Friday, April 27, 2007

feeling down today.... didnt sleep, im tired and just dont want to fucking be at work.

we are off to the south coast tonight or tommorow morning... what ever works out. i dunno. motocycle weekend. camping, drinking, should be fun, it will be hot out. luckly they have a big pond... i dont like swimming much , but its nice to jump in. the water in it is fucking cold, thats one reason i dont like swimming. i just dont like kicking shit under water. yeah i know, im a big pussy.. so what... im too tired to complain about anything else right now... have a great weekend all and ill be back soon!!! sorry for the lack of any good postings this week, but things will hopefully open up for me next week!
oh and by the way, if anyone can handle a big pitbull and his gay yellow lab boyfriend for a couple of days starting right now, let me know... you can even stay at my house... they are good boys but need special care... its either take the dogs or take the motorcycles... err... i hope we can carry all three with out the dogas jumping out of the truck... hmmmm... any ideas?


Black Egg said...

So how was your weekend? What did you end up doing? Love the pic, btw! Pretty accurate...

Sushi the Mermaid said...

Hope you feel was the weekend?

Kay said...

So which dog is the the butch, and which is the bitch?

Your job sounds like a shit-fest, hope your weekend was great to make up for it.


b-egg:the pic i thought was accurate for the day. but makes me laugh now when i go back and look at it. i forgot that was the one i posted. there was a small lake there that was just above freezing! to me... it was a blast!
sushi:welcome back! we had so much fun driving around the middle of no where helping broken down or injured motorcyclists, and doing doughuts around stuipid tourists that i could hardly contain my self from driving around like an idiot my self... more on that later
kay:we are not sure which is which, but there is a bigger one and a smaller one... hmmm... beau is the pit, and he has the tighter ass... i dont know if he is the pitcher or the catcher though... charlie is the lab... not real smart, beau could convince him into being the one on bottom... hmmm... ill have to catch them in the act. for now they just kiss and snuggle.