Thursday, May 26, 2011

waiting around

yep, sitting around waiting for someone to break something, not what i really enjoy doing, but what the fuck else am i gonna do? already tore apart the jack hammer and ordered parts for that, fixed a tire on the grader and pretty much sitting around waiting for lunch. then i have to go do this "thing". does that ever make you wonder what the fuck people are talking about when they say "i have to go to do this thing."?
that could really mean anything right? depending on who you are talking to, woman grabs a baby and the baby bag, heads to the bathroom and says "Ive got a thing to do." you can pretty much guess. not so easy with other folks though... that's your tidbit of information today...

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

in case you dont know...

its for sale, I'm getting tired of it and it's time for a new toy, something else to play with, shell out a bunch of money for... Ive got twelve thousand give or take into it... I'll take less than that for it... its on craigslist... not hard to find. anyway, since i was shooting guns this past weekend my ears have been a little sensitive and we were just tuning a buddys new monster stereo and i have an instant headache now... i could feel my brain loosing up from my skull as the bass was pounding... whatever... anyways I'm in need of a beer. bye.

what about you?

ever been caught?

i have heard quite a few stories of people getting caught, how about a few more?!?

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

thinking about it all again.

donald loves boobs too!!!

as much as i fucking hate facebook i seem to be dicking around there quite a bit. i have three or four games of scrabble going on there at a time, friends i never see anymore that i still chat with and people who i wouldn't piss on if they were on fire hounding me to be my friend... two years ago, (plus or minus) i got booted off of their site for violating all the rules... at first i was pissed, but then it was a nice break from all the stupid shit i was doing there... mafia wars, posting stupid shit on everyones pages, whatever. it was a good thing.
then my ex-girlfriend had a fucked up accident, and a lot of the planning i needed to do to get her first benefit rolling could be done alot easier on the facebook than over the phone. so i signed the fuck back up with a new, (still not legitimate user name) and got it handled. we raised over thirteen thousand dollars in one evening. it took less than ten days to plan and we fucking rocked it. hundred of people served dinner, a silent auction and a raffle. the wad of cash was huge.that being said, i should have deleted the fucking face book account the next day.... but i didn't. and my once somewhat popular blog suffered for it.
this weekend some people from the good ole days are convening down in l.a. i got an inspirational text from a blogging friend this morning about the potential arrival of yet another favorite blogger. we will see what we will see....