Tuesday, April 17, 2007

terrible time...

I'm having a terrible time blogging lately. at work i never seem to be able to squeeze time in for a fun post. at home Ive been super ff-ing busy with the moving and i don't generally bring a computer anywhere else. so what is a man to do?

I'll bust a work rant for those who like to hear me bitch about the lame shit that happens here.

on a side note... why the fuck is cnn's headline right now "the cell phones of the dead were still ringing." you assholes... do people really need to know that. cant you news freaks not leave anything untouched. arrggghhhh...

I now officially want to move to a small island off the coast of Zanzibar.perhaps tumbatu island. i bet shit doesn't happen there... i bet i could live the rest of my life with out feeling bad that i had not had to endure the medias frenzy with death and destruction. how many fucking people died in Iraq today? why is that not blasted all over every medias mediums right now? fuckers.

work rant. so after i fixed the leaf springs you broke last week on the trailer, i now have to send you back into the truck, down the coast, over the mountain to get the tires replaced. when the springs broke and shredded the tires for five miles, (that you didn't notice the tires smoking and people honking at you and the trailer leaning and swerving into the other lane just behooves me.)you didn't even see that it had happened until after you got back to the yard and tried to transfer the load.

now today after the concrete pour i noticed that you didn't park the batch plant in front of the shop like i asked you. you put it back in its stall all the way back against the tarp. and then you took off awful fast. hmmm... i noticed that not only had you magically dropped the auger off and put it back on with a bent nail , but you managed to some how bash into something else with it today!!!

when our other driver came back this afternoon sweating and saying his truck almost tipped over, i thought of you. why i don't know. perhaps its the fact that you were the last to drive this truck as well. this driver, (our second in command) thought he was going over, he apologized for dumping his load on uneven ground, he thought he must have bent the keeper tabs that align the bed with the frame. but when i had him lift the bed we saw that, yes, you had been there just before.. you hammered in the tabs that you somehow ripped from the frame, didn't tell anybody that they needed to be welded and almost killed my driver!! arrgghh...

"so, at what point does all this become uneconomical?" i ask our number two.

"well, i sit in the trucks with him from now on." he replies.

"um, is that cost effective?" i ask.

"no, what are you saying?" he looks at me and we both know what I'm saying....

i know what you are thinking too... WHY THE FUCK DOES THIS GUY WORK HERE??? i don't know. so i have something to do everyday at work..... (shhh.. its a conspiracy, i hired him so i wouldn't look like I'm always standing around....)uh, no.

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Black Egg said...

Ths shooting rampage has definitely been a weird thing to wrap your head around, and yeah, avoiding the TV coverage is probably wise. It's madness, the whole thing, and it makes you feel the world is going to hell.

Tumbatu Island. Yup.

Work rant appreciated as always. I really enjoy reading them, reminds of some people I know around here.