Tuesday, November 02, 2010

put some good thoughts out there...

An old friend was in a serious car accident, thats about whats on my mind since Halloween. put some good thoughts out there for her.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

falling behind

Whats today's excuse for not blogging you wonder. that's about all i've been doing around here for a while eh? yeah, I'm fucking sick of it too. truth is, i don't have any fucking time. but here are some thoughts i was having this week.

do you ever have those evil, "i shouldn't be thinking this way thoughts"? you know the ones I'm talking about, when you are sitting there watching the news, listening to the radio or when ever life gives you a chance to think for your self and be negative about a situation... I'll give you a few examples...

this morning i was catching up on the news over at CNN.com and they have a short video of the kid who got burned over 65% of his body or something, you know the kid right? so, I'm watching this vid and i think to my self, "this kid is a fucking punk, I'd smack the shit out of him if he was my neighbor, getting burnt didn't seem to help this kids disposition at all... who the fuck are the parents here, why aren't they doing a little better by this kid, fuck... look at this shithead, here we have a classic case, i bet he was a bully and he did rip those other kids off or some shit, wasn't he skipping school when this all went down?" i stopped my self there because i know those are some fucked up things to say about this child who was brutally set on fire. it's a fucked up thing that has happened to this kid. cut him some slack right? hmmm... i know better than to think this way. watch the video, you decide.

the other day i was watching a movie about capitalism, a Michael Moore film if you must know. and they start it off with a few short clips of people losing their homes, being evicted and some other gut wrenching stuff. i start thinking to myself about the people who got "scammed" by the sub prime market. the folks who bought into the idea that ten years after they initially purchased their new home at 2% interest their rates went to some god awful amount like 25 to 35 percent, did they really think that they were going to be able to afford it? really? i know quite a few folks were duped into these loans, but if i were going to spend say, six hundred thousand dollars i might read some more of the fine print, ask a few more questions... if a banker or loan officer was telling me, "naw man, you can totally afford it!" i might sleep on the idea and get a second opinion on my financial status. so during opening of this movie i was thinking to myself, "hey, you are the one who stepped in the dog shit up to your waist, why are you complaining about the smell now? perhaps when you knew that the deal was too good to be true you shouldn't have taken it... how's that "I'll get another job and stop stuffing my fat fucking face with McDonalds and spend less money" idea working out now, perhaps you should stop reproducing annually pay your fucking bills on time, how bout that! huh..." again i know these are some shitty thoughts, i don't really think that about those people or do i? they are just innocent people who were led to believe they could have a better quality of life by evil money grubbing corparations who lied to them time and time again, right?

on the way to work, NPR was reporting on the woman recently released from prison in the middle east and how her boyfriend and his buddy were still in captivity there and are being tried as spies. well i was having some bad thoughts on that too, can you imagine? why the fuck would you go backpacking in Pakistan in the first place? what the hell could motivate three individuals to cruise around in occupied Afghanistan territories? Iraq? "yeah, lets go see if we can border jump around with our cameras and video recording equipment, take some notes on the scenery and enjoy life while whistling the hills are alive with the sound of mortar fire." WTF?!?!? uh, i may be a simple man, but i know what dumb is... i had a thought about how i didn't feel to bad for those people and sure as shit don't think we should have wasted all that time negotiating for their release and sovereignty... hey kids, there is some fucked up shit going on over there, you may be Americans with all your "freedoms" and shit, but in other countries, that don't matter for shit, quite the opposite. do i really feel that way? I'm not sure... i mean poor fucker have been in prison for over a year for going on a hike, right?

and perhaps you all don't have to have such strong opinions about things either... it could just be a fleeting thought or something that pops in and out of your head in a microsecond. like when you are giving the guy on the street corner some change from the center console of your car or truck, you might think "get a fucking job." but you are giving him the change anyway... when you hear of some mistreatment of illegal immigrants and you might think they shouldn't be here in the first place, but you know better than that. we wouldn't have a country without our fellow migrant workers... or when people bitch about quality of life, don't you just want to say, "what the fuck are going to do about it?!? stop bitching about how shitty life is in bumfuck Nebraska where your family has been living for generations and move to where there are some fucking jobs!", but you know that's not how life works entirely either... life is tough no matter wher you live, right?

i dunno, i have alot of bad thoughts, i am a good person, but i sometimes have those immoral, distasteful, non sympathetic, racist, sexist, uninformed, ignorant thoughts... yep, i know you do too. i can't help it. i suppose as long as the good thoughts and actions out weighs the bad i will only go to the upper levels of hell where all my family and friends will be... not the lower areas where the real evil fucks of this planet go...


now get back to work!!!

