Thursday, October 25, 2007

an answer to a comment turned into a post.

don't get me wrong, I'm not saying my heart is totally cold. i have friends who are affected by this fire. grandparents who have lost their home, sisters who have been evacuated and have not been able to return to their homes yet. and another friend whose job and school have been closed down. hard to pay the fucking rent when they closed your place of work!
but there is always that other side of the coin. why live in a trailer in the Midwest when you know bush has his finger on the natural disaster button, ready to push it when ever he is bored and fox news needs some money? why live in Florida when you know any minute the next hurricane is coming through to peel off your roofs and suck your most precious fluffy out the window! California earthquakes? need i say more about that? um what about New Orleans? does the smell of piss and vomit really sound that appealing to people, enough to make them want to live there? oh and not to mention its sits below sea level! from coast to coast we live in these micro climates from hell, and why are we so fucking surprised when this shit goes down. its not catastrophic, it's nature you doorknobs. its going to burn, shake, blow, flood, rain and bake no matter what we do... so quit bitching and start saying:

"well, that's life. i guess i should deal with it."


Anonymous said...

ehhk, green doesn't work with the red. red looks good though. too bright on the title, change the font back to, this one looks chunky.

constructive criticism


YEAH I DIDNT THINK THAT THE FUCKING GREEN WAS WORKING EITHER...but i had to go outside and do some actual work. and what do you do work for some magazine or something, design layouts and ads and shit.. sheeeshh... hahahaha! thanks for the help with the photo and shit, i need to give the web site props or not, i mean they are giving the design away on their website and shit for desk tops, whatever fuckem. thanks again