Tuesday, October 23, 2007


yep, so some pretty big fucking fires raging down there in southern California, eh. i think its really too bad when people work hard and build their millions dollar mansions and then they are evacuated! i mean why make them rich fuckers leave. let em stay. err... burn.
police are having to arrest people who are refusing to leave. and then the people "smart" enough to fool the cops into thinking that they were gone are calling 911 for help... which is pulling the resources away from fighting the fire. to rescue people who didn't want to leave their homes when they were told.
let'em fucking burn. you made the pile of shit your in, now smell it. don't get me wrong, when we had the fire in our canyon, the first thing i did was to hammer up the road to make sure that i was going to be on the other side of the heat. on my homes side, so i could do the things that may needed to have been done. dogs, chickens, photos, my moms ashes, all the cash i have buried in the back yard!!! (ha!) on that side of the fire, had it jumped the road, there really wouldn't have been any way out. hike down the creek bed would have been my big plan, only seven miles through dense forests and heavy brush. but i wouldn't have been standing in my living room with my kitchen on fire calling 911 saying "please oh, please come help me and my precious kitty, Princess Puss Puss. i don't want to die!!"
burn bitch.
so they are not really saying too much on how these fires started. one i guess was an electrical fire and the rest "are still under investigation". bull shit, its arson, and probably more then one deranged fucker too. I'll bet there was one or more, than even a copycat as well. twisted fuckers are rubbing one out on the BBQ at home just thinking about how cool he is. he'll get caught, he'll mouth off about it to someone soon. i hope so. good luck to those people losing their homes and may your new life bring you something better. at least an better appreciation for what you have left, if nothing else.


Black Egg said...

I've been wondering how close these fires are to where you live. Sounds like mayhem, and yeah, not too bright waiting around til the last minute. I agree it seems likes arson. Probably someone nuts trying to rush The Rapture along or some shit. Stay safe!

Manuel said...

Well fucking said. Shouldn't be houses there in the first place. Or am I wrong?


BEGG: yeah this fire is no where near us. hundreds of miles away. i feel for these folks. just haveing that small fire in our own back yard gave me a level of understanding about it all. and didnt you know that god is coming for us all in waves of fire and death anyway? aaaahhhhaaahhhaaaa....
the end is coming.

manuel: the news keep reporting on how there are 650 miles of devastation. WTF? why not say 650 square miles of renewed land, ready for trees and life. fucking media always puts the negative spin on shit. last night they had the camera crews following this girl around holding her dog and watching her reactions as her neighbors homes were burning... she must have been eight or nine or so... fucking americans, "poor child, we feel so bad now that it is affecting kids." i hate that shit!
soon there will be stories of looters and bandits, rape and sodomy... oh boo hoo rich people have it so hard.

First Nations said...

new, and i think i love you.

member of the knudson nation, eh? well the old beast of the apocalypse is getting spammed again and i figured i'd get ahold of some of the more feral sounding nationites and maybe STAGE A COUNTER ASSAULT ON

ok i lost my train of thought. did you want a blow job? or

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wow. ok. huh.

*wanders off*


first nations: welcome to inner voices!!! thanks for the comment!
i do think we should stage some sort of anti spamming for the old one, before he get knudered. its pretty hard to leave him a comment when you got to scroll through a million wanker posts... bitches!
but i will have to decline on the online blowjobs, back in the day even phone sex was never that great. hahahahaaaa.. but thanks.
ive been over to the nations a few times and last tuesdayz post was a fucking crack up... ill post you a comment from now on. im more of the stalker type, but now that youve found me, so ill be misspelling shit over on your page as well. so from now on when you wake up and hear voices in your head, youll know where they are coming from...

Old Knudsen said...

All this talk about millionaires losing their hooses upsets me.