Friday, January 04, 2008


finally folks we are getting some rain! weather! wind! woo hoo!!!! mud, rock slides, trees down!!! my favorite time of year!~!!!! traveling with the chainsaw in the truck, tow straps and bolt cutters!!!! haven't been posting, (as you can see) work has me running around on fools errands... but i don't mind. a slow moving back into work thing is not to hard an idea for me to get used to.
back to the weather....


hnter1018 said...

Be careful now!! Sounds like you guys are getting it bad!!

we got -11 windchills here but that ain't nothin'.

Drive safe unless you find a giant mud puddle then put it to the floor kick up a few rooster tails sling some mud and have some fun.


WOOOOO HOOOOO! we have had the road close in both directions several times today! a restaurant just north of here caught fire, power has been off and on all day and mudslides galore!!!! fuckin right i'll be doing doughnots in every pull out from here to home!!!

btw, i dont miss those windchill factors one bit.