Wednesday, April 28, 2010


so many fucking projects i have these days kids... i sometimes feel as if I'm trying to stick too much up there, you know what i mean?!? perhaps not.. every minute i can spare on the Internet these days is spent researching parts for this project truck of mine... lately it's deciphering engines online. i have two viable Chevy 350 engines i can rebuild. one is out of the truck and from a 1975 Chevy truck, the other is in the truck and after many phone calls and hours or frustrating research i found it was made in Mexico in 1994 and sold to g.m. as a crate motor... well in the rebuilding industry that's called a "hecho in Mexico" motor.. no shit right, but those aren't really the ones to rebuild... if i were to tear down either of these possible transplants, I'm looking at about $525 in machine shop fees, plus another $950 to $1200 in parts to build a decent motor that's pretty enough for some other gear head to enjoy and/or want to purchase... on the other hand i can buy a whole complete motor already done from $1500 to $2600 and drop it in.. i could spend an ass load more than that, i found a motor that even cheese would let me bend her over onto for about $18,000 but, that's just a silly wet dream all around now isn't it?
i did manage to change my truck from a 78 to a 74 and prolly shouldn't mention that hear but i think my one police officer friend wouldn't mind, wink wink, csi Seattle...
other than that, camping season is starting and cheese and i are going to go for an over nighter into an area w call Indians on Friday, should be a nice beginning to that season.
with our shitty el fucking nino winter, our garden are having to wait, everything is starting to stack up in the green house. (it really is green in there!!!)
cheese and i are doing well, we love to love each other and hate to hate, but shit happens, plus I'm amazing and well perfect so... she saw her way to hang out for a while longer anywayz.
Ive got to get back out to "work" so keep it cool, and to those of you still checking in and commenting i love it and you, i wish i had more, since i don't do the social networking sites anymore, that addiction to get on the computer every free second of the day is fading... i try to be here, really i do... fuck it, it is what it is... enjoy the day!!!


kylie said...

well, here you are!

i got no idea about the truck and i'm happy somebody loves to love.

suzanne says i am doing a god job of posting naked photos so you can just go do what you do and know it's all taken care of

Megan said...

Truck Boy.

catscratch said...

Social networking sites are a waste of time. I pop in and out of blogland.

CSI Seattle said...

We had a case where the suspect pulled all the name plates and emblems off his POS Honda and put Acura name plates and emblems in their place. He essentially turned his $6.00 POS Honda into a $7.00 POS Acura.

BTW-you are the only friend I have who I would actually book into jail but run around the other side to bail you out, just so we wouldn't be late for pizza and beer. And when are we going to have pizza and beer again?

Suzanne said...

Great suggestion CSI...I'm not a waitress in real life, but I'd serve you guys!!!


hahahahahahahahaha @ kermit the pervert. Great pic made me laugh.

Is your greenhouse the Lil' Shoppe of Horrors?

Megan said...

Come back!!!!