Wednesday, April 30, 2008


UPDATE: i jammed up to the house to see what the fuck was going on.... the turkey hen was back on her eggs and i found two chic under the other hen... and twenty or so eggs! so hopefully we get more than two but at least these ladies first attempts have been fruitful so far!!!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

bread is rising

so after work on Friday we went down to the pub and had a couple of beers... they have a chalkboard sign there where people can buy other locals a beer.. my name had two, then one, then two again over the last week, i mentioned it and sounded like a whiny bitch so i stopped and received my complementary work beers instead. from there we went over to a buddies house and watched him and his girlfriend not really get along cause he was so drunk. made some plans with some of the other people there and headed home.
stopped at another friends house we had never been to and got the tour. i think his wife was a little annoyed that we were there so we didnt stay long.
its been so many daze since then i don't really remember what happened when we got home but i hoped it involved sex. for at least one of us...
Saturday we were supposed to have an open house but our realtor flaked. i don't think he was ever planning to have one that day. we never found any ads in the papers and when we called him, he said he was too busy in an annoyed voice.
so we spent Saturday having an adult day of fun. the weather was fucking beautiful, a little breezy(just enough to keep the bugs down) and plenty warm. buddy showed up with other buddies borrowed motorcycle and i showed cheese how to ride the quad and away we went. after a couple of check up stops (for cheese, just to make sure she was doing well and felt like she was having a good time.) we fired up the road way into someone else's private property..
the view from the top was awesome, on one side of the mountain top you could see into Carmel valley and beyond and on the other you could almost see the entire big sur mountain range... amazing!!! ran out of beer at the top of so we decided to drive back. it was a crazy sixteen mile round trip and cheese looked so hot charging away on the quad.
got back to the house and decided to set up a target for some shooting. painted an old propane tank neon green and set it up at our lower flat. spent a couple hours popping rounds into it with the Winchester 30/30 and my old Iver-Johnson .22 lever action rifle... that one is a fun little target plinker.
at some point the drunk buddy from the night before showed up, (still drunk!) and we decided to blast off on another ride while cheese busted out some dinner.
we drove down to botchers gap trail head and back. once we hit the dirt, "drunk buddy" finally noticed that he'd been riding around on a flat tire all afternoon. and we drove up the hill to get a truck. we made him wait! ahahahahahahaaa... ended up that he got tired of waiting for us and he started driving up the road on his rim... (he was needing another beer bad! so were we!!!)
got home and cheese had busted out these killer spicy enchiladas with rice and beans on the side. the beans she cooked with some canned chiles and some other mexispicies. so fucking good. i doled out a small dollop of "Dave's insanity sauce" and watched buddy burn for a while... drank some tequilla and then kicked the drunks out. and... funny, i don't remember what happened after that, that night either...
woke up Sunday and did all of our fucking chores, then went to town. we just had the big sur international marathon plugging up our highway that morning so traffic and town were crazy. busted out our town run in impressive time and blasted back down the coast. worked out on the mountain until after dark and then came in for dinner.
cheese busted out another bomb ass meal! a water chestnut, mushroom and bokchoy(from our garden) stir fry with an orange juice, soy soaked pork chops dish... so fucking good yo!!!
yeah, this weekend is pretty much at the top of the list for weekend this year... hot chics riding motorized vehicles, shooting of really loud guns(and hitting of the targets at just over a hundred yards! which is damn hard with a bush gun...) good food, riding of my new dirt bike and enjoying it, hanging with friends, pissing off the neighbors(another one of my favorite things to do in life!) and just generally letting go of all the stress of the last few months..... ahhh... life is bread and bread is good....

coming to a blog near you!!!

new post in the works, I'll be back with it hopefully later this morning!!!

Monday, April 28, 2008


this weekend was a great highlight of mine for the year... so much fun and so much work... I've blown out my left elbow... can barely lift coffee. and typing is even worse... so you will all have to wait for tomorrow for a decent post and comment replies... but who the fuck is the anon with the "valley high" response to my last post? anybody have any anon posters in their comment box today??? anyway i hope everyone else weekend was fun and safe!!!

