Thursday, January 31, 2008

well what?

ive kind of given up on the ten years in review post. so much new shit happens every day, its hard to keep up... should i try a shorter virgin.

moved to big sur to become a heavy equipment mechanic.

lived in a green trailer for a while.

started dating the bosses YOUNG niece.

almost went to jail for dating the niece.

moved to huricane point in big sur to escape the wrath of bosses nieces dad.

threw some of the best parties this town had seen in a long time.

bought a mercedes benz.

quit smoking.

bought a boat.

goto court for furnishing alcohol to minors. fuckers. i didnt even buy them the beer.

started smoking again. damn.

got hooked on extasy, spent thousands of dollars and lost millions of brain cells.

decided one day that i had enough of that.

started dating two girls at the same time, that didnt last long.

got my peace sign tattoo covered up.

started driving to santa cruz on weekends.

mastered the art of drinking and driving.

let the dog drive the benz home once and side swiped mountain.

blew the benz up.

moved onto clear ridge.

turned an acura integra twin turbo into a taco, dog was in the back seat that time and not impressed.

moved into blue house.

bought a toyota pick up.

drove over thirty foot embankment. laughing the whole way. think i spilled my beer.

started dating a women i met online.

moved her out from colorado.

she started cheating on me and doing drugs with scum.

my dog was hit by a car. worst day of my life.

my mother killed herself. another worst day of my life.

moved cheating girlfriend out.

started dating my buddies ex-girlfriend.

lost buddy.

that didnt last long.

started my back tattoo.

started dating different buddys ex girlfriend.

lost another buddy.

lost a lot of buddies. fuckers.

started doing a ton of coke. again.

started a metal fabrication bussiness.

got more back tattoo work done.

lost my job for refusing to take a drug test. what?

started creating alot of art.

colected unemployment.

made more money sitting on my ass than going to work.

threw several more large parties.

decided one day i had enough of that. again.

got job back and shelved metal fabrication business.

overdosed on halloween. oops! the picture look like i was having a good time!

finished angel part of back tattoo. filled in half of one wing.

buddys ex-girlfriend turned out to be a real drag.

moved up to long ridge.

started living a new life style.

started dating cheese.

moved cheese and company in.

allright, ive wasted enough time and need to get back to work... i'll perhaps work on it later.


denim said...

the order seems a bit shifted. but good review all the same


yeah, it needs some work. anything you want to add? perhaps ive forgotten something important...

Cecile said...

Well, The drinking part seems ok, but the driving part, this mother doesn't approve of. It sounds that Cheese may be a good influence for you. I wish you the best of luck in this relationship.


thanks cecile. yes influence she has on me. and having kids around changes things as well. thanks for the comment!

Black Egg said...

You have or had quite a few things in common with my ex. Heavy equipment mechanic, Benz owner, boat owner, coke fiend. Hard partying drinker of course and a great drunk driver. User of tobacco (but he chews). Motorbike freak. I started reading your blog back when I was still dating him, and I loved (and still love) reading the mechanics rants, in part b/c it reminded me of him. I will say that you seem far more reflective than he was, and that made it enjoyable, too. You definitely seem like you've found a solid relationship and living situation with lots of growth potential, and that's so awesome. Takes time, sometimes, but the work of living never really stops...

hnter1018 said...

Damn dude. Sorry to hear about your Mom.

Good thing you got your head on straight now. Get a pic of the back tat up. Next ones will be the portraits of the kids.


"but the work of living never really stops..."

ARE YOU SURE WE ARE NOT RELATED? thats how i roll as well... damn you nailed it. thanks for the kudos!

hntr: i'll be putting the tattoo pics up at some point sson! when ever i figure out how to get a picture of it! and putting the kids oics online? hmmm... not on this blog. cheese and i deem this blog inapropriate for kids. unless they are like we were... but i'd email you some if you like!
sorry all! no cheesy tots on this blog.

the whole mom thing will have to be another post.

hnter1018 said...

right some pics

Anonymous said...

So, now i know what you have been
up to for the last 10 years.Sounds like you have had all the fun ups and downs of life.Thanks for sharing,its good to know that youre still the person i knew whay back in the day.Oh yea this cheese person must be pretty special!!
peace old friend,everett