Wednesday, June 27, 2007

whats that up there boy?

i'm overwhelmed, my dog might have heart worms.. the initial test came up positive and they had to take another sample for secondary blood work. fucking dog.

we ran out of water yesterday, my landlod gave the neighbor the go ahead to get some water from us. grrr. after i found out he might have been stealing it before, he called my land lord and got the official go ahead.

i don't give a shit what he does with his water and his property, but we pay a lot of fucking money to this man and he is giving away our water to a real piece of shit. i. don't. like. him. he has plumbed his "water line" into the pump side of our system and and put a valve in and shut off the water to us. fucker. he was supposed to take only from our overflow. i called the landlord last night, trying to keep my cool, i explained to him the situation.

"I'm gonna chop up that water line of his if it happens again."

"don't do that I'll call him."

"i have three girls here and four tomorrow, if i don't get water, it's going to be a real problem!"

"okay, I'll straighten it out."

our water runs up about six or seven hundred feet from the creek. its powered by the sun, as long as its shining, i get water. pumps about twelve hundred gallons a day. we have a four thousand gallon tank that should last us quite a long time. unless someone is stealing it! theives...

i get to work this morning and my yard is out of water too! can you believe this shit. we spent all morning hiking up and down the mountain side looking for leaks in our system here. just to find out some asshole left their water hose on all night. drained three thousand gallons of our water. there are two houses illegally hooked up to our tank here.
you want to know what my shop smells like after twenty five guys drink two cups of coffee in the morning and use a bathroom with no water? now imagine these guys not noticing that there isn't any water to flush. or that the first ten guys didn't know either? getting any visuals on it yet? how bout a smell check?

yeah, so now I'm going over to Salinas to get some parts for this truck again. more money down drain.

did i forget to mention that our good friend "day hoe" is up to his tricks again!

"dude, did you see the 401c?" he asks. (that's our yard loader.)

"no, do you mean the hydro hose that blew yesterday when you were loading? i fixed that, its ready to go."

"uhh, no come here." he says quietly to not draw any attention from the higher ups.

"i think i hit the wall, and now it won't steer and there is that bar thingy hanging down there. see it?"

"how the fuck can i miss it? you think you hit the wall? the rim is still embedded in the concrete."

"sorry bro, hey, its just like I'm keeping you busy all the time, heh heh."

"you should run, I'll give you a head start."

of course these parts are only available in Pennsylvania or some shit, but my guy over at empire is getting them to me for tomorrow. that's nice because i definitely don't have enough shit to do around here. nobody ever pisses me off or anything! and they wonder why i carry a gun under the seat of my truck!

"you should run...."

how do i have time to sit here and bitch about all this when i should be out in the yard laying on my back in a pool of hydraulic oil yanking out the broken steering arm? why am i not arm deep in a clutch housing preparing to install these parts in the morning after u.p.s. arrives? well, besides all the other things i do here, i do take lunch. hahahahahahaha. and i bring buckets of water in from the water tender so the ladies who work here can use the office bathroom and not feel disgusted by "letting it mellow".

hope y'alls week is going well and perhaps you can send some "don't piss Zack off by stealing his water" vibes over to my neighbor. who if i catch on my property again I'll casually let my dog out and say those magic words he loves so much,that i never,ever, ever say to him....



Kay said...

Oh my God bro, I am so sorry.
It should be legal to kill fucking idiots, you'd be doing the rest of the world a great service.
Dealing with fuckups at work is bad enough, but that you have to deal with their shit at home too...

Black Egg said...

Fuck. Yeah, I guess that's a California thing... worries about water. Something we rarely have to give a second thought to back east...yet. Yeah, I'd totally want to fuck up that guys parasitic rig he's got going off your line. The swear-words are catching, sorry. Loved the work rant, as usual...