Friday, April 25, 2008


yep, there is no time... like now. i don't have time for a post today, I'm on someone elses computer again, in another portion of our office...


the link kind of follows yesterdays post and to me it shows how stupid people are, not just the tourists but the commentators as well...

hope you all have a wicked fucking awesome weekend....

here's a question for some to answer if they choose.... what would you do for a Klondike bar?

Thursday, April 24, 2008


so as an engineering company we have a lot of heavy equipment to do the jobs we do... most of it is all run on diesel fuel. so we have a four thousand gallon storage tank here in the yard. one years regulations stated that it had to be in a containment vault. so we built a concrete vault around it and put an a-frame building on top to store some plumbing supplies. another year the regulatory committees said it had to be underground. so we built up the dirt around it and then we had more parking for trucks closer to it. it all worked out.
then the smart people at the fuel regulatory board decided that anything under four thousand five hundred gallons needed to be in a vault above ground. so we dug around the building and built a rock wall so that you had a space just big enough to fall into and get hurt... makes sense right?
well because we have this tank of fuel on premises, we do a service for our community and sell folks fuel in certain situations... locals who "just need to get to town", tourists who "thought that there would be diesel for sale in big sur", and contractors who "just need enough to get the job finished".
people are astounded at what we charged... imagine... after all the permit buying, building, hauling of fuel, back filling, digging out of said back filled dirt and wall building what OUR costs became... granted everything in big sur is more expensive but here we were providing a service to the community by sharing our good fortune and abilities with folks. then they have the gall to complain....
well our fuel costs have risen and so have our prices... while the rest of the state is bitching about how fuel prices have risen to four bucks we proudly will sell you some fuel for $6.50 a gallon. that's right, six fifty!
I'll come out and hurry you up and make you fell like an idiot for not getting it in town or reading your AAA travel book closely enough, whatever your "emergency" is I'll be there making you feel like a fucking idiot.... all for six fifty, come on down, I'll even do it with a smoke teetering from my lip.

nothing to post yet

i don't have shit to say this morning (yet, lucky you...) so I'll do some pimping... random chic is having a caption contest. she is giving away prizes so go get some free shit if you think you can cut the mustard over there...

mj is looking for some celebrity ass photo ideas, you can scope out the one she has posted and give her your two cents worth.

some one over at the wild onion is having a bake off or something... i don't really know what it is, but you bake something, take a picture of it and some one says who has the best shit... i dunno...

and over at work poop they are still figuring out how much money you make while going poop at work....

other than that, I'll be putting a new starter in the ford flatbed... exciting i know, but i bet you couldn't do it...

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

went to the bar after my busy but "boring" day yesterday with some friends. one of the usual suspects was there with his post hockey game buzz on. he was chatting up some tourist couple and was very interested in the wife. he confided in me that he'd probably be having sex with her later... he was sure of it.

anyways as the evening wore on i smacked him in the back of the head for some reason... i don't recall why, it was one of those stop acting like an idiot smacks to the back of the head. you know what I'm talking about. a short time later he was interested in a ring i was wearing. he put it on and tried to return the favor from earlier, by trying to whack me in the head. missed, fell part way off his stool and flung my ring across the bar.

i hadn't even known what was happening until he was picking himself up and begging the manager and bar tender to let him back there. he had the bar tender on his knees looking under the sinks and counters. this is not a small man, our tender is pushing two sixty i bet and doesn't need to be bending over looking for my shit. all the while the married couple is trying to get the ring flinging buddy to head over to fernwood to help them hook up with some, well... stuff that you would find on the back deck for sale at fernwood.

anyway, after an hour or so of this mayhem, my friend that originally came in with said, "i saw it fly into the wall and drop into the sink full of ice. sure enough it was in there. he hands it over and the stone is not only missing but is obviously shattered off. there were bits of it left and bits of it in the ice, on the floor, in the condiments, everywhere. he spent the next half an hour apologizing and promising to get it fixed and a new stone set.

problem is, i bought it in Mexico. it was Mexican malachite. and even though it wasn't a terribly expensive piece of jewelery, it was irreplaceable. so whatever... the scene was over and the dude left with the married couple. i paid our tab and got a to go beer....err, a beer for the lawn. got home around nine and helped the girls brush their teeth and went to bed.

some time in the evening cheese came to bed and woke me up looking for the alarm clock, (my cell phone). fuzzy memory and clouded eyes doesn't lend well to explain exactly what happened but I'm sure i didn't respond well to whatever it was she was asking me. i remember saying something like "its in the car" and "you go fucking get it then". funny that i was getting the icy stare of death and doom this morning while brushing my teeth. huh, i wonder what went down.

moral of the story here? don't let the drunk guy touch your rocks and don't wake the sleeping beauty and expect him to be nice. I'm sorry I'm an asshole when I'm asleep and partly drunk. i think i went right to bed to avoid any assholish remarks that might have come out.... my bad...

