Wednesday, February 17, 2010

back at it

nice smile.

since, I'm back at it here, I'll be needing to clean things up a bit. take down some old names from the blog roll (some are defunct and some just plain suck) so if you would like to be put on the blog roll or taken off, gahead and lemme know... ketchup news you ask? what the hell have i been doing? other than wasting my life away at facebook? a whole lot and not so much all at the same time.... I've been working on the monster truck quite a bit, I'll take some pics soon. did i mention i bought a bit of a monster truck? huh... i did anyways and it's been a fun project build. it's a 78 step side Chevy. i just relifted it with an upgraded suspension kit and redid front and rear brakes.. a man has to be able to stop you know... brand new steering and cooling systems and about two thousand in stereo equipment... there isn't hardly room for any more amps and speakers... (two amps, for a total of 1200 watts of ear splitting power and eleven speakers that can alter your heart rate with bass... fuck yeah!) I've given it that white trash primer gray paint job and completed the "look" with a blanco basura bumper sticker... dang now i wish i had pics.
in other news, i saved for a vacation and if things don't go right with kids and girlfriend scheduling I'm going to go by my very own self... where? doesn't matter... just go... we are going to visit my dad in July down in west Florida so that's also some special to look forward to. i don't think I've seen my dad in about eight years.
our gardens did well this year and we plan to double their size this year as it might be our last living in this house (the neighbor keeps threatening to buy the place)... not a whole lot otherwise and reading peoples past shit gets lame and skip a heady so... shoot me a line and let me know who is still left around here and I'll see if i can't come up with some shit to entertain you all!!!


CSI Seattle said...

Hey Pal, I'm still here...sitting in a puddle of who know ms what, waiting on you to post something I can use. Still waiting.

Keep me on the blog roll. I ain't done much lately, but when my current project comes to an end in about two weeks, I'll be my usual comic self.

BTW- mini CSI part II was born today. A whole new level of busy should kick in today.

Carry on

Suzanne said...

Hi baby. I'm still here. Hummmmmmm. Hope you have a beautiful visit with your dad and a nice vacation. Glad to also hear the garden is expanding, but sad to hear the home is leaving. The truck sounds awesome and so does all your effort. Now you know it's not really my cup of tea, but baby you're welcome to park it in my driveway any time. Without guns of course!!! Leave those damn things in Big Sur!

Love you dear

P.S. Hi CSI!
P.P.S. FB? Really! Hey!!! Stop by. :)

Megan said...

Now I feel even worse for not giving you an award. I was thinking you were kinda done over here, I guess.

Glad to hear otherwise, though. Are the Voices awakening with the coming of spring???

It's SO damn hard to stay off Facebook...


csi! congrats on the new addition to the family and csi 1 must be as active as ever!! thanks for coming back by and i'll be around to check everyone out in the next day or so!

suzzane, crazy you are still here as well, i know youve been popping by and keeping me updated with all the birthdays and such. i'll swing by yours as well!!

megan, yep a rebirth of sorts... no more facebook for me. having it shut down was just the excuse i needed to get away from that shit... good luck breaking your habit!

Leni Qinan said...

Still here too! Should I say Happy new year and all?

Yes, I want to be in your blogroll too! I haven't passed you to the Sleepyheads list in my blog, so keep me there, ok?

Facebook? What the hell is that? LOL. I still find blogging a lot more funny. I must be getting old.

Dave H said...

any thoughts of visits to the northeast?


hey dave!! my grandmother has just moved back to mass. fitchburg. so i'm sure i'll heading that way in the next year or so. i'll make a week of it and try to get a hold of rob and do a weekend of drinking with everyone. glad to see your'e still lurking about!

leni!!! glad yer here, i see you are doing well and your writing is insane! i love it.

denim said...

ya stereo's cool... still can't handle the real shit. :D-

so ya, was looking at this DVD of meshuggah, they all have custom made guitars, i think all of em are 7 string or more. pretty nuts.


yah yah... they just want to be bloody different

Megan said...

Oh. The previous post is right here. Color me stupid...