Thursday, September 23, 2010


It's that time of year again kids which means your next installment of where does your body hurt. Today my back hurts due to the fact that I have been busting my ass at work like never before, as well as sitting in an uncomfortable position for hours and hours on end, at my house after work doing my other work. My stomach hurts, why I don't know exactly, could be the stress ulcers raging up again or it could be because I seem to have a bit of a bottom end bug that I may have caught from one of our beautiful chilluns... My knees hurts something fierce, probably from sitting down in that previously mentioned uncomfortable position for hours on end looking under a bright light and staring intently at the same things over and over again. My right thumb has a nasty blister on it from spending said hours and hours using small precision tools, its wearing a hole in my poor little finger. My jaw is fucking killing me from the two hours I spent in a dentists chair on Tuesday and the "sensitivity" the dentist was talking about has moved from annoying to mind altering spikes of insanity at times. My bottom lip hurts from being stretched for those two hours of intense drilling and filling on Tuesday, leading it to be chapped, dry and swollen.
So in other words, I am a fucking mess. I hurt yet I go on. There is nothing better than finishing a hard 15 to 16 hour day and cuddling up to your honey in bed... I can't hardly wait for midnight to come this evening... it's only 9:25 in the morning and I am fucking beat...
Where do you hurt and what do you do to feel better about it?!?!?

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


wouldn't it be nice to go on a vacation where it gets hot enough to wear one of these outfits?!?!? where would you go to get into the mood?

Friday, September 17, 2010

weekend is coming!

hoping to play a little golf this weekend! anybody have any good weekend plans?

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

something happened with my fucking template!!!!!

what the fucking fuck?!?!? has anyone ever had this problem? Google seems to be jacking up my blog. has this been going on for awhile? has anyone even noticed it or is it just on my computer? the header is all wanked up and the photo is smaller...where the auto picture things on the side usually are its just show white blank squares... gah!

Picture intended for joke purposes only. Unless you are into that sort of thing...

If only spanking was allowed in the work place... Which one of you deserves a spanking? Or perhaps there is someone out there who deserves to be the spanker than the spankee... In any case, today seems to be one of those days where there are at least two people on my list... meh. Have a great week all!

Monday, September 13, 2010


this photo has just about everything in it that my birthday did!!!! thanks to all who came and for all the birthday wishes!!! now, I am off to visit the dreaded dentist, oh boy!

Wednesday, September 08, 2010


If you were to be in a magazine, what would it be. Better yet, which magazine would you want to be featured in?!?!?

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

the weekend is over folks. meh...

yep, here we are at the beginning of the wonderful work week!!! so kiddos, start your engines and prepare for another productive day of pure money making bliss!!!

(g'head and insert sarcasm wherever you see fit...)

Friday, September 03, 2010

my birthday!

so my fucking birthday is coming up again... woo hoo... cheese has been harassing me about what i want for my birthday, i never know, i generally don't really want or need anything either.. but today while, ahem, working in my office, i stumbled on some wicked fun pin up girl style photographers and models websites... such as this one above.
now, cheeses current hair do looks about like this girls hair here in the photo above. almost the same color as well...this chic is hot, but if my cheese was laying down across the seats in your car...well lets just say, yeah.
So. I think for my birthday i will ask if she would be willing to sit with a professional pin up photographer and take a series of photos... I would be willing to pay for said photo shoot and even supply a bad ass vehicle for the shoot! wadda yous guys think about that?

oh and happy labor day!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

such a slacker

zack the slack... i know. i have had no fucking time. both of my computers at home have died. first my laptop started losing its abilities to type certain letters and then it just died all together. two weeks later my home computer died a similar death. i think i figured out why, i was watching hacked episodes of "lost". i had managed to watch all five seasons from my instant netflix account in about a month. so i was determined to finish off the series by watching some illegals copies of the final season. yup, i fucking got some major viruses from that shit is all i can figure out.
we spent an entire weekend cutting down trees in our yard, bucking them up, piling the waste and slitting up the wood. Ive spent the last three days stacking it after work... ugh...
the gardens are great and I'll have some pictures of that soon. otherwise, for the few people who do still stop by, I'm here just not very often and i thank you all for continuing to check in!!!