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

it never stops....

man, lately i feel like its been all catch up with my blog and the world. last week was spent cleaning the house and working on the yard. fixing trailers, dirt bikes and the like. the weekend was a whirlwind and blew by like Katrina leaving me sitting on the couch with a blank stare and drool syruping down my cheek. Monday was a crazy day at work and got home exhausted. it was one of those days where i got home, sat on the couch and watched an entire lame movie. a really long lame movie. its all i had energy for....

today i came to work late, i needed to stay at the house to show a real estate editor around. she wanted to take pictures of our house and write a page long expose on our "newly built green home". she was nice and very excited about all the "green" shit around. "solar panels", "generator", "its own water source", etc. were all great buzz words she planned on using in her article. she took my name and cheeses as well. so i wont be telling you about where the article is listed on here. if you are that curious I'll tell you when it comes out and you can search around for it on-line...

other than that, this is my first break today. the dump bed on kw1 was inoperable this morning when i did make it to work and there were some fairly unhappy people because of that.

"i thought you fucking fixed it last week."

"i bet i get into that truck and it works for me..."

"lets see..."

sure as shit has a foul odor, i hopped in and fired it up and lifted the bed. i instantly could hear a problem in the system though... it was pumping air into the hydraulic tank somehow... i crawled underneath and removed the pumps shuttle valve assemblies and tore them down and rebuilt them. reinstalled them and it tested good, filled the reservoir back up and sent the driver on his way. why doesn't everyone understand how to do do this stuff???

other than that before i go home tonight I'm putting the new tires on the dirt bike and helping a buddy re-adjust the valves on his early eighties Toyota pick up. i should be putting the shock boots on the forks of my bike as well and while i got them apart i should be changing the fork oil and adjusting their pressures, we will see how much i get done on that.

cheeses car need to have the head light replaced, (again) and a new oxygen sensor installed. fucking check engine light has been coming off and on for months...

*mutters something to self about fucking Subaru's*

also need to putting the rest of the plants into the soil and removing the temporary green house i built for winter. we have eight different varieties of heirloom tomatoes that i need to find space in the garden for, and a cantaloupe and another squash that still need planting. we have cucumbers to plant and i want to have another watermelon this year, last years was fucking awesome. did i mention the fucking real estate people are coming back this Saturday!?!? so all the while trying to keep the house in show room condition and the kids room from exploding into the rest of the house with out stifling their creativity.

we need to cut down several more large trees and do the thing with all that again before summer sets in and the bugs are out in force. you will hear me bitching about that shit later in the year!!! (lucky you eh?)

my truck needs an oil change and i still have a porcelain coated header to put on it.(that's been sitting in a box for two years now!) tires need to be rotated badly and so do cheeses. the rear breaks started squallering this morning and I'm planning on going camping this weekend as well.

i need some time to get out of my head, house and day to day dealings. i want to hit jumps at forty miles an hour while barely in control... pound some beers and do it again! damn, I'm itching for it. perhaps at some point in there i can service the girlfriend too!! did i mention it is supposed to rain tonight?!?

anybody wanna help out this week, come on down!!! i make a wicked steak and usually have lots of alcohol around to nurse...

