Friday, April 27, 2007

feeling down today.... didnt sleep, im tired and just dont want to fucking be at work.

we are off to the south coast tonight or tommorow morning... what ever works out. i dunno. motocycle weekend. camping, drinking, should be fun, it will be hot out. luckly they have a big pond... i dont like swimming much , but its nice to jump in. the water in it is fucking cold, thats one reason i dont like swimming. i just dont like kicking shit under water. yeah i know, im a big pussy.. so what... im too tired to complain about anything else right now... have a great weekend all and ill be back soon!!! sorry for the lack of any good postings this week, but things will hopefully open up for me next week!
oh and by the way, if anyone can handle a big pitbull and his gay yellow lab boyfriend for a couple of days starting right now, let me know... you can even stay at my house... they are good boys but need special care... its either take the dogs or take the motorcycles... err... i hope we can carry all three with out the dogas jumping out of the truck... hmmmm... any ideas?

Thursday, April 26, 2007


i like to hold down the keys............ aaaallllllllllloooooootttttttttt........


anyway, things have been good. finally got everyone all moved in! talked with her old landlord who basically told her that he was a slum lord and she could expect to get fucked on her deposit! 900 hundred dollars down the tubes... well there might be some thing in store for him... asshole. things of that nature are best served cold. ahem

i smacked my head so ff-ing hard today, i have a lump the size of an egg. sweet. I've been fighting off a head ache for three days and then this morning i took an anti-migraine pill. (potentially forty bucks), then i am cranking on this pry bar. super fucking heavy, it slips and i punch my self in the face, and smash the top of my head into the trailer runner...

sorry i just got called to fix the excavator again...(guess who was operating it???)

Thursday, April 19, 2007



Wednesday, April 18, 2007


i have just a moment. its lunch and freaking cold out side. we had a little rain last night and now its sunny, clear and chilly. ya know probably down to oh... 60 degrees or so, maybe 65. brrr.... ha.

i mooched off just about everyone for lunch today. i had only a bleary thought of making lunch this morning. so i brought two hard boiled eggs, a packet of ramen, two cokes and a granola bar. mmmmm, ya, i know sounds good.

so i mooched the chicken off the front office gals salad, and her "Texas tater tot casserole".(sounds good too huh.) i mixed the chicken in with that. i mooched a couple of raisin oatmeal cookies from another dude here and a v-8 from someone else. I've been looking around for someone with some chocolate to no avail...

i bet I'm going to have a tummy ache later! hahahaha..

well that must have been super entertaining to read. my bad, but i only had a minute... and my brain is kind of not really firing on all cylinders this morning.

work rant. hey if you don't want to go to the job site they want you to go to, don't. go home and look for a new job. but you would have had to learn to read before that wouldn't you. its not our fault you have too many d.u.i.'s to have a licence anymore. its not our fault you don't like the guys that you have to ride in the trucks to the job sites. and quite frankly we don't really give a shit if you like working here or not. so quit bitching. we basically set you up with work to do because we know you need money. we don't always have shit for you to do, but we know you have bills to pay and mouths to feed. so we send you to jobs where your qualifications are best used. ya i wouldn't want to clean out septic tanks or dig ditches either but, guess what, that type of work has your name all over it.

so enjoy the fact that you have a job, the fact that we have an insurance program, that we provide you with safety gear and that you make two dollars more then your fellow amigos who work a whole lot harder then you. oh and by the way... SHUT THE FUCK UP, GET TO WORK, AND DO A GOOD GOD DAMN JOB THIS TIME BECAUSE IF YOU DON'T YOU ARE FIRED!!!

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

terrible time...

I'm having a terrible time blogging lately. at work i never seem to be able to squeeze time in for a fun post. at home Ive been super ff-ing busy with the moving and i don't generally bring a computer anywhere else. so what is a man to do?

I'll bust a work rant for those who like to hear me bitch about the lame shit that happens here.

on a side note... why the fuck is cnn's headline right now "the cell phones of the dead were still ringing." you assholes... do people really need to know that. cant you news freaks not leave anything untouched. arrggghhhh...

