Wednesday, December 26, 2012


I haven't been this sick in years... Hot, cold, both ends, migraine, sweating frozen needles of fire, coughing burning chunks lava so often my ribs and I feel like I've pulled a hernia. my eyes ache, my joints ache, my body feels like a bag of gravel under a truck tire...

Thursday, December 20, 2012

I left my life somewhere and i cant seem to find it. i have been looking. my life was on a fast track to success, work hard, play hard and look to the future. always had my eye on what was next, expanding, saving, enjoying... this past year my life had changed considerably. started going to the gym, watching what i put into my body, staying away from bars and cutting out daily shots when i got home. healthy body was leading to healthy mind. i was working my same job and tripled my efforts at my other job, all the while trying to maintain a homelife with new additions and and on and off again mother in law living in the back yard. i welcomed the idea, fuck that, fully embraced the idea of a bigger family, my cousin moved out from Canada, cheeses mom, (like i said) was back from her escape in saudi arabia and was staying with us off and on. we had become a medium sized commune. with everyone doing their part and trying not to step on anybody elses toes...
sounds utopic... i guess it wasn't. i did my fucking damnedest to make everyone happy within the situation, i felt like i was doing the best i could. i took charge as head of household, not the boss or dictator but the one person who was going to make sure everyone could talk to and approach. i didn't always have the answers and couldn't make every ones wish come true, but goddamn it, i was going to break a hundred thousand dollars this year and we were all going to reap the benefits as a family!
it was fucking stressful at times, towards the end of the season i had a daily rotation of employees to manage, organize, feed, drive around and pay. harmony in the house started to degrade. demands were made upon me i couldn't abide, it wasn't good for the business and it wasn't good for my soul. in May i had proposed a vacation at the end of October, "first check we receive, we are all getting on the next plane to Hawaii, that minute!" well, the end of October came and went, trip plans got changed and the amount of people who were allowed to go changed. fine, whatever, i worked out new details, spoke the people involved, the invited and uninvited and arranged new dates and plans. November arrived and alls i could think about was getting the fuck off the mountain, i set up some tentative guidelines for departure, got some reliable house/dog/chicken/cat/fish sitters lined up and on board and wham. no Hawaii. no trip, no vacation, just nothing....
the day we where to leave for ten days for Kauai, cheese moved out, well she had already begun the process weeks earlier, but this was the day she had a truck full of boxes and began packing them and filling her truck... i sat there speechless staring at an online scrabble game i was distracting myself with and soon left the house in disbelief...
this is where my life ended as i knew it... now i live in this part of California called limbo. its a shit hole of a place. i wouldn't recommended coming here and do your best to stay away... Ive been living in limbo since the beginning of November. its up to me to leave this place but there are no roads out. no planes, no trails just a large abyss surrounding this place.
cheese and i have spent some time trying to work out a few things, it usually ends up with me getting yelled at and an agreement on some more time and space.. more space beyond the abyss is not what i need. there are things my mechanical mind is having a hard time coming up with anyway to fix. the problem keeps changing, the longer im here in limbo, the more the problems change. we are at the point where we just try to hang out once and a while, just be, enjoy each others company, watch a movie on t.v. etc. without fighting.
i took on all her problems as my own these years, when i added my cousins and cheeses mother problems, i did so happily. shuttling people around, fixing various vehicles, buying new vehicles, lending money, giving money, providing safe and secure living quarters for all. i took it all on, my shoulders are huge, i took it.
and took it. and took it. and took it.... yet at the end of it all, i am the asshole. the one who ruined everything.
when i asked for help for cheese from the mother in law i became an even bigger asshole. she turned the corner, stuck out her proverbial middle finger at me and began counseling her daughter in a way that was perhaps not healthy for our relationship. this advice came from a woman who, well, never mind... i don't want to be the one who talks badly about someone and their lifes choices... im better than that, fuck you connie.
after six years with cheese our relationship had changed, lots for the positive and some for the worse as well. if someone tells your their "anything" is perfect, then well, you know... but there were things we were/are both wanting that we didn't get. we didn't make love often and that is a big problem, i don't know why and to this minute i still try to figure out why... why we didn't, why night after night i said no, i am definitely attracted to her, cheese is beautiful and womanly, but still there was something... i have this sense that she didn't like me as a person, but loved me as a man.. i dunno.
as i sit in what is now left of the home we shared and stare off into the walls, i spend hours contemplating what is wrong with me... how is everything i did/do wrong. how can i not know what an asshole i am... when i point the finger at my self in the mirror upstairs in the bathroom it just doesn't feel right. how can all my feelings be wrong. how can i be so confused about things... from the outside i am a fucking hero, a family man, bread winning, hardworking, funny, approachable dude. how can i not be that on the inside...
so now when i look around for my life, i don't know what direction to look in. i cant seem to think of a life with her and the girls, but i cant think of it going back to what it was and hating myself for being this person Ive been told that Ive become. i rush home everyday still, i am drawn to those ten acres and house on the mountain. although what once was a warm happy place is now a kennel of piss and dog shit. my old infirm kidney failing pit bull and his gay lover charlie are always happy to see me. but this is what my life is now? i clean piss off floors so i can sit on my own couch and stare off into space? why not let them outside during the day when you're at work? well as boys do, they run off and play. my neighborhood doesn't lend itself to lose dogs running amok. neighbors with shotguns, neighbors with wolves as pets and wild animals bigger than they are looking at them as lunch, yeah no... id rather clean my dog kennel of a living room and have them be safe.
the holidays are coming and i feel a good bender coming. perhaps after christmas when i am expected to answer the phone a hundred times and make a hundred phone calls... perhaps after a mind cleansing bender i may be able to see the light. doesn't sound right but everything else Ive been trying doesn't seem to work either...