Monday, April 21, 2008


its crazy busy this morning... after taking Friday off and people working here this weekend there is a large stack of broken shit. and now i have to blast off to gilroy again.... this weekend was crazy busy as well and didn't get to go camping, my only dirt biking was to drive to a buddies house and rewire his trailer....I'll be back later i hope.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

heres a question!

what should an orgasm taste like? this i put to you my good readers?!?! its a fairly clean question...

shelaghayan said ...."I had Boundary Bay IPA last night. I think that's what an orgasm should taste like. mmmm"

and random thought..."I think an orgasm should taste like creme brulee...hmmmmm."

so what do you all think! (hopefully not pope flavored!)


its my Friday! I'm taking tomorrow off to do house work and prepare for the weekend! we have the landlord and his realtor spending all day Saturday at our house. so i clean.

last night i couldn't do it. i got home, fixed the motorcycle (more on that later) and helped a buddy install his camper shell that we stored at my house for the winter. rewired his lights for it and cleaned up the mess. cleaned up the yard and got the outside of the property finished. we want to leave some mess around so that the open house team has something to do while they are there. what do they say? something about idle hands....

so yeah, ill be sporting the apron and dusting in my favorite birthday suit! then we are planning on going camping on Saturday! load up the dogs, dirt bikes and all our gear then head down to the south coast and do it up. id like for little cheese to get some more practice on her bike. she is losing interest. i dunno, I'm definitely more stoked about than she. she wants a cell phone. (absolutely useless where we live and where her dad lives, no service.) her friend has an iPhone(she is ten) and now little cheese is saving for one.
she was saving for a laptop(Internet obsessed) but since she has seen the power of the Internet in a small hand held device shes got to have it. i tried to explain to her that it was a phone, but she swears its an ipod that has Internet and phone built in, "but she doesn't use the phone part! just the Internet and the i tunes!!!" i dunno.
i have a hard time trying to relate sometimes. i just don't get t.v. but that's what they are into, t.v. and "gadgets" and plastic toys and talking on the phone with three or four friends at a time. all conference calling each other. they don't like to play outside much and need lots of "what about me" time... I'm getting it, but how does one encourage children into doing things that are more conducive to learning and good for their health? go outside, build things, get dirty, hurt yourself and explore the world out there!

i dunno where that was going....

anyway, i finally figured out what was wrong with the motorcycle!!! after weeks of looking at it and starting it and limping it along i got frustrated and took the thing apart. i spent enough time waiting for it to magically fix itself. i tore into it on Saturday and by chance noticed the tiniest little brass "slow jet" was missing. MISSING!! twelve dollars and three days later i installed the missing jet and put the machine all back together and vroom!!!!

what a bike... "that's all i have to say about that." so wish us luck that our house does not sell and that people don't like what we've done with the place. that our camping/dirt biking adventures are fun and exciting and that my early weekend is full of sex, drinks and rock and roll!!! perhaps I'll have time tomorrow to check back in!!
well that last post sucked.... why did the fucking pope affect me this morning? dunno...


um, i think this guy is a little behind the times... he is bitching about the injustices that happened in this country hundreds of years ago. wake up! its 2008 and yes we have a lousy track record with those ancient issues but there is a lot more happening in the world these days and maybe he should be updated on some current issues. i dunno. can anyone else think of something a little more pertinent than the suffering of the slaves brought to this country and the massacred locals we stole all this land from. how about this new regime of baby killers and pedophiles we seem to be breeding at an alarming rate! or that we have more people in jails than any other country in the world!!! huh, call me insensitive but cant we move on in the religious sectors and confront modern day problems? why is it the extreme religious folks are stuck in the dark ages.... and come on do we really still need a pope? a German pope? huh.

note: i know nothing of religion and its practices, this is a biased rant from someone with no understanding of faith and god... so you'll have to excuse me for my ignorance....

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


the owner is coming in soon, she will want her desk. she doesn't like that i sit here and get my Zack germs all over her holy desk. its got Buddhas and dragons marble globes and shit all over it. what ever. i guess i got some grease on her chair.(i had cleaned it up before she returned the proper way, i think someone here told her it happened.) now she doesn't want me sitting at this desk anymore. she doesn't even want me working here. if it was up to her id be living off the planet somewhere... it doesn't bother me, i used to live on her property. sleep with her niece, party with her daughters and create mayhem in her community.

i never do what I'm told and always do what i want. she hates that. she tolerates me at best. and for her to know i use her desk, touch her things and sit in her chair must make her skin crawl.

she is polite enough to me and has actually offered to exchange some vegetables from our gardens... but she is not my fan... why am i bitching about it? i dunno... my question is have you all ever worked for/with some one who has no desire to share the same oxygen as you and yet makes no attempt to share how they really feel?

