Monday, October 22, 2007


man, lately its been death and destruction all around. people in the fucking hospital, people getting kancer, people being treated for kancer and people fucking dying... WTF? can we get a little reprieve from all this shit?

here i spend my weekend celebrating a birthday, going to the second day of a music festival and pretty much enjoying myself. come back to work (with a mild hangover) and its right back into the shit.

the office manager is at the hospital with her husband who has been in an induced coma to help treat his infections and pain, come to find out they want her to choose if they unplug him or not. so we called their daughter and bought her a plane ticket on the next flight up. well she goes to San Diego state and is in one of the neighborhoods not yet affected by the fire, but what a time to come home. this is the week after they just went to her grandfathers funeral. yeah fuck.

Sushi found out some not nice news.

Kay is dealing with her shit storm as well.

and other crap is happening that is fucking stressing me out as well. better not to talk about that stuff here.

its hard to have a light hearted post of the day with all this. maybe I'll start another.


Anonymous said...

i remember when they asked me if i wanted to put her in the ICU. it was like a tv show. i said "fuck you" in the nicest way i could. never had to make THAT decision though. fuck.


yeah man, its got to be one of the hardest things in life to deal with. death. for those who are dieing and for those who are left to make the choices for the ones who no longer can. its not my bussiness to discuss the details of other people, but we are all family.
and the ones who read and dont know them other than through here. (thank you as always for your thoughts and well wishes.
they had made arangments between them if this was to ever happen to either of them, what to do, i mean. and yestarday the choice was made to turn off the machines... he died moments later. he was in so much pain, i can only imagine what that was like. i dont even want to know... i'm going over to their house at lunch. i think they are in shock still...
on another note, what are you guys doing this week? is there a day ya'll can make it up for dinner? i think we are gonna make some more lasagne. bambi style.

Anonymous said...


bambi lasag sounds good. i talk at the lady.