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

I live my life

My pit bull is slowly wasting away, he is fifteenish, sixteen? I can tell you he is three girlfriends old. That's how I used to measure time, but now my memory like my life Is fading. Beau, my dog is suffering from more than effects of old age. He's got more stitch marks in him than frankenstien, he's had heart worms since he was threeish. Now he suffers from anemia because of that. His kidney failure is also awesome! I love mopping up pee every day when I get home from work! I'm doing well by him by watching his diet and trying to get him to eat everyday day. As soon as I find something he likes to eat he changes his mind and goes on hunger strike. Days without eating, moping about... Charlie, my other half dog, yellow lab, takes advantage of these weekly protests and eats the high fat, quality protein, no salt, salmon oil laced dog food I try and provide. I have no issues with this, other than he is gaining weight. He's 107 lbs at his last vet appointment. Good boy!
All this said, I fucking love this Dog and I bet he lives a long time. Stoked except sometimes I feel like I live in a goddamn kennel.

Otra dia menos

One thing is for sure I don't know if blogging from a cell phone feels the same. I don't have a computer at home that works.
When I started "the voices" it was just me in the nothingness of the blogosphere. No comments, no followers, no links, just me hating myself, near suicide, just venting. This blog and the people I've met through it brought me to a realization that not only wasn't i the only person escaping into the abyss of confessions into the unknown but that my words and thoughts could be appreciated by people from all walks of life.
This blog had a big part in turning my voices into something fun and positive. I found myself being creative and enjoying comments. I soon enough craved them, I blogged for the sake of comments, I checked for them compulsively.
I rarely checked for spelling or punctuation and capitalized everything and swore profusely. I've been a part of peoples lives who have made impacts on me and hopefully I've done the same... But I've lost something through it all. The grit, the angst... the meaning?
I really did enjoy writing, I'm fucking good at it, better than some and don't care if anyone disagrees. i think this year I'll buy another lap top for myself for Christmas. Selfish.
Y'all can stop reading there. I'm going back to the old school blogging from now here on.

Thursday, May 31, 2012

I found blogger for the iPhone

Just wondering if it's going to be worth it...