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

so since i did the beginning of the weekend first it will be last

so then later Saturday afternoon, i made some phone calls with a fellow blogger to meet up while she was in town. her friend she was with was a little nervous about coming down the coast and driving up into hill-billy red neck country so we met for some drinks here. we pulled in at the same time and met outside and got the uncomfortable part out quick. Kay (who doesn't post shit any more) didn't want to get too much love on me but her friend smashed her boobs right up and instantly we were all friends! (ha hah hah ahhahahahaaa...)
we sat at the bar and ordered some juice for the designated driver and a half bottle of champagne for us, (Kay and i) and happily chatted away for an hour or so. tobacco reared its ugly head and required me to meet him outside or he was going to make me moody and grouchy. while outside i promised again not to cut anybody up with the chainsaw or axe and we all clambered up the mountain to my house.
cracked open some cold ones and gave the tour! these ladies were great, they were into whatever and we hung out on the property for a couple of hours before cheese came home with the girls. Kay and i had taken some shots of tequila right before cheese walked in so it was kind of funny situation for a minute before cheese realized we had been drinking all morning...
the girls hung around for a while longer and made their way back to monterey. it was so fucking cool to meet these women and see what the power of the Internet really has to offer. when i stumbled upon Kay's blog she was dealing with a variety of illnesses, in the end of it she found out she had cancer and fucked that cancer a new ass. as of now she is cancer free and enjoying life as it comes...
(Kay if you post something I'll pimp you some more, but until then not another word.)
so then we got ready for cheeses older girl to go play in a band at the country club. they were having a fund raiser there for the jazz master program that helps kids get in to and stay into music. little cheese played the drums for the sets that they played there.
it was fun and hung around with some of the other parents and oohed and aaahed at the older performing bands, ate some free shit and had some free drinks. (not free, because i left over forty dollars in the tip jar.) it was fun and we had a great time with the girls.
afterwards we went out to sushi and drove home very, very late. the girls took about two minutes to pass out.... what a day!
Sunday was spent, working in the yard with the landlord and stacking wood! we stacked the rest of the wood from last weekend and it ended up being about four cords. we are going to have to murder several more trees to keep warm this winter. i think we went through almost six cords of wood last winter, five maybe? hard to tell.... have a great week all!!! and thanks for all the comments on the "have you met a blogger" question.

where did i leave off???

so, Friday we went home and busted some serious ass cleaning in the house. we had gotten a phone call from the land lord that they want to run a couple of "open houses" though this weekend and next. fuck. i fucking hate that our house is for sale and granted we only had a handful of people come through in the last two years(almost two) , I'm still not wicked pumped at the idea of folks trompsing through my shit when I'm "not allowed" to be there.....

so we douched it...

Saturday, mini cheese has ballet in the morning. then the cheese girls went to a baby shower. i guess there was a bunch of dudes all there with their wives wondering "where is Zack?".

ummm... do i seem like a dude who goes to baby showers? how long do you think i would last at one of those...

"wow you look great in that stretchy outfit, man those pants sure stretch out huge!"

"are you sure its his? yeah? hope it doesn't have as small a penis as its dad, i know you've seen it! but when he was flashing us from the hot tub last year we were wondering if it was a fat chic with a big muff, but it was your man!"
"do you think you are going to lose ALL THAT WEIGHT you've gained?"

"you know people just have these things for all the free shit! this couple really doesn't like all of us here! where is my free shit for coming?"

"would have been a lot easier if you guys would have used a condom."

"where the hell is all the fucking beer!?!?"

"i hope you guys have a girl, there is a shortage of men in big sur, well i guess that would work out for us older men there."

"do you wanna a hit of this? cough, cough... oh right yer pregnant."

"how much do you think you could get for it? on the black market i mean?"

"do you know what i saw your man/woman doing last weekend at the club?"

"dude are you sure its yours? i mean what if it comes out all Chinese with red hair and shit? I'm just saying..."

"dude i spiked the punch with acid an hour ago, it should be kicking in any minute..."

"hey everybody! check out these home videos i found in the back of the closet!!"

"do you know how much shit and vomit those little things produce?"

could you really see it? me at a baby shower... i thought so.

