Friday, October 19, 2007


its that time again, yep time to reveal how some of you pervs and the rest of you people found me here at the voices. here we go:

buddy in Quebec googled "A safe Kilmister". not quite sure what they were looking for on that one, but good luck to you, eh.

some one in Chicago dogpiled "today is earthquake weather" and spent over an hour reading through archives and the like. It's when it is hot and humid, the air is still and the animals are easy to spook. duh...

Huntington beach yahoood "cdf dozer rollover". hey if you are still reading and want to know more, hit me up. i saw them truck it out of there early this week. (there seems to be a lot of information and online support when yahooing this as well.)

and you there in Tehran, Iran; i feel your pain man.. when you found me by Googling "those damn amature pictures". i know what your thinking. probably found some good online porn at some point, didn't save the link or keep it in your history. after an agonizingly painful search for them again you simply typed in "those damn amature pictures", hoping they would magically appear. good luck to you in all your searches. fucking pervert.

and finally you there in Massachusetts, man or woman, boy or girl, whoever you are. while searching for "blow jobs 101" on the AOL engine, you came across the voices, (and i really hope you didn't cum across my site...) and all it has to offer. i can only imagine what type of information you were hoping to glean from here as you spent nearly twenty minutes perusing the archives. if yer looking for some technique ideas, get an adult film. if you are trying to show your other how its done, get an adult film. if you have no ideas at all of what the fuck a blowjob is, borrow your dads adult movie (located under the bed) and practice on your moms dildo (top left hand dresser drawer, behind the panties and probably rolled up in something soft.) but don't type "blow jobs 101" and hope to get too much information here. please. the only thing you will find here even remotely close to that is, me telling you to, Go. Fuck. Your. Self!


Kay said...

I've always found something funny when checking my (what the fuck is the word I'm looking for? GodDamnChemoBrain).
Your topics are pretty diverse if you can get all that in a week's worth of blog. Congrats, you should be proud.

Old Knudsen said...

Rimjobs, pedos and old fuckers are my usual, pretty sad for such a family type blog.

Black Egg said...

Pretty interesting, the ways people found you. More interesting how long they stay on your site, considering they clearly haven't found what they are looking for? Take it as a compliment, I guess. Hope your weekend was great. Mine was full of wedding stuff (not mine) and baseball...


KAY: yeah its funny when these folks are searching around and happen upon my my site. and hows the fuckingchemobrain today?
KNUDSEN: i cant imagine how those types of people find you! its a wonder.
B EGG: compliment? i suppose so. and my weekend was packed with excitement. i'll see if i can work up a decent post about it. i think im still a little drunk!