Thursday, July 08, 2010



hey kids. i survived the month long headache from hell. it would not go away. coupled with some nasty head and chest cold, i felt like i wouldn't ever get better. it was all stress related. stress stress stress... feeling much healthier.
we are on our way to Florida on Saturday. to visit with my folks. i haven't seen my dad in eight or nine years... i saw him briefly for an evening about five years ago for dinner in San Jose. i haven't seen my step mom in about nine years. i can't wait to see them both! we are traveling as a family to visit, both cheeses daughters, cheese and i. we have a condo on the beach near where my folks live. i don't think oil will be on the beaches where we will be staying but perhaps we might take a drive to see what it all looks like, who knows...
enjoy the weekend !!!

Friday, June 11, 2010

know when to hold em....

modern day super hero

i am beat. the anti-convulsion medication i have been taking this week for my migraine sux some serious ass. side effects? uh yeah. i bought the generic version of what i normally take and i don't remember any of these side effect... locking jaw? why the fuck does that happen? stiff neck and sore back? yeah lets add on to my already existing issues with pain in that area. left arm is dead?!?!? how did they know it would be my left arm and why does this have to happen. it's a good thing i don't go to school and raise any fucking hands cause nope, that's not gonna happen. increased heart rate, yup, raise in blood pressure, yup, less sensitivity to light and sounds? yup, I'm fucking deaf and it feels like I'm looking through a dirty window.
i don't buy generic anything in my life. shop at Ross? nope. target, hell no. i don't wear crappy shoes, drive crappy cars, eat crappy food, so why on earth was i prescribed and did i buy the generic version of my pain meds?!? i guess cause I'm an idiot. yep... go ahead call me one, i will agree.

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

the harder i work at my job, the less i get. well that's not entirely true. i get headaches, anxiety attacks, stress, and a nice round of bloody ass syndrome. i fucking hate my job sometimes. its not the work that displeases me so much, its the fucking people surrounding me. screaming baby in my office three days a week, when its not screaming i cant go into my office cause its asleep and those moments when its not sleeping or screaming, it's watching some fucking program called gabba gabba or some shit... I'll be back, I've got work to do....


then there is this management team of people making decisions for the good of the company... uh... TOO MANY CHIEFS, WE NEED ONE LEADER PLEASE!!! some one to lay down the law, to kick some ass when necessary... and someone who is ready to stand up for us, the company, not a group of people ready to point the finger at someone else when things don't go exactly to plan....

meh, I'm over this post... I'll try something a little more positive soon. and oh, by the way... while i have been suffering from all this work related retardedness I've brought back my good old migraines... a week of pure bliss i tell you. to top off this wonderfull level sheer awesomeness today I'm standing in line to pay for the prescription and $441.32 pops up on the register... uh??? wtf?
"i only need one." i say.
"well the script is for 18." she replies

i break out my insurance card and she runs that through.

"oh, there will be no charge sir, i hope you feel better."

i stand there absolutlyfuckingbewildered...

"18 pills for 441 dollars? this shit costs more than platinum does by the gram..."
"hmmm..." is her last reply...

tell me the government doesn't have their greasy fingers in my ass some how with this...

