Wednesday, May 30, 2007


while waiting for this page to load i was reading some of cnn's headlines... ugly, ugly place we live in eh?
anyway.... on with the un-news. long weekend was again another great one for me. sorry folks no bitching or suicidal thoughts in today's post. i know some of you all must be missing that shit but i had a good time this holiday.

pretty much status quo for Saturday and Sunday. lots of yard work and house clean up, but on Monday we were woken up to the neighbor at the door.

"hey man, you might wanna get up" he says, a bit ruffled from my pit bull jumping head high on the inside of the door to great him. (there were slobber marks at about five feet up.)

"no shit, whats up?" i replied pulling my pants on and trying not to breath to much in his direction...

"well, see that shit over there?" he said pointing east."that's smoke. there is a huge fire raging on skinner ridge. you might think about getting ready."

"oh, fuck.."what looked like thick fog was indeed a mess of smoke. i thought then said, "thanks man."

"hey no worries, you can come up to our place and watch the fireworks if you want, we will be around all day." he said as he headed back towards his motorcycle.

"so, do guys have water?" i asked."ours tank isn't quite full."

"no, my pump is down, I'm going to work on it now..." he left.

i woke up special cheese and we kinda milled around in a mild state of shock. made a few phone calls to people in the know and got out the binoculars and chairs to watch the scene.

a Buddie came over, we made lunch and had a few beers while the chem. bombing planes flew overhead and the choppers dumped water. we had the C.D.F. captains chopper fly right over us and let us know that he knew we were up there.

we listened to the scanner as they dropped in the hot shots and got everything under control. very exciting and nerve racking. nothing like the possibility of losing everything to get your heart pumping!

after buddy left, who we will call "buddy", (I'll post a link later, lunch is almost over...) we packed up, watched some of the day go by with a bottle of champagne down at the point. to celebrate our survival!

we got a wild hair shortly there after and drove down the road. snuck into the recently evacuated boyscout camp. (this place is huge! more like a retreat than a camp.) dared each other to jump into the river and drove past all the firefighters coming out of the woods on the way home.... great day, good times, sorry i have to cut this short, back to work!!!

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Black Egg said...

Glad your home stayed safe and sound. Your weekend sounded great - and tomorrow it begins all over again!