Thursday, October 18, 2007

another fucked up day...

some fucking humour...
well its been a crazy day here in office land. the computer tech just crashed our network! buuwaaahahahahaa... and its payday! hahahaha!!! snort. hahahahah!!! funny how the office is all abuzz about the network server being down and how fucked this is and "how in the hell does it need a new hard drive?" and "this is so unacceptable!" and its payday! so when he said "you might have to it by hand..." the office erupted in "he better fix it" and "what is this guy doing?" and my personal fav "does this guy really know what hes doing?"
it fucking kills me, I'm laughing so hard right now... on the inside.
that and coupled with the fact that our office manager just got back from a funeral late last night only to rush her recently released husband back to the emergency room at four o'clock this morning to put him on life support? wtf? yeah pretty bummer day so far in the office.
I'm getting sick. dayquill in the morning and ibuprofen at night. feel like crap all day, doesn't help that i was being irrational and selfish with cheese last night. so much work to do here and im not motivated at all to do any of that shit.
so, boo hoo for me. anybody want to join my pity party? c'mon it'll be fun! we can all sit around and say "whoa is me", "nobody loves me" or the old time "I'm gonna go eat worms..." no takers eh?
I'm ready for the fucking weekend.
hey cheese is on the phone!!! hi cheese!!!
so we are going to take a three day vacation next month. I'll have to come up with some fun, cheap, ideas for something to do. anyway hope all is well with peeps out here.


Anonymous said...

ahahahahaah, fuckin guy!! did he ever know what he was doing?

shitty about the lady... fuck. don't even know what to say.

i'm fuckin sick too! lame! it's like a half sick too, just enough to piss me off. i'll join your party... think i'll take tomorrow off


nice wanna get sicker together? i'll play hooky (sp?)tommorow and we could pull some tubes and drink beer all day?

Kay said...

How has that dude not been fired yet?
If you normally eat worms at your pity parties, that could be why you end up alone. Just sayin...
Hope you're feeling better and can enjoy the weekend, being sick's no fun at all.