Friday, February 10, 2012


so here is the fucking deal-e-o as of late. nothing has changed but everything is different. most recently i have been going to the gym. one to salvage/resurrect my relationship with my gf of five plus years and two, to transform this well honed alcohol processing plant into a mean lean fucking machine... along with that has come this level of guilt every time i light up a smoke. nothing says healthy living like a hand full of supplements, a two hour work out followed by a three chain smoked Marlboro's...

oh the guilt.

so i bought an eciggerette.

and it works...

more on that later! also along with this new found guilt is a natural desire to slow down on the drinking... i know, i know, me? as life would have it, my drinking was getting in the way of my, well, life... so I've slowed down on that. the gym has really made that easy. don't get me wrong, i don't have to quit drinking by any means and i drink when ever i want, but oddly my body is telling my brain that it just doesn't want it as much as it used to... after the gym, I'll go to the ritzy ass bar across the street and order a tall frosty one. and that's it. I'll have another one on my way home and maybe one more with dinner but that's it! my body says no thanks and my brain agrees... i haven't had a hangover in over a month! so odd to go to to bed sober and wake up before the alarm and actually look forward to the day.
i wish i would have taken one of those before and after series shots, alas i have not. well that's all i have time for today.

oh this weekend we are going to one of my favorite camping places and am bringing the dirt bikes, guns, explosives, kids and dogs; meeting up with some like minded folks and having a rip roaring good time! have a great weekend all that still lurk here and be safe!!!

Thursday, June 30, 2011


as some of you know i like some pretty weird shit... photos of all types, womens high heeled shoes, blowing shit up and doing voice overs while people watching from afar, naked motorcycle riding, blowing bubbles, backpacking into the deep wilderness and making a feast of a meal, paying to get into an event and then volunteering my time while i am there... eating lunch out every day of the week, etc... so i natually assume that other people do some of the same things... i mean i know there are some true WEIRDOS out there, more than half of the internet is full of it, so i dont feel too bad. but, when someone looks down their nose at me for my interests i can't help feeling that they are the odd ones. really what the fuck is wrong with people?

just last week i bought a bit of a hand cannon, a smith and wesson .44 magnum. it's stainless steel with an 8 3/8 inch long barrel. think dirty harrys gun, but a smidge bigger. why would i want something like this you may ask? why not? i didn't have one moments before that and now i do. what the fuck would i do with such a thing? i dunno, shoot it, put soda cans in the sun for a few hours until they are ready to explode and blow them up... put a scope on it and see how far/accurate it shoots? put it in my gun case and forget about it. it's not my biggest gun by any means, but it's up there...

there are people who just aren't into guns, and that's just weird. see that? i think they are weird for not enjoying one of Americas favorite pastimes... i was at my buddies house this week after i just bought it and was showing it to him (he is another enthusiast). his family was there and he got his wife to hold it and point it up in the air like a charlies angel... it was indeed a hot thing to see. I'm sure that did something for their marriage that night... heh heh... but one of their visiting family members was totally put out by it. by it's mere presence in the house, the fact that we were at the dining room table talking about guns and shooting made him almost, angry... it was a weird response.. granted this guy trains at the MMA gym in his home town, (that's mixed martial arts, and he is a big fucking dude.) but really? your put out by a firearm? that's just un American to me.

so whats weird? the guy who likes raunchy porn and then sleeps with his wife with tender loving care? the girl who likes sun bathing in the nude but covers up all her "assets" when in public? the couple (gay or straight) who make out in public? the guy who like guns and shooting but has never been hunting in his life? (unless you count the hundred blue jays he has shot outside his bedroom window at five thirty in the morning when he is trying to sleep in on his only day off.) the woman who likes to tie men up and stomp on their balls? religious folks? MJ from my blog roll, is she weird? the amish? the feeling of mud between your toes? huh...

so what is weird? something against the societal norm? isn't that how we came to be in this country in the first place? something that is taboo? isn't that the same thing? i simply don't have the answer, don't need one... i'm perfectly happy being weird... how bout you?