Monday, May 14, 2007

not only can she sing... but she can fucking dance too!!!! we had people coming up to us and ask us if we were professional dancers! ha! even the band gave us kudos! that never happens... and no one really believes us anyway...

okay, we went to a show up in San Fran with the intent of dancing our asses off, and did we ever!

(this will be a lame post as i am super hung over right now...)

special cheeses brother came over last night and we drank until one this morning... used every shot glass in the house and drank almost all the beer. i usually keep alot of beer in the house so you could imagine the surprise when i realised we were running low! now I'm suffering through the day and being dumbfounded by the stupidest thing... i cant get a lug nut off?! wtf?

anyway this weekend was killer, dancing in the city was by far some of the most fun we have had in a while. killer venue, great American music hall, its all decked out old school style and for some reason we were pretty much the only ones tearing it up... lots of older folks... the second band was "the waybacks" . they played some lame shit, but we could dance to some of it. the first band was who we went to see, poor mans whiskey , belted out some wicked tunes! the did a version of mojo rising, blue grass style. it was truly an epic time.

spent the night at a friends condo and left the next morning.

drove down the coast and relaxed for the rest of the day!

spent mothers day at the nursery buying herbs and shit. built another planter box and hooked it up with my patented auto irrigation.... sweet. special cheese cooked us up a great dinner and we partied like you wouldn't believe! (well, we played rummy for a while and then an exciting game of clue!) hahahahaha... lame i know, but we had fun...

well I'm fuckin beat and need to get back to work! sorry for the lame post but at least i left you some fun links!!!

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Black Egg said...

It seems like most of your weekends are epic... good for you! Seriously, you fit alot in. That's what life's for, I guess. Happy work week!