Monday, October 22, 2007

start a new one.

this guys shit is fucking great!!! yeah i was perving out during lunch. what? you cant read Russian. ( i think that's what it is.) one thing i noticed is that they are all tiny women. not to many real sized women there, but hes got some good models.

this guy is more glam nude photo savvy. playboy type stuff, not edgy or artsy. but i thought well of his work.

and i could give you a list of a bunch more that i checked out but then you would start wondering what i really do at work all day. and sorry ladies, i don't have any pointers or know of any artists that do more men stuff.

i lied, go here and this blogger posts a new artist every day and has many, many links to photographers on the web. could be interesting to you. i dunno. well it was quite a weekend. I'll give you a quick rundown.

left work Friday, went home, went for a hike, drank beer, watched movie and passed out. woke up Saturday, drank coffee, played a video game, went to a costume party in cachagua (camos and guns and shit.), ate food, drank beer, drove home and passed out.woke up Sunday morning, ate breakfast, went to the Halloween store, went clothes shopping with the ladies, ate junk food, went to a music festival, drank beer, listened to music, drank beer, smoked some pot, listened to more music, went grocery shopping at night wearing a Santa hat, drove home, watched a movie and passed the fuck out.

so all in all, i didn't do too much or get much done this weekend. how about you? can you tell us what you did this weekend in three sentences or less?


Anonymous said...

your previous post has a great picture, btw. i'll try a 3 NON-run-on sentence synapsis of my glorious days off:

decided to buy a video game that i planted myself infront of most of the day friday, sprinkled with some 'work' so i wouldn't feel too guilty. woke up, went to a costume party that i didn't have a costume for until i rushed to hear some dissapointing music, eventually making it back home to my bed. sunday was filled with laziness and sparse driving and walking the coast until the power went out.

ahh, close enough.


Kay said...

Haven't left the house since I got home from chemo on Thrusday. I've taken lots of percocet and watched lots of bad daytime tv.
I love the picture/cartoon you posted today.


ANON, FUNNY I JUST LEFT A REPLY TO YOUR LAST COMMENT THIS VERY SECOND WHEN A NEW ONE POPS UP FROM YOU!!! HOW VERY EXCITING! and how the hell do you leave links in a comment? bitch, i still cant figure it out. yeah i'm stupid.
kay, so the weight loss program is still on huh? how much longer? turn off the daytime t.v. thats got to be worse than chemo brain. hopefully you are not watching days.


denimanator, by the way... your link didnt work. maybe i need a mac.

and kay thanks for the picture kudos, i'll see if i can dig up a few more doctor/patient humor jokes just for you...

Anonymous said...

YOUR link didn't work either. it was the website, it works now.


tasha said...

i checked out your links. i kinda like that sort of shit but anyways i find it kinda funny that most of the models have the same name as me. and funny enough my mom almost had its spelt with a j.


right on tasha! glad to know that the enjoyment of naked women runs in our family. and lots of russian girls seem to be named that huh. any favorites? any requests for post or links to sites...