Monday, April 14, 2008

normal story except

we have already had a hydraulic line blow, a fuel surge suppressor split and a tire flat. I'm all over the place!!! I'll get to the commentsie backsies when i return from this mornings madness!
aaaaaaaannnnndddd.... on Saturday we met a real live blogger from my blogroll!! can you imagine! after years of posting stupid, crass, foul mouthed shit, this person still had interest in meeting for "one drink". several hours later and three different kinds of alcohol, she and her friend left for the evening... how fucking cool is that?!?!?!
so i ask you, have you ever met someone from your own blog roll? not just a fellow blogger, but someone who you have met in person from blogging on your own site??? id like to here about it. while I'm slaving away for the man...

Friday, April 11, 2008

the ridiculousness of the situation...

now these people have it right!!! (are they shooting his ex or hers?)

here's the situation. last weekend we had some friends come up and help us cut some more trees down. me and one buddy bucked them up into log splitting size pieces. everyone else helped carry these "bucked up" rounds of wood up the steep hill and into the yard and made a huge pile! (we had woman in skirts carrying stuff, kids helping and a series of unspoken strong man championships going on.)

afterwards we made a massive dinner of pork ribs smothered with a homemade spicy, BBQ, salsa sauce. some top sirloins that i bbqed up with a mixed spice rub and jammed a bunch of garlic cloves into the meat before cooking over the fire. cheese made some artichokes with the inner fuzzies cut out and stuffed them full of this chipotle Bearnaise sauce, i think we had candied carrots and mixed greens salad and garlic bread with homemade garlic butter. yeah we love to eat good. lots of different kinds of shooters and played a game of Yahtzee..

i got off track there, i digress...

the next day i spent all damn day splitting this massive pile of wood. which means move from one pile onto the splitter and form another pile. which ends up being even larger than the first pile by double.

then last night i started the arduous process of loading it into my pick up truck and moving it about fifty feet and backing up a steep little hill so i can unload it, truck by truck and then stack it. well i took me almost two hours to load and unload two trucks worth, then stack it. so lets recap...

step one: cut down the trees

step two: buck the trees up into splittable, burnable, carriable sizes

step three: carry the wood up the hill and pile it

step four: feed everyone and send them home as drunk as possible

step five: split the wood

step six: make another pile of split wood

step seven: load into truck

step eight: unload from truck and repeat

step nine: stack in wood shed

step seven through nine will need to repeated about twelve more times this week. so, does anyone see where I'm going with this? wood chucks ain't got nothin on me...

in the future there will be,
step nine: carry wood from wood shed and stack it in the house.

step ten: burn the wood.

step eleven: empty wood burning stove and dump outside somewhere.

all for the sake of heat and warmth... what do you do to stay warm in the winter? turn up the dial? flick the switch? want to know what our power and heating bills are?!?! $0.00.... yeah, acting like an asshole here, I'll wrap it up... have a great weekend folks! I'll be handling my wood!

hmmm.... on second thought its pretty cool

after reading into more of the bamboo bike thing i thought it was actually a pretty cool fucking deal. i read a blog/journal type thing about it and was impressed. the guy is a great writer and had some "tree huggy" ideology built into the ideas behind it. now that I've beaten that post into a pulp I'll move on to something else.

i have a lot to live up to this week

edit: blogger stopped sucking my ass and decided to reach around instead. here is the seal of coolness.

so random hooked me up with this seal of coolness this morning! yeah bitches you need to be singing the tainted love song endlessly on her blog to be getting one of these... I've been so lucky with all the cool shit people have bestowed on me these last couple of weeks! how do i ever repay the love. my seal of approval didn't seem to go over as well as i had hoped. was it the middle finger? the porn remarks? or the "must be crazy" part. if ya knew me on the "outside world" and i told you to fuck off or called you a cock or something you know that means we are friends. its all in the delivery of the remark, right?!?! so fuck all yawl and I'll be back later with some more shit to bitch about!

so blogger is riding my ass right now and wont let me post the picture of the coolness award so go here and you can be jealous!!!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

here is something you tree hugger types will enjoy

this company is doing something really different. i first read about it here. if you don't click on the links you wont know what the big deal is, but you may notice something a little odd about the bike pictured here. see anything strange ye old not clicky-linky types?



this is the second time I've seen this on someones site and this time it actually worked! yeah click the picture thing and see how many five year olds you could take on!!! that is some funny shit....

