Tuesday, June 05, 2007


well this next few minutes, I'll be pretending to work on my computer. I'm currently bidding on this picture here. yes, yes... another thing you all might not have known about me is that i also collect photography. nude photography... hmmm... now you might be thinking to yourself, "sweet I've been reading some perverts blog.." but no, sorry to disappoint you. I'm not a pervert. well... just not that way. go ahead, take a look at the picture. see. you want it too now don't you. don't bother bidding on it, i have set quite a high bidding price. and if you do win, you paid too much for it. all though Don Cramer is a great photographer, his shit isn't selling for that much yet. so wish me luck. hope all your weekends were terrific!

ooooohhhhhhhh........ forty minutes and counting. anybody else use ebay? i had to learn the hard way about a few things. like "don't get into a bidding war." and what the hell a "sniper" was. how sellers drive up there own prices and how they cheat you on shipping. whats real and whats not, how to check up on sellers and the merchandise. fun and exciting but I've wasted some money as well. i have bought some prints from a guy whose school and studio where just recently blown up by some crazy local war happening there... i have a limited print number which is now even more linited, because there is no way for him to make any more of that particular image because his negatives have all been, um, destroyed.... crazy no?

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Black Egg said...

Ebay can drive you crazy... people definitely don't play fair. Too bad you lost that one - too bad the guy doesn't just sell them outright? Why should you have to bid on it? I mean, I get it, he figures if he can make more money why not, but still... annoying! Nice pic, all the same...