and will have that printed here soon. (ya right.)

edit: "veggie sushi items" hahaha, hey sushi! what are your veggie items?!?

Thursday, January 10, 2008


don't really have any time today, but i thought id come by and say hello. been looking at catalogs all day and online shit to replace all the missing tools from my shop at work. it sucks cause "Miss-management" pretends they don't see this shit or something... people not bringing tools back from jobs and taking shit out of the "mechanics" tool boxes and not returning it... I'm pissed and I'm over it. these guys can once again fuck themselves... I'm buying new shit on the company dollar and locking my boxes up and now even "Miss-management" wont have a fucking set of keys! hahahaha...

that's all, i have to pick up cheeses daughter from school early today and don't know if i want to come back after that....

lets see, something from my time here in big sur... i had a friend bring his new girlfriend to town to meet everyone. my friend d (a female) and i got them both drunk and convinced his girlfriend that it was "new girl nudie night". we snuck into post ranch and jumped into their pool. later the four of us squeezed into their shower and washed each other all off. ya know, cause we were all so dirty from swimming around in a gazillion dollar pool and all. that was a great evening and she ended up sticking around with him for a while... i don't know if she ever found out that she was the first "new girl nudie night" or not, but there were more to follow....

Wednesday, January 09, 2008


as i was thinking about sushi's year in review and how i wanted to do that as well, i realised its my ten year anniversary in this town coming up. i thought id get to work on a ten years in review. give you all a little more than just rehashing all the shit I've bitched about already. but give you some more than you ever wanted to know!!!

such as, when i moved here (i was twenty four), i dated my bosses niece. who lived next door! and was only ***teen!!! bet you weren't ready for that one huh, yep, sheriffs, dads with guns, the whole deal. we went on to have a nice relationship for three or four years or so and became great friends, (well friends) with her dad and the rest of the town, (well some) rallying behind us. then we broke apart and she went off to college, (as most young people do) and now we talk at each other very sarcastically when put in the same room together...

or the fact that i lived in three separate houses worth millions for free for about five years or so! yep walked over, said "hi, I'm Zack. nobody lives here? i would love to live here!!!" this is one that is for sale again!!!

so, I'm working on it. work is kicking my ass and sobriety is hard to find. every time i go looking for it my good old friends buzzed and beer convince me out of it! have a great day all!!!

Tuesday, January 08, 2008


hey kids, my bad. after a nasty little hang over yesterday I'm back to work and working at 45%. yeah what an asshole. i walked into work yesterday and spent five minutes trying to focus enough to drink a cup of coffee and then i split... i was so drunk still. the morning after drinking all day. the weekend was was spent relatively mellow until Sunday night. Sunday morning we jumped on the quad, strapped the chainsaw to the back, filled a back pack with beer and ventured out in to the eye of the storm... met up with a friend who was going down the creek to check on his water systems.... spent some of the afternoon clearing and chainsawing trees and removing a dam in the river... went back to his place and hung out until it started raining again. then jumped back on the quad and drove through some four miles of freezing rain back to our house. made some killer pork chops and fresh buns... decided to go to the bar.(always sounds like a great idea when you have been drinking all day!)
loaded up with some road sodas and fired down the coast to our local bar! hung around until the band started and drank the night away. bought a t-shirt and stole a c.d.
at some point on our way home, cheese must have noticed my window down, cigarette lit, one eyed driving technique. since by the time we got home she was driving and i was complimenting her skills! (rarely happens, in fact i get uber car sick if i sit on the passenger side of anything...)
so back to trying out some sobriety again. didn't really work out for me last week, but I'll give it another go. showing up to work and leaving because you are still too drunk to see strait is not a good thing.