I now officially want to move to a small island off the coast of Zanzibar.perhaps tumbatu island. i bet shit doesn't happen there... i bet i could live the rest of my life with out feeling bad that i had not had to endure the medias frenzy with death and destruction. how many fucking people died in Iraq today? why is that not blasted all over every medias mediums right now? fuckers.

work rant. so after i fixed the leaf springs you broke last week on the trailer, i now have to send you back into the truck, down the coast, over the mountain to get the tires replaced. when the springs broke and shredded the tires for five miles, (that you didn't notice the tires smoking and people honking at you and the trailer leaning and swerving into the other lane just behooves me.)you didn't even see that it had happened until after you got back to the yard and tried to transfer the load.

now today after the concrete pour i noticed that you didn't park the batch plant in front of the shop like i asked you. you put it back in its stall all the way back against the tarp. and then you took off awful fast. hmmm... i noticed that not only had you magically dropped the auger off and put it back on with a bent nail , but you managed to some how bash into something else with it today!!!

when our other driver came back this afternoon sweating and saying his truck almost tipped over, i thought of you. why i don't know. perhaps its the fact that you were the last to drive this truck as well. this driver, (our second in command) thought he was going over, he apologized for dumping his load on uneven ground, he thought he must have bent the keeper tabs that align the bed with the frame. but when i had him lift the bed we saw that, yes, you had been there just before.. you hammered in the tabs that you somehow ripped from the frame, didn't tell anybody that they needed to be welded and almost killed my driver!! arrgghh...

"so, at what point does all this become uneconomical?" i ask our number two.

"well, i sit in the trucks with him from now on." he replies.

"um, is that cost effective?" i ask.

"no, what are you saying?" he looks at me and we both know what I'm saying....

i know what you are thinking too... WHY THE FUCK DOES THIS GUY WORK HERE??? i don't know. so i have something to do everyday at work..... (shhh.. its a conspiracy, i hired him so i wouldn't look like I'm always standing around....)uh, no.


THIS SHIT IS SO FUCKING WACKED... why are we spending billions to protect people in other contries that hate us and we cant protect students on an american campus? this is gross. im glad i dont have t.v. to worsen this shit.
sensationalize these murders.
asshole. kill yourself first then think about killing other people afterwards... school shootings? why do we even have this shit? who the fuck has semi automatic guns on campus? errr...
i dont know why this shit is pissing me off so much this morning. i cant even get into my hotmail without it trying to shove images of bloody students and audio of gunshots onto my screen.
err... my thoughts are with you. innocence lost again.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007


yah i need a vacation. i'll bitch. my life is borderline easy but, ya know, id like a little time off too. im looking forward to the end of the month where i can do a little dirt biking and camping. and need to do some more gardening. but id like to get the f out of the bs.
im only at work half the day so far and im ready to go... shit now someone is looking for me... talk to you all later.....

Monday, April 09, 2007


someone from the UK just spent some time reading my blog. how did this individual find it you ask? they googled "PEE". um, OK... so now i have officially been grossed out. i can see what they were reading and how long they were there. so i googled "PEE" too... weird shit. I'm on the third page and i wonder how much "PEE" this person had read before getting to me...


WELL THIS WEEKEND WAS GREAT! i don't want to rub it in but we did all the shit we wanted too! had the girls on Friday, another sleepover with one of their friends, more rope swinging and outside time in the garden. beautiful day in the sun.

made dinner and watched a movie. but this time they passed the fuck out in minutes after hitting the couch!
Saturday was nice, sleep in? no. but went to the south coast and had late lunch with her family. very nice. came home and was so beat up from all the driving we literally passed out too.
Sunday we hid Easter eggs and then found them all. (made sure of that shit. cause when you mix chocolate and my dogs you get to clean up a lot of surprises!) drove down to the south coast and had another Easter egg hunt. our friend puts on a yearly egg hunt up on alms ridge and there was a huge turn out! drive twenty miles up a windy ass road, turn right down a dirt road for like fifteen miles and bam you are smack dab in the middle of no where. but lo and behold there are eighty people there, with a million kids all looking for the golden egg! too much fun. saw some peeps i haven't seen in a while. drank a bottle of champagne and some moonshine and juice's... left just before we got tooo tipsy.

dropped off the young girls with their dad. which went really well since this was the first time we met in person.(so stop talking shit about me now, okay fucker. ill play nice if you will too. but i would really appreciate it if you would stop making up stories about me. thanx) but it went well. lots of eye contact and a firm handshake. so whatever.

we ended up looking for our friends at the bar at nepenthe. they were not working yet and we sat and had a couple of south coast margaritas! oooohhhh.... so good, that brought us back up to tipsy level. so we had a couple double shots of Yeager after that, for the road. ya know, so we wouldn't sober up too much on the way home.

stopped and picked up some "roadies" (cause by the time we passed the store we had forgotten that we had a couple of doubles for the road) and dropped into one of my favorite places to watch the sunset on the way home. liberated a few items and hit the canyon. of course we both really had to ff-ing pee, so i was really trying to hustle up the dirt road to my house.

just as we near the "pee spot", we notice a couple of old timers hanging out drinking beer, sitting in the pull out of our "pee spot". we relieve, and hang with the good old boys for a while. bid them a great day and ramble on up the last bit to the house.

unload all our loot and make a sandwich.

we watch a great movie. if you have not seen "Little miss sunshine" yet, you have to go and rent it! we watched the ending five or six times in tears. such a great film. i had never even heard of it, but that's no surprise. i don't have t.v. so i don't hear about most shit unless its in the paper.

got up this morning to a nice headache and general feeling of caca. and busting my ass at work since.

