Thursday, June 28, 2007


So today i have been blessed with the most wonderful helper yet. actually I've had him help me in the past... so today when i was told he would be helping me again i was overjoyed...

"hey, you are getting F.L.O.P. today." he says... (fat, lazy, over paid. flop.)

"no thanks, i told you last time i don't want him in the shop."

"well, you get him, his dad is working with you too. can you keep them both busy?"

"i tell you what, i don't want him in the yard. it kills me we pay this kid money. he is the laziest person on payroll."

"well, Dave says he is doing a lot better. gluing pipe and back filling trenches on his own."

"i don't have any pipe for him to glue and do you see any trenches around here?" i reply. "his dad can baby sit, he can clean out the back hoe, i don't want to tell him what to do cause I'll start getting pissed off."

"do what you can, make him listen."

"that's gonna work."

FLOP is a kid that snuck across the border a few months ago and lives here in the yard with his dad and brother, out back in a converted trailer we have.... NO ENGLISH, and he pretends he doesn't understand my Spanish either. i don't know perfect Spanish, but i speak perfect get the fuck to work!!!

when i point and say clean this, use a vacuum, (witch i point to.) and bring him a bucket with water and soap and a variety of cleaning products to use. it means get to fucking work! i say it in Spanish, i repeat in English, and ask his father if he understands...

"yes, yes."

"does he get it? clean the back hoe?"

"yes, yes."

"then why is he cleaning the shop?"

"yes, yes."

"hey stop fucking around in my shop, these are my tools and i don't give a shit if there is dust in here, clean. the. fucking. back hoe. got it?"

"yes, yes."

aaarrrgggghhhhh.... its now about twelve thirty and guess what? my backhoe is filthy. WTF. anybody want to make twelve bucks an hour out there? I'd happily send this guy to well... anywhere but here!!!

we constantly hire these rejects, they will mill around the yard trying not to be noticed too much and then reluctantly go to work... i say we have them all stand at the bottom of the road and pick out a few of them to work for us everyday... wanna motivate some of our labor force? don't let them go to work! wanna see them start appreciating their larger then normal paychecks? stop paying for standing around for an hour every morning. and hire some fucking people interested in learning the god dam language!!!

all right, all right... I'll stop with the borderline tantrum right there... i could easily spin out of control and accidentally swing the boom over a little too far and wack one of these helpers in the head while they are standing around picking their noses and eating it.

i think I'm going to go out and spray this fucker with the fire hose... will that get my point across?

in other news! we are going to the nakamoto fest this weekend! see last years here and this years here! lots of fun and i wrote a post about it here...

shit, flop has no brought the attention of some one else down upon himself... got to go.

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Black Egg said...

Fun rant...!