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


so many fucking projects i have these days kids... i sometimes feel as if I'm trying to stick too much up there, you know what i mean?!? perhaps not.. every minute i can spare on the Internet these days is spent researching parts for this project truck of mine... lately it's deciphering engines online. i have two viable Chevy 350 engines i can rebuild. one is out of the truck and from a 1975 Chevy truck, the other is in the truck and after many phone calls and hours or frustrating research i found it was made in Mexico in 1994 and sold to g.m. as a crate motor... well in the rebuilding industry that's called a "hecho in Mexico" motor.. no shit right, but those aren't really the ones to rebuild... if i were to tear down either of these possible transplants, I'm looking at about $525 in machine shop fees, plus another $950 to $1200 in parts to build a decent motor that's pretty enough for some other gear head to enjoy and/or want to purchase... on the other hand i can buy a whole complete motor already done from $1500 to $2600 and drop it in.. i could spend an ass load more than that, i found a motor that even cheese would let me bend her over onto for about $18,000 but, that's just a silly wet dream all around now isn't it?
i did manage to change my truck from a 78 to a 74 and prolly shouldn't mention that hear but i think my one police officer friend wouldn't mind, wink wink, csi Seattle...
other than that, camping season is starting and cheese and i are going to go for an over nighter into an area w call Indians on Friday, should be a nice beginning to that season.
with our shitty el fucking nino winter, our garden are having to wait, everything is starting to stack up in the green house. (it really is green in there!!!)
cheese and i are doing well, we love to love each other and hate to hate, but shit happens, plus I'm amazing and well perfect so... she saw her way to hang out for a while longer anywayz.
Ive got to get back out to "work" so keep it cool, and to those of you still checking in and commenting i love it and you, i wish i had more, since i don't do the social networking sites anymore, that addiction to get on the computer every free second of the day is fading... i try to be here, really i do... fuck it, it is what it is... enjoy the day!!!

Friday, April 02, 2010


i haven't been here writing for a while again, no surprise to any of you at this point eh? shit has been going down at my house for the past few weeks and it doesn't really make for good reading. mostly just a lot of disappointment and loss of faith but life isn't meant to be easy and full of flowers and fairy dust either... so i plod along... work has been picking up and i have been trying to not fuck around so much on the clock these days... my other jobs have begun and weather allowing that will be blossoming in no time. the Chevy project truck is coming along. I've been quite indecisive as to what to do. i found an ls1 corvette motor last week i could have put into it, then i had another truck with better looking papers (for no smog) almost fall in my lap this week. i don't want to take ownership of that until i can get my hands on it title and vins, so i wait. if that's to be the case and i get this other truck, i would pull the motor and build a racing motor for the monster truck. a stroker, exciting right?!? right... i just purchased the last bits of interior products that i need to finish restoring the inside and might even try to squeeze a couple more sub woofers in it some how... i know, i already have eleven fucking speakers in there already, but I'm feeling a little short on the ear bashing bass that my darker skinned friends enjoy so much... (one must have the absolute loudest fucking stereo imaginable in his town to be cool these days) umm.... I'm trying to get my head around how I'm going to do at least one week long trip a month this summer, from a decent backpacking trip, a week in the sierras, a week in Florida, a week long r.v. trip with dirt bikes and boats, a week off at home to do nothing... I'll figure it out, but it's also weighing in heavy on my shoulders...
that's about all i got right now. enjoy your weekends!!!

Thursday, March 11, 2010


today is Chuck Norris' 70th birthday! way to go chuck! does anyone have any Chucknorrisisms they'd like to share?!?! such as, "chuck doesn't do push ups, he bench presses the world!"


i was reading some headlines this morning on various news websites... (i'm searching for something other than cnn these days as i find the news there second hand and their readership is awful.) and found this headline here...
i feel awful for the two ladies who wanted to go to prom with each other and have a good time. one of the ladies was planning on wearing a tux, (cheese did this for her prom) and after they talked with the school board about their ban off same sex dates, the school just canceled the prom. WTF? really? cancel the prom? hows that work? how does that help any of the students? i know it's the south and people there are stereotypically a little stubborn and slow on the uptake, but high school lesbians is their new hatred?
bible belt? who gives a shit...it's the year 2010 people, being a racist bigot isn't what Jesus had in mind when he died for you...
what really got me was the 2246 pages of comments from readers. i almost threw my coffee at the screen, there are some backwards ass motherfuckers out there!!! read a couple of pages of comments and tell me you don't think bombing parts of own country is a good idea...
wow, i have to admit, America breeds some stupid fucking people....and to top it off i'll bet the farm that half of the evil commentators favorite porn film they have stashed out in the shed has a scene with two women in it or some sort of animal loving... and they are pointing the finger at these two high school kids!?!?
i hope the little high school lesbians go off to college and find out that there is more to life than the hometowns bowling alley and church group gatherings... GAH....

**steps outside for a smoke, looks to the sky and says, "wow, these are your people, do you hear them? nice work asshole..."**

Wednesday, March 03, 2010


there are several things already driving me up a fucking wall today. anybody else having that problem.?!?!

