Monday, April 07, 2008


I'm here, I'm just hammered busy. fucking Monday... I'm just now getting into my office, both concrete pumps took a shit this morning, someone pilfered the lumber out of the back of the carpenters truck.(which was all pre-cut for today's job), the silo motor seized, one truck was left on for the weekend(dead battery), we have a crane inspection tomorrow, there are people still in my work space, i was five minutes late to work and I'm ready to go home now...

I'll tell ya all about my weekend hopefully later and catch up on yawl's blogs soon!!!


Random Chick said...

Dude, I'm with you...I'm fricking busy too. I shouldn't even be leaving this comment but I don't even want to work.

My daughter did a face-plant into the sidewalk yesterday on her Razor scooter and jammed one of her front teeth...I have to take off work to have the dentist look at her. Luckily, her permanent tooth underneath was okay but now I'm WAAAY behind in work. I hate Mondays!!!!

MJ said...

Whine whine whine.

You think YOU'VE got troubles?

I've got a hangnail!

CSI Seattle said...

Mondays are always filled with hate and discontent. I find that my work load interferes with my web surfing and extended lunch plans.

I wonder, if my job was to actually surf the web and take extended lunch breaks, what would I do to screw the day away when I didn't feel like working?

BBC said...

Random events produce random consequences. Thanks for the lumber, I can alway use more of it.

Suzanne said...

Finally! I was beginning to think you were back at the Proctologist's office. What a relief. I'm dancin' over at the cafe, swing by when you get a chance (I'm taking a break and using Leah's lamp to write this. I've just learned there are no rules at the cafe, but don't tell her about the lamp because I think she would kick my a**!). I thought I was dancin' with you (man in black trench coat with lots of pockets), apparently not. I can't see anything with that damn disco ball. We need a couple more or I need a flashlight. "Hey, can someone steal a flashlight from the guy in the pickup and bring it on over here. I'd do it myself, but I'm wearing my gorgeous sling-back black Manolo Blanhaiks and don't want to risk getting them dirty."


Random Chick said...

Where have you bean? I just tagged you on my blog. I hope you'll do it because I can't wait to see yours....hope you are okay!

denim said...

this is for random chick since i can't post over there.

(to take a screenshot on a mac)


i'll help!

on a mac: command+shift+3 should take a picture of the whole screen, which will be "Picture x" on your desktop (x being the number, 1 to start)

command+shift+4 will give you a crosshair that will let you take a picture of a portion of your screen, just drag a box to the size you want.

command is the apple key.


also, did you get those detailed emails i sent you about putting in links? what? are you busy or somethin?

FirstNations said...

yeah? OH YEAH? well

well i

...I got nothin.

Cecile said...

OK, I don't see a post on The Onion from you yet. Oh and you never told me if you digged my story. Or if mini=cheese digged it too. Hope you're ok.

stonelifter said...

that's attractive

Gig said...

It's busy everywhere, so what's the problem? Have they taken away your computer? Expected you to post over at The Onion. Some lady that likes to dance has been looking for you over there.

Hope all is well.


random! ouch with the face plant! little cheeses best friend was on a pogo stick this week with no rubber boot on the bottom jumping on pavement... it sliped out and busted her two front teeth in half and the two teeth on either side out. losing teeth is no fun and wish you luck with the dental bills!!

mj! we have nails here for you to hang on!!

csi! great comment! there are days where i feel its my job to fuck around online and indeed it gets boring!

bbc! glad i could help you out with the wood!

suzzane... i'll wear my new david chu button down, next time i frequent the cafe!

random! yer back, man i must not be posting much this week! people are commenting twice! i'll see what i can do about the tag. its a work computer and dont think it will be all that impressive! but i'll try!!

denim, yeah i'm fucking busy... wanna help me with my wood again this weekend?

firsty! well yeah!! and yeah too!!

cecile! yes i loved the story and i PROMISE to send you some money tomorrow! cheese enjoyed the story as well, so what happens to the shark?!?! he disappears forever?!?! hahahah! anyway, so sorry i have not been blogging to my fullest potential lately... damn work!

stonelifter, ye man of many words... thankyou for the comment... i had wondered if anyone else had noticed!

gig, no im still here. work has me running fools errands and mornings have been crazy! lots of driving around.... i'll get a post out today at some point!!!

(Not-So) Cynical Gal said...

OMG, your blog had had me laughing out loud this morning! Thanks for that!!!


not so! damn yer up early!!! glad to get a laugh out of you! thanks for the comment!