Friday, February 26, 2010

why do they all live in my town?

Who is happier here?

i just want to live in a derelict free town. is that too much to ask? are there no towns in this world where the Darryls are not allowed? why do they have to travel in packs as well? like feral dogs... can we not at least have a bar where they are banned? a square mile of peace where no jackassed behavior is to be tolerated? no, it can not be this way...

last night I'm sitting at the bar waiting for cheese to get off work in a near empty place. it's late, I'm trying to watch some Olympic highlights...



the bar finally clears out enough for me to enjoy some odd Olympic sports, most of which i could care less about the other three hundred and sixty four days of the year, and in tumbles the motliest of crews. one louder than the next, drunk already, looking for another drink before they head home, drive north, crawl back into their respective holes... ten or so seats at the bar and these fucks have to set up shop right next to me... car bombs, double shots of Jameson, beers and the loudest dumb fucker get a beer and a sprite?!?!
i know every single one of them so no amount of ignoring or "wussuppage" is going to get me out of having to exchange fives, bump knuckles and listen to the "how much I've had to drink tonight" bullshit.
i manage to get zoned back into the mens downhill or some skiing thing and they are all about how "they could do that", how "they had a friend time them going down some giant mountain and beat all the records", those pussies in the half pipe don't know shit!", "blah, blah, blah." all looking for confirmation from one another, each story better than the last and obviously better than me or any of the "pussy" Olympians on the flat screen.
the one dude next to me smelled as if he'd been sleeping in that jacket for a week under the bridge burning moldy fish and wet socks for warmth and light and he is the one i can stand the most! he is friendly never asks for rides, beers, smokes, whatever... but the other ahem, gentlemens, all have tried their very bestest at being my "bro, bud, holmes, dog" etc.. following me outside when i smoke and so on.
several months ago the one dude and i got into it at the very bar about how "i thought he was full of shit and a straight faced liar. "i had confronted him about his recent D.U.I. and his reasons on crashing his fathers suburban. on how much he had to drink that night and got his ass thrown the fuck out of the bar. he later came into the bar with a chain saw and threatened to" cut my fucking head off"... oh yeah, winner with a big "L"...
the other two boys are just the normal pub scum from across the parking lot. nothing special or otherwise notable about them. they are in every town and pub from here to Ireland.
the pubbers clear out and smelly jacket guy pays his tab and tried to get out as well but super loud guy and his meek little girlthing were "going up to his pad to do some shit." and were trying to get him to join them. after another ten minutes of "later bro, see you man, alrighty then" dude left.
super loud guy got up to leave as well and the bartender says "HEY, five bucks."
"uhhh, what? no those guys paid for it." still putting his coat on.
"no they didn't. they paid for their own drinks." she says after having heard this story from this guy before.
"they were supposed to."
"well, they didn't..." long pause while they both look at each other. "so, that'll be five bucks."
"you were supposed to put my beer on someone elses tab." his girlfriend pulling on his coat sleeve wanting to get out of the slightly tense situation.
"nobody bought you your drink."
"uhh, maybe i have it in the car, I'll be back." he says while looking in my direction, willing me to pay.
"get the fuck out of here, never mind..." the bartender says. by this time the bar is closed, all the chairs are up and the night cleaning crew has started their routine... cheese, the bartender/manager and i were hoping to catch the last of the skating... but no, we all but missed it by the time Team Darryl split we were getting gassed out by the noxious kitchen cleaning chemicals and had to make a hasty exit... unfortunately that was the most of the Olympics i got to watch in two weeks...

Thursday, February 25, 2010

cruising the blogosphere

my cheese...

cruising around the blogger threads and comments i somehow popped over to this ladies blog.

and was particularly stoked on this post... i was just talking to cheese about this shit last night... how she should try out for this next time around. shhh... cheese was studying to be an operatic singer not too long ago... bet you didn't know that!!!

