Wednesday, April 02, 2008


so we lost power today in the sur and our internet went down as well... i will make it up to you all tommorrow! i wont promise, cause i dont take those lightly.... but i have some pics and a good story or two. you guys are all great and im loving your comments! thanks cecile for the making your day badge! i'll be pimping it soooooon... im on the dial-up and with the scant bit of weather we are having now its iffy if it'll post, so that is that.... you guys rock!


Cecile said...

I'm reopening the cafe. I am going to create a second blog called The Wild Onion Cafe, I would like for it to become a joint effort with all the gang. It is just a crazy place for everyone to let their hair down and say what they want. Hope you are weathering the storms ok.

Gig said...

"Help Wanted Sign"
Looking for someone to keep an *eye* on *all* the help!!
Good Benefits and Clean Wages!!
Apply at The "Wild Onion Cafe"

*sneaking back to the Pickle Room for another shot of Crown*

Suzanne said...

Well I just showed up to alert you, but see the "gals" are already here. Gig's gonna be a problem cuz she's apparently bustin' loose. That's the second shot of "Crown" I know of. We're going to have to close the Pickle Room in an effort to keep her safe. Welcome back baby. Stop by, take a good look around and inhale, exhale. It's wonderful. Honey, can you help me move my 5'2" love seat back in ~ it's a little too heavy to manuver alone. Thanks in advance. Where should we put it? Do you think we need Cecile's approval? Ahhhhhhhhh, nope. She's game.

Good luck with lights out. Hate that sort of stuff. I'm crossing my fingers for internet service.

Love you,
Suze xo

p.s. Oh, and thanks for helping me find Chaos. She's a gem.

MJ said...

You're not around?

What was the point of me getting up this morning?

*goes back to bed*

FirstNations said...

yeah, total rip, man. what the fuck.

read the article about the third would not believe how many people i spoke to the other day who said 'aw, thats nothin'. when I was a kid, we....' and proceeded to recount tales of absolute gradeschool bloodthirsty horror. crap; i thought i was bad; all i ever did was set fires and steal shit.


cecile! sweet action!

gig! i'm on it. and will be as much a part as im allowed!

suz, i dont think you will need approval! beside what will the girls be giving lap dances out on!?!

m.j. sorry i wasnt here for ya! i was checking in on my wackers!

first nations!!! i know it, but you gotta figure in the media spin factors... these kids were playing d+d or something. but it was in georgia for fucks sake! who knows what kind of fucking people are being bred down there...

thank you all for the comments!!!