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

the show... yes? go on...

three cheers to kay for unlocking the secrets of my key board!!! "on screen key board"? who fucking knew?!?! not me!!!! at least now i can log on... and i finished the post i started last week! thanks for waiting everyone!!!

Monday, March 01, 2010

fail, like my dell...

sorry for the delay folks, my dell craptop has decided to lose some of its button functions. mainly the ones i need to sign in and out of my email and blogger!!! well, anything that requires me to type in my email address. I'm at work and slipping in some time to get this out. I'm hoping to get more work done on the previous post today, but we will see! thanks for being patient!

Friday, February 26, 2010

why do they all live in my town?

Who is happier here?

i just want to live in a derelict free town. is that too much to ask? are there no towns in this world where the Darryls are not allowed? why do they have to travel in packs as well? like feral dogs... can we not at least have a bar where they are banned? a square mile of peace where no jackassed behavior is to be tolerated? no, it can not be this way...

last night I'm sitting at the bar waiting for cheese to get off work in a near empty place. it's late, I'm trying to watch some Olympic highlights...



the bar finally clears out enough for me to enjoy some odd Olympic sports, most of which i could care less about the other three hundred and sixty four days of the year, and in tumbles the motliest of crews. one louder than the next, drunk already, looking for another drink before they head home, drive north, crawl back into their respective holes... ten or so seats at the bar and these fucks have to set up shop right next to me... car bombs, double shots of Jameson, beers and the loudest dumb fucker get a beer and a sprite?!?!
i know every single one of them so no amount of ignoring or "wussuppage" is going to get me out of having to exchange fives, bump knuckles and listen to the "how much I've had to drink tonight" bullshit.
i manage to get zoned back into the mens downhill or some skiing thing and they are all about how "they could do that", how "they had a friend time them going down some giant mountain and beat all the records", those pussies in the half pipe don't know shit!", "blah, blah, blah." all looking for confirmation from one another, each story better than the last and obviously better than me or any of the "pussy" Olympians on the flat screen.
the one dude next to me smelled as if he'd been sleeping in that jacket for a week under the bridge burning moldy fish and wet socks for warmth and light and he is the one i can stand the most! he is friendly never asks for rides, beers, smokes, whatever... but the other ahem, gentlemens, all have tried their very bestest at being my "bro, bud, holmes, dog" etc.. following me outside when i smoke and so on.
several months ago the one dude and i got into it at the very bar about how "i thought he was full of shit and a straight faced liar. "i had confronted him about his recent D.U.I. and his reasons on crashing his fathers suburban. on how much he had to drink that night and got his ass thrown the fuck out of the bar. he later came into the bar with a chain saw and threatened to" cut my fucking head off"... oh yeah, winner with a big "L"...
the other two boys are just the normal pub scum from across the parking lot. nothing special or otherwise notable about them. they are in every town and pub from here to Ireland.
the pubbers clear out and smelly jacket guy pays his tab and tried to get out as well but super loud guy and his meek little girlthing were "going up to his pad to do some shit." and were trying to get him to join them. after another ten minutes of "later bro, see you man, alrighty then" dude left.
super loud guy got up to leave as well and the bartender says "HEY, five bucks."
"uhhh, what? no those guys paid for it." still putting his coat on.
"no they didn't. they paid for their own drinks." she says after having heard this story from this guy before.
"they were supposed to."
"well, they didn't..." long pause while they both look at each other. "so, that'll be five bucks."
"you were supposed to put my beer on someone elses tab." his girlfriend pulling on his coat sleeve wanting to get out of the slightly tense situation.
"nobody bought you your drink."
"uhh, maybe i have it in the car, I'll be back." he says while looking in my direction, willing me to pay.
"get the fuck out of here, never mind..." the bartender says. by this time the bar is closed, all the chairs are up and the night cleaning crew has started their routine... cheese, the bartender/manager and i were hoping to catch the last of the skating... but no, we all but missed it by the time Team Darryl split we were getting gassed out by the noxious kitchen cleaning chemicals and had to make a hasty exit... unfortunately that was the most of the Olympics i got to watch in two weeks...

Thursday, February 25, 2010

cruising the blogosphere

my cheese...

cruising around the blogger threads and comments i somehow popped over to this ladies blog.

and was particularly stoked on this post... i was just talking to cheese about this shit last night... how she should try out for this next time around. shhh... cheese was studying to be an operatic singer not too long ago... bet you didn't know that!!!

