Friday, June 01, 2007


i just wrote about two paragraphs ranting about what happened to me and special cheese yesterday. but i deleted it. seeing as how a course of action has now been taken that would well, better to not talk about those sorts of things here in the almost anonymous world.

so enjoy the weekend folks, make merry and be happy!

i plan on running water lines to the far reaches of the yard and making some great food! well and more. we are trying not to "party" so much in front of the younglings, not that we party too much or do anything illegal, but was just feeling the need not to consume so much beer and smoke so many cigarettes in front of them. we are having a sleep over tonight and i bought the last starwars for them to watch. we previewed it last night and I'm not quite sure how these movies appeal to kids.

I'm pretty sure they all sucked. hello? did anyone else notice how bad the acting was in the latest two films? i thought the fucking jar jar binks creature was better than the main dude. i swear i played video games on my cell phone through most of the scenes with whats his fuck in them.

ahh!!! I'm a dork all of a sudden, bitching about starwars... anyway, i am not quite sure that murdering children halfway through the movie was a smart move.....

six and a half more hours till a weekend of freedom!!! clean clothes, cold beer (in a glass, not in a can, so it looks like something else?) and hot sex all over the place! wait what did i just i say????

see you all soon, err... well, whatever.

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