**thinks to self about a golden ticket opportunity**

ho hum

she wants to prove it...

i need to get back up to Canada soon as well. with all my ramblings of needing to get out of town for a few days and mulling over where i want to go and blah blah blah... i have forgotten my need to go to the motherland. i flaked on several trips northward last year and I'm sure my family there is not to pleased about all of that. but i miss Canada. i miss living in whistler, snow, mud and basically doing what i fucking please there. well i do as i damn well please here too, so that isn't as important. as i get older i see opportunities of mischief becoming fewer and further between. irresponsibility's? nope. i have too much to lose nowadays... hmmmmm... yep getting old. i can remember when my dad was my age... i have to get some work done all. have a good day.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

needs, wants and desires....

i need to get the fuck out of this town. i need to be spontaneous. go big, be irresponsible, leave with no secure or proper way to return. i don't have a lot of time left in my life to do this... for a year, my dad, Bree and i have been planning a trip to the Florida keys. just minutes from where he lives. we blocked out some dates, my father rented us a place suitable for Bree, her girls and i, finally this week we managed to finalize our plane tickets. bought and paid for. with the minimal flight and lay over time... now we have to research, reserve and rent a vehicle large enough for us all. a hotel to stay at prior to our departure in San Fransisco the night before and a place to leave the car that can pick us up after midnight upon our return... this will be an awesome trip no doubt!!!
but, i am desiring something more immediate. something impromptu. a wad of cash in my pocket, at least three days ahead of us and either a truck to blast off in or an airport to decide leave all our worries behind...

where would you go?

Monday, February 22, 2010


most people try to be good people, if not on the inside, on the outside. they want their peers and counterparts to see them in a positive light. I'd rather be bad.... What would you rather be?

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

back at it

nice smile.

since, I'm back at it here, I'll be needing to clean things up a bit. take down some old names from the blog roll (some are defunct and some just plain suck) so if you would like to be put on the blog roll or taken off, gahead and lemme know... ketchup news you ask? what the hell have i been doing? other than wasting my life away at facebook? a whole lot and not so much all at the same time.... I've been working on the monster truck quite a bit, I'll take some pics soon. did i mention i bought a bit of a monster truck? huh... i did anyways and it's been a fun project build. it's a 78 step side Chevy. i just relifted it with an upgraded suspension kit and redid front and rear brakes.. a man has to be able to stop you know... brand new steering and cooling systems and about two thousand in stereo equipment... there isn't hardly room for any more amps and speakers... (two amps, for a total of 1200 watts of ear splitting power and eleven speakers that can alter your heart rate with bass... fuck yeah!) I've given it that white trash primer gray paint job and completed the "look" with a blanco basura bumper sticker... dang now i wish i had pics.
in other news, i saved for a vacation and if things don't go right with kids and girlfriend scheduling I'm going to go by my very own self... where? doesn't matter... just go... we are going to visit my dad in July down in west Florida so that's also some special to look forward to. i don't think I've seen my dad in about eight years.
our gardens did well this year and we plan to double their size this year as it might be our last living in this house (the neighbor keeps threatening to buy the place)... not a whole lot otherwise and reading peoples past shit gets lame and skip a heady so... shoot me a line and let me know who is still left around here and I'll see if i can't come up with some shit to entertain you all!!!

86'd from facebook...

...of all the things to happen to me this week, facebook decides to delete me as well... i wrote the letter you are supposed to write when that happens, you know explaining why your account should be put back on and such.... but upon reading their rules and regulations i have been violating all of them... for a long time. i didn't use my real name, i posted pictures of nudity and published things of a sexual nature. i posted links to other websites and sent friends photos made from using an advertising site, i cussed openly and often, using words like shit, fuck, stupid whore, all that and more. nothing out of the ordinary for m, but apparently facebook disapproves of such behavior and post that fact in their sign up disclaimers... i must have been reported by someone, because I'm sure one of the ding a lings working there wouldn't have stumbled upon me... anyway, i was wasting too much of my life there anyway. so, I'll be back to blogging more regularly, i know i have said that in the past but, I'm not opening a new account there and don't plan on looking through my myspace account either... so enjoy the week everyone. I'll start coming up with some new shit.