Thursday, May 24, 2007

BEEN SO BUSY ON THE PHONE ORDERING PARTS!!! fighting with these people we just brought our engine to. what is the fucking deal with these assholes, what now you have our forty thousand dollar engine and you are going to become insta-pricks? i can just as easily bring my potential twelve thousand dollars worth of business else where ass muncher!

i spend three days hustling this motor to you by seven a.m. on Monday, because you need to get it in there by that time to get it out to me in four days! you said four days!!! now you are telling me it might take a month. did they switch your Folgers coffee to bullshit? how do you expect me to swallow that crap. you might like the taste of some monkey ass felching, but i most certainly do not.

err... I'm a little bent out of shape at this jerk right now!

in other new... my land lord came up and was completely stoked on all the work we have been doing! he comped about 900 dollars in propane bills and "several hundred dollars in phone bills"! sweet! i was really nervous about some of the work we have done, and thought just for a moment that he might freak out, but no... instead he said "you should start thinking about winter and cut down some of these trees." WTF? this is the first landlord that wasn't trying to devise a way to kick me out as soon as i had moved in... and this one wants me to start thinking about winter! hah.

well i only had a minute or two, but lets call today "if i could reach thru the phone, i would choke the living shit out of you and piss in your ear day." enjoy the week.


Black Egg said...

Work rant is loved as always... part of it is that I can totally hear some of my friends getting equally bent (about similar things!) except they would never ever write about it, so I love it.

Great news about your landlord, extra $$ is always sweet. Today at work we got bonuses! I wasn't expecting one bc I've only been there since but Feb 25th, but I got a check for $400! Yay!


sweet! i love when the bonuses come! thanx for the comment as always and have a great weekend!