Friday, January 04, 2008


what the fuck is wrong with Californians? its rain people... coupled with some wind. its not a natural disaster. wow some rocks on the road, why did you see fit to ram your fucking car into them? some mud across the highway, why is it that you decided to see if your one wheel drive altima could traverse a four foot deep slurry? its weather, not Armageddon. hey fuckers, you knew it was coming... its called winter!!!! yah know, rain, snow, wind, freezing temperatures?!?! why are you all so stunned when your power goes out and PG@E doesn't come down your fucking chimney and blow magic dust up your ass and make your power come back on. why are you so surprised when you live four miles up a dirt road and your Lexus gets stuck in the mud and the tow truck guys laugh at you when you call them.
hey people of California!!! get your fucking heads out of your neighbors wives laps and pay attention! the earth moves here, the rain falls from the sky and rivers flood! i shit you not! you might want to think about putting more than a case of bottled Evian in the back of your s.u.v. when traveling during "the worst storms since El nino". get your self some batteries for something other than your girlfriends "little white rabbit" and some flashlights. woah, or even go archaic and try to have a hurricane lamp or two handy....
here is a novel idea, buy a fucking generator if you cant live with out your god damned television for an evening. holy shit you might actually have to interact with the people who you live with.
if you cant drive in the rain, stay off the road.
if you don't have power, deal with it.
if your road slides, call someone and wait. don't call every ten minutes saying its getting worse, guess what fuck-tard?!?! its still raining and its not gonna fix its self. grab a shovel and a rain suit, (if you thought that far ahead) and get to work!!!
hey your phone line went dead and you cant call anyone, try looking around for a tree branch on your own line before you call the president and claim some sort of terrorist has landed...
its simple, its weather, it happens every year. why cant you be a little less surprised and a tiny bit more prepared....


finally folks we are getting some rain! weather! wind! woo hoo!!!! mud, rock slides, trees down!!! my favorite time of year!~!!!! traveling with the chainsaw in the truck, tow straps and bolt cutters!!!! haven't been posting, (as you can see) work has me running around on fools errands... but i don't mind. a slow moving back into work thing is not to hard an idea for me to get used to.
back to the weather....

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

2008, whoopee!!!

yeah, with the absolute worst head ache of the year i sit down here to post. the neighbors just left after making me breakfast and collecting their children. and my stomach feels like rocks in a cement mixer. why is it every year i start out with feeling like shit? wanted to sleep in but had two little welps hollering at me every five seconds about which kind of fucking cereal they wanted. another one yelling from her room that the phone was ringing and i should get it.(it was in her room, i believe she had used it last.) anyway i'm grouchy and tired and backed up....

hmmm... wow, why do you read here? grouchy ass-hole postings...

i'll try to write something a little more bearable. how bout a list!!! hmmm... a list of things ive done since i posted last! ready?

1. watched a guy slice his fingers to the bone while helping move a industrial sized oven. can you say bloody?
2. watched a buddie shoot pidgeons from his roof top! (real ones, not clay ones...) pow, pow...
3. turned our "pool" into a hot tub. sat in it when it was 128 degrees! then again with four adults and four kids. then again with just cheese and i. i think the new year rang in somewhere in there. ding dong...
4. got too drunk to have sex, again. then gave cheese the best two minute moning wood i could muster before falling into a hangover induced coma. yeah i'm the man!??
5. put down a thirty pack of beer, four bottles of champagne and quarter bottle of yeager... yestarday.
6. got up at six thirty a.m. monday, drove to forty minutes to work only to find out i had the day off. WTF?
7. lost some serious brain cells somewhere since last week. anybody know where i might have left my brain cells? wait, what was i asking?
8. relized i spent almost a thousand dollars at the fucking grocery store last month! no fucking wonder im so fat!
9. filled the dumpster at my work with all the garbage accumulated over christmas... damn.
10. i really, really want a new dirt bike. think im going to buy one this year. vroom!
11. my kitchen is trashed. and i dont have an ounce of energy to clean it. poor cheese had to goto work this morning and will come home to a well abused house. my bad.
12. speaking of cheese, i think the dogs ate a massive wedge of gouda last night. and some motzarella that i left out on the counter as well. i found two empty plastic bags on the living room floor that had "dog evidence all over them... fuckers.
13. i'm almost looking forward to going back to work. i need to make some money! cha-chingle...
14. i'm over it... perhaps i'll be back later...