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

pictures that remind me of bloggers.

first one goes to Suzanne, with her love of animals and the like. why i stole this pic from the Internet i dunno, but its here now and perhaps its more of a tribute than something that's funny.
this one reminded me of first nations, cause she is always sitting around getting kids drunk and giving them drugs and shit out on her ranch in Santa Barbabra. no just kidding... the title of her blog is Paul. i think she feels Paul is a nice name and apparently he can chug too!

this one reminds me of MJ? why you ask? cause she is generally posting old ass pics of woman with funny captions. so i thought a picture of old ass woman with funny captions was a pretty close second. you all should check her out, not on Fridays and definitely not at work!!! she has an excellent clan of witty commenter's. "its better than porn, its mj!"

this one is made me chuckle, I've seen it a few times and I'm sure he has as well! all though he hardly ever fucking posts,(and even less now that turkey season is going) he still a good pal and his blog needs some pimping!

ah, bbc has a special place here. i have no idea how he found me and his comments are sometimes a little of the beaten track, buts its the Internet and for all we know he is really a twelve year old Asian boy stuck in a factory somewhere assembling rabbits.

this pic just looks like the profile pic for random chick! i have no idea how i lurked onto her blog, but she is one of the ones i check first and is fucking funny as hell! the pic is one of the ones my dad emailed me and i have several others that look like her by chance but I'll have to save some of them for later!!!
anyway, just thought id pimp some people this morning....

i said id do it now im doin it...

Leah went ahead and posted her screen shot with no fear of the challenge, i said id pimp out the bloggers who would do it and blammo, here i am a pimpin. so go check her out, here is the post she put up in response and her blog is in my roll over there on the right...

fucking cecile rocks!!!

Cecile just hooked me up with this last week and have not had a chance to say thanks and properly pimp her out yet either!!! damn, you readers are all so fucking great and thanks so much for all your awesome comments and help through out the years... months... weeks, well fuck it, some of you have only been here since this morning! but thanks anyway... and you lurkers, i know you are there. thank you too! so i give this badge of making my day to all of you who post a comment in the next hour, ha! its almost 11:00 am on Wednesday! so like leah and her contest, the winner will be totally random!!! hahahahhaaaa...

thanks gig!!!

GIG HOOKED ME UP WITH THIS!!! sweet action! thank you gig and i will update this here blog with a proper link to you and set this beauty of a badge up in my side bar!!! thank you, its good to be me...


i dunno, random tagged me with the take a picture of yer screen and post it... i wont tag any one else but here you go and if you feel like doing it yerself cause you think I'm the coolest shit around and you want to be just like me then feel free and i will pimp you like none other!!!
oh and if you need directions, denim left them in my comment box below this one for a mac, (silly mac users need directions) and if you need help figuring it out on your regular computer go here.

aaaarrrggghhh, am i the fool on this errand?!

Monday was spent trying to get one of two concrete pumps functioning without hydraulic oil spewing out all over the place and starters from over winding, then off to town for replacement parts! to no avail. i had to order from the manufacturer. yup bent over, pants down, no lube.

Tuesday was spent looking for a porto-potty delivery man. "its one fucking road that goes through our entire town man! stop when you see the guy in the white truck on the side waving his arms like a fucking chicken on speed!!!" after several hours of driving this guy around showing him where to leave the unit on the pallet and where to deliver the one on the trailer, i felt like taking a shit in the cab of his truck. "si, yo hablo espanol mother fucker, now leave the trailer here!" my time card for that day read as follows, "perused properties with perturbed pooper personnel for proper portopotty placements." (had to pee i did.)

today, the fan belt on the paver snapped off! do we have one in stock? hell the fuck no! out of the eighty or so belts hanging in my parts container none of them really came close.... found an old used belt(i mean old, circa 1950) and placed it on the paver. said "good luck!" called my parts guy (who is now a forty five minute drive away) and he will have one at 11:30. I'll be leaving here momentarily to fetch it....

i haven't been fucking posting. I've been running around like some fucking paper boy on a new route delivering septic system information to rich catholics. I'll try to get back here later. oh and our diesel wacker is toast, "threw a rod" he said. i couldn't help but chuckle, "your big wacker... threw a rod."