**thinks to self about a golden ticket opportunity**

ho hum

she wants to prove it...

i need to get back up to Canada soon as well. with all my ramblings of needing to get out of town for a few days and mulling over where i want to go and blah blah blah... i have forgotten my need to go to the motherland. i flaked on several trips northward last year and I'm sure my family there is not to pleased about all of that. but i miss Canada. i miss living in whistler, snow, mud and basically doing what i fucking please there. well i do as i damn well please here too, so that isn't as important. as i get older i see opportunities of mischief becoming fewer and further between. irresponsibility's? nope. i have too much to lose nowadays... hmmmmm... yep getting old. i can remember when my dad was my age... i have to get some work done all. have a good day.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

needs, wants and desires....

i need to get the fuck out of this town. i need to be spontaneous. go big, be irresponsible, leave with no secure or proper way to return. i don't have a lot of time left in my life to do this... for a year, my dad, Bree and i have been planning a trip to the Florida keys. just minutes from where he lives. we blocked out some dates, my father rented us a place suitable for Bree, her girls and i, finally this week we managed to finalize our plane tickets. bought and paid for. with the minimal flight and lay over time... now we have to research, reserve and rent a vehicle large enough for us all. a hotel to stay at prior to our departure in San Fransisco the night before and a place to leave the car that can pick us up after midnight upon our return... this will be an awesome trip no doubt!!!
but, i am desiring something more immediate. something impromptu. a wad of cash in my pocket, at least three days ahead of us and either a truck to blast off in or an airport to decide leave all our worries behind...

where would you go?

Monday, February 22, 2010


most people try to be good people, if not on the inside, on the outside. they want their peers and counterparts to see them in a positive light. I'd rather be bad.... What would you rather be?

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

back at it

nice smile.

since, I'm back at it here, I'll be needing to clean things up a bit. take down some old names from the blog roll (some are defunct and some just plain suck) so if you would like to be put on the blog roll or taken off, gahead and lemme know... ketchup news you ask? what the hell have i been doing? other than wasting my life away at facebook? a whole lot and not so much all at the same time.... I've been working on the monster truck quite a bit, I'll take some pics soon. did i mention i bought a bit of a monster truck? huh... i did anyways and it's been a fun project build. it's a 78 step side Chevy. i just relifted it with an upgraded suspension kit and redid front and rear brakes.. a man has to be able to stop you know... brand new steering and cooling systems and about two thousand in stereo equipment... there isn't hardly room for any more amps and speakers... (two amps, for a total of 1200 watts of ear splitting power and eleven speakers that can alter your heart rate with bass... fuck yeah!) I've given it that white trash primer gray paint job and completed the "look" with a blanco basura bumper sticker... dang now i wish i had pics.
in other news, i saved for a vacation and if things don't go right with kids and girlfriend scheduling I'm going to go by my very own self... where? doesn't matter... just go... we are going to visit my dad in July down in west Florida so that's also some special to look forward to. i don't think I've seen my dad in about eight years.
our gardens did well this year and we plan to double their size this year as it might be our last living in this house (the neighbor keeps threatening to buy the place)... not a whole lot otherwise and reading peoples past shit gets lame and skip a heady so... shoot me a line and let me know who is still left around here and I'll see if i can't come up with some shit to entertain you all!!!

86'd from facebook...

...of all the things to happen to me this week, facebook decides to delete me as well... i wrote the letter you are supposed to write when that happens, you know explaining why your account should be put back on and such.... but upon reading their rules and regulations i have been violating all of them... for a long time. i didn't use my real name, i posted pictures of nudity and published things of a sexual nature. i posted links to other websites and sent friends photos made from using an advertising site, i cussed openly and often, using words like shit, fuck, stupid whore, all that and more. nothing out of the ordinary for m, but apparently facebook disapproves of such behavior and post that fact in their sign up disclaimers... i must have been reported by someone, because I'm sure one of the ding a lings working there wouldn't have stumbled upon me... anyway, i was wasting too much of my life there anyway. so, I'll be back to blogging more regularly, i know i have said that in the past but, I'm not opening a new account there and don't plan on looking through my myspace account either... so enjoy the week everyone. I'll start coming up with some new shit.