Tuesday, June 19, 2007

i'll be here soon!!!

so ff-ing busy! never a minute to sit down... been bouncing from job to job for days it seems. with missing two days of work last week it's been a huge hustle here at work to get caught up. yup no slacking off. but I'm on the phone with parts people right now so no worries.
we are building a chicken pen and coop! "what the fuck?" you say, that's what I'm saying now too! it sounded like an easy project but it's proving to be a pain in the ass. i thought a sixteen by sixteen foot pen seemed small, but not when I'm standing in it and realising how much more work i have left to go! "why chickens?" you ask, i dunno. the girls expressed some interest. and in this world of television and shit, i thought it might be a way to keep us all even more occupied then normal...
shit phone call is over got to go!


Black Egg said...

Keeping chickens seems like a great idea! Plus you'll be able to sell the eggs once they get going.

Sorry about the stomach bug over the weekend - glad you're feeling better!


thanks, we figured ten chickens. so many eggs. but around here they would be so easy to give away. we do have a small farmers market at the bottom of our road on sundays... hmm.. selling them there would be quite easy! didnt even think of that, cool idea! thanks again for the comment.