Work rant: I'm working on one of the head honchos sons 89 honda accord. he paid twelve hundred for it. brought it into some shop where they wanted to charge him twelve hundred dollars to rebuild the carburetor. (fuckers) it just passed smog a week or so ago. shortly there after it stopped idling. it took me all of about five minutes to figure it out. and to advance the timing a smidgen, the smog guys retarded it a little to get it to pass.

wanna know why it stopped idling? the idiots bent the accelerator cable mounting bracket when they were working on it. i can see right on it; a shiny spot where they had whacked it with the pliers they were using to tighten the distributor keeper bolt. assholes. rounded the corners right off the bolt. get the right size wrench. i swear if i saw a technician popping the hood on my car holding a pair of vise grips or whatever i lock them on to his nuts and tell him to have a nice day.

Friday, April 06, 2007


why do these weeks seem longer and longer? is it that i am enjoying the weekends so much more!? i dunno, i cant wait to leave today! i brought a couple of "cold ones" in my lunch today so i don't have to buy any "roadies" for the way home... i want to leave right now... i just fished my lunch out of the truck and spotted them... hmmm, icy cold goodness... it shitty in the valley here right now and when i left my house this morning it was beautiful! i mean really ff-ing beautiful. i just came back from a job up on partington and it amazing up there! and now I'm back in my bloody office in the fog and chill. yeah, yeah, bitch and whine... got any cheese?
so i have a cool weekend planned, two days of south coast. and Sunday will be a huge Easter egg hunt i guess.. i thought it was a small affair but i have been hearing about all these folks who are heading down, so it should be a good time!
the longer i don't hang out with my old friends the longer i realize just how much they are complete assholes. its been nice not to have been subjected to their bullshit anymore... (random thought!)
do you know what?!?! I'm fucking outta here, i just decided I'm leaving early!!! so long... in about ten minutes you can imagine me pounding down a couple of cold ones! (enter homer Simpson sound track here)
enjoy your weekend all!

Wednesday, April 04, 2007


i bet all of you thought that i was planning some think illegal this weekend, didn't ya! "something to benefit me later..." muhahahaa... no. we planted tomatoes. two different kinds. yep, pretty boring huh. we also planted basil, chives, cilantro, flowers(three different kinds...) and ran some automatic irrigation hoses and emitters...

sooooooo... sorry to disappoint y'all, but that's it. heh heh.

yesterday we did do something sort of um, well... we @#$%^&** some shit. {THERE WAS A COMPLETE DESCRIPTION OF WHAT WE DID HERE, BUT DUE TO THE FACT THAT I MIGHT SOMEDAY GET INTO SOME TROUBLE FOR IT, IVE DECIDED TO DELETE IT... SORRY... }so i didn't let you down all the way...

anyways... hope all is well and you have a great Wednesday! I'll be back later i hope...

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

The last of it...

So Ive a had some good responses from sugars question... thanks to those that commented here and to those who i have talked to in person. here's my take. i agree with all of you. i am so used to being hurt and deceived by love that i have no idea what its all about. why would anyone want to engage in it at all??? except i don't think its a voluntary issue. i don't think you can choose to fall in love or not to love some one. shit just happens. for some it happens for the better and for some the worse.

do you love them more then they love you? and on what scale? how do you measure, is it how you convey it. or what? how do you know?

i know if you have kids there isn't much you wouldn't do for them. is that how you gauge? pets? family? a new car? we use the term and the words so often, what the fuck does it all mean?

anyway, I'll just be happy. i don't care to know if its more or less or who is loved more or whatever.... i don't care.

you know what matters more to me... honesty. if you can be completely honest and truthful to me, with out lieing, then you can have my heart. don't lie to me, you will lose me. don't hide shit from me, I'll find out. then things will be worse. tell me what your thinking, good or bad. id rather know all the facts and then let my heart sort it all out. that's the kind of guy i am. i think suspicion is the worst part of a relationship and its a killer.

Ive been fucked over so many times under the guise of love, the word is losing interest for me. I'm in love, so be it... more importantly I'm honest. and that is what I'm hoping will work out more that gauging my intensity.
and that's the last of it.