Monday, January 14, 2008

yuppp, sick of being at work already

GET ME THE FUCK OUT OF HERE ALREADY!!! i haven't done shit at work today. took an hour and a half lunch. manager man has had me order shit for his house and parts for his car. office lady one has been farting in her office all morning and says "oh, god." when she is in the bathroom and thinks no one can hear her. office lady two was told she need to re-arrange her desk and office space to accommodate her baby she brings to work. (he is ready to start crawling any day.) so instead of moving things as it was instructed for her to do, she is rebelling and has moved our conference desk "out of her way" and has now taken up the entire floor of the back office.

um hello, you need to move your desk to corner him in, not move the table so he has more room to roam and pull shit down upon himself!

I'm not in the mood to be laying down in the mud, dumping grease and oil all over myself today. shit, now they have given me a helper.

okay I'm back, sent him to work on the transport... his pussy is all chapped, he got a lecture this morning bout backing into the shops over hanging roof on Friday. he said he was looking at the dude helping him back up, and the "dude helping him back up" said he wasn't helping him after all. i think they were both right. anyway, i want a dirt bike.


oread the SSA said...

I see you go with the chapped pussy accusation.
Personally, I really prefer the Sand in the Vagina line. If you have seen the south park episode, it leads itself to all sorts of wonderful nicknames, like Detective Sandy Vagina.


yeah, i know... it brings on quite a vivd image either way, but "chapped" has a lasting feeling... where as "sandy" can be cured with a shower or wash. "chapped" could be rubbed raw or due to lack of use, to much time in the snow naked, or sun i suppose. "sandy" sounds like a fun time at the beach, sex on the beach, surfing, playing in the shore break...etc..
so yeah, chapped not sandy works best for me.... i could be wrong?!?1 whats your reasoning?