Monday, April 07, 2008


I'm here, I'm just hammered busy. fucking Monday... I'm just now getting into my office, both concrete pumps took a shit this morning, someone pilfered the lumber out of the back of the carpenters truck.(which was all pre-cut for today's job), the silo motor seized, one truck was left on for the weekend(dead battery), we have a crane inspection tomorrow, there are people still in my work space, i was five minutes late to work and I'm ready to go home now...

I'll tell ya all about my weekend hopefully later and catch up on yawl's blogs soon!!!

Thursday, April 03, 2008

buy this shit.

i think this is the cover of his new book, not the c.d.

my father sent me this c.d., you should buy it. song three titled "life is beautiful" fucking rocks. little cheese says she saw the video. the lyrics are a little over the top for kids, but i listened to Ozzy and Megadeath and all kinds of other whacked out shit when i was young. its not a copy id burn for her, but she seems to really like the one song i let her listen to. other than that song seven is good and song one after he stop yammering on in his graphic novel voice is a pounder as well. that's it, now that I'm back its time for lunch on the clock...

even when its slow its busy

max and i years ago at my work, miss that fucking dog!!

yeah, yeah, fucking yeah.... i have not been able to get my blogging fix in three days. and here i am getting ready to drive off to the fucking parts store yet again for more "urgent, got to have it" stuff. the main bosses car truck sprung a heater core leak this morning and filled his double cab with antifreeze. this fucking guy didn't realize that it was happening so he kept turning the settings up and up... so now not only are the floor mats full of anti freeze but the entire cab reeks of it! hahahahaha....

i was trying to get into town to pick up my new motorcycle tires on the same trip but they were not ready! shit...

did anyone play an April fools joke on blogger beside Knudsen's lame attempt?

okay, while the Internet was down the tech here went around fucking with every ones computer. says to me...
"you need to get rid of all that porn on Marty's computer."
"what porn?"
"all the pictures of cocks and vaginas." he says it loud enough for everyone in the office to hear.
"i don't have any porn on this computer, i have it all on mine at home."
"yes you do." he is turning red and getting bent that he didn't embarrass me.
"show me then."

he fuddles around with a *.jpeg search and comes up with a number of lewd photographs, some with cock. some with vaginas and some with both. since i had never seen this kind of hard drive search before i sat down and looked at all the options. there was organize by date, size, last modified, users, type of file etc, etc...
so i clicked on the user feature and all was rearranged. looked for the techs name in the user lists and what did i find?!?! that in the years 2001 and 2002 in the administrator/Tim files was all the cock and balls photo links. saved in triplicate to each hard drive in this computer. hmmm...

"hey Tim! why does all the porn on this computer have your name on it!" i call out from the back office.
"what!?!" he comes running back. "NO IT DOES NOT!"
"well, i don't know what I'm doing but here it says a 8:15 a.m. on Feb 6th 2001 that the administrator/Tim saved this 238 MB file to the three hard drives. it says that name on all the fucking porn on this computer. look."
"well someone must have had my password and used it." he says in a huff.
"i don't think so, and everything I've ever saved here says guest/Zack. i never would have been allowed within spitting distance of this computer in those days. and all my porn on this computer is bad jokes at worst."
"you must have done this..." he storms out and goes to his truck and drives off.

so i spent most of yesterday teaching my self how to delete files and clean up this computer. see the owner is coming back from her three month trip to Tibet and china. she has spent the last several weeks in "his Holinesses" good company. (the Dali lama, perhaps you have seen him on the news.) and i need to make it look like i never even sat at her desk. it all looks like normal except for the large grease stain on the leather chair and the funny red stain on the desk that wont go away!!! i got to go kids and will try to get back here this afternoon!!!

Wednesday, April 02, 2008


so we lost power today in the sur and our internet went down as well... i will make it up to you all tommorrow! i wont promise, cause i dont take those lightly.... but i have some pics and a good story or two. you guys are all great and im loving your comments! thanks cecile for the making your day badge! i'll be pimping it soooooon... im on the dial-up and with the scant bit of weather we are having now its iffy if it'll post, so that is that.... you guys rock!

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

no time

when they found leah's hampster he was hanging out with the wrong crowd...

yeah, I'm off to gilroy to drop off our wackers for repair. but i did come across this gem of an article for you all to read... these kids had nothing on me and what i did, but they sure do make it a big fucking deal about that shit nowadays... have a great day all!!!