Friday, June 22, 2007

cool pics!

just wicked quick, a friend of mine sent me these pics she took last weekend at her house! we were drinking and dancing the afternoon away... much fun!


Black Egg said...

Wow!! All of the pics you posted are really neato - the garden area came out great, looks like a lot of work. The pics of you and your lady are adorable, esp. w/ the baby chicks! The house does look just great. Thanks for sharing! Yes, the pics do enlarge when clicked on, (except the B&W ones on this particular post.) Hope you are having a great weekend!


THANKS! the whole garden idea started out as a drunken talking shit thing. "i can build some planter boxes.."
"really? its not to hard?"
"nah, we got a shit load of old wood laying around!"
"its not too much trouble?"
"while you are in side, get me a couple more beers..."

pretty much by the time she went in and got some beers, i already had a 4x8 box built ready to fill with dirt...
and the chicken thing was kind of a drunken idea as well...
"lets get some chickens."
"what? chickens?"
"yeah fuck it, the neighbors have some, how hard can it be? they are chickens."
sure as shit that weekend i'm out in the yard cutting trees down and watching special cheese haul away logs and shit.
"i'm gonna go into town and get some chickens!"
"no, wait untill you have the coop built."
four days later the coop was built and we had chickens...
wtf? i have chickens, i must be getting old or something. or insane...

Kay said...

Lovin all the pictures, and I agree with Bad Egg, the pics of you and SpecialCheese are cute.
Chickens are fun, but also a pain. The fresh eggs are great. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you that they never escape. Rounding up chickens is not my idea of a good time.
Keep the pics comin.