Monday, April 09, 2007


WELL THIS WEEKEND WAS GREAT! i don't want to rub it in but we did all the shit we wanted too! had the girls on Friday, another sleepover with one of their friends, more rope swinging and outside time in the garden. beautiful day in the sun.

made dinner and watched a movie. but this time they passed the fuck out in minutes after hitting the couch!
Saturday was nice, sleep in? no. but went to the south coast and had late lunch with her family. very nice. came home and was so beat up from all the driving we literally passed out too.
Sunday we hid Easter eggs and then found them all. (made sure of that shit. cause when you mix chocolate and my dogs you get to clean up a lot of surprises!) drove down to the south coast and had another Easter egg hunt. our friend puts on a yearly egg hunt up on alms ridge and there was a huge turn out! drive twenty miles up a windy ass road, turn right down a dirt road for like fifteen miles and bam you are smack dab in the middle of no where. but lo and behold there are eighty people there, with a million kids all looking for the golden egg! too much fun. saw some peeps i haven't seen in a while. drank a bottle of champagne and some moonshine and juice's... left just before we got tooo tipsy.

dropped off the young girls with their dad. which went really well since this was the first time we met in person.(so stop talking shit about me now, okay fucker. ill play nice if you will too. but i would really appreciate it if you would stop making up stories about me. thanx) but it went well. lots of eye contact and a firm handshake. so whatever.

we ended up looking for our friends at the bar at nepenthe. they were not working yet and we sat and had a couple of south coast margaritas! oooohhhh.... so good, that brought us back up to tipsy level. so we had a couple double shots of Yeager after that, for the road. ya know, so we wouldn't sober up too much on the way home.

stopped and picked up some "roadies" (cause by the time we passed the store we had forgotten that we had a couple of doubles for the road) and dropped into one of my favorite places to watch the sunset on the way home. liberated a few items and hit the canyon. of course we both really had to ff-ing pee, so i was really trying to hustle up the dirt road to my house.

just as we near the "pee spot", we notice a couple of old timers hanging out drinking beer, sitting in the pull out of our "pee spot". we relieve, and hang with the good old boys for a while. bid them a great day and ramble on up the last bit to the house.

unload all our loot and make a sandwich.

we watch a great movie. if you have not seen "Little miss sunshine" yet, you have to go and rent it! we watched the ending five or six times in tears. such a great film. i had never even heard of it, but that's no surprise. i don't have t.v. so i don't hear about most shit unless its in the paper.

got up this morning to a nice headache and general feeling of caca. and busting my ass at work since.

Work rant: I'm working on one of the head honchos sons 89 honda accord. he paid twelve hundred for it. brought it into some shop where they wanted to charge him twelve hundred dollars to rebuild the carburetor. (fuckers) it just passed smog a week or so ago. shortly there after it stopped idling. it took me all of about five minutes to figure it out. and to advance the timing a smidgen, the smog guys retarded it a little to get it to pass.

wanna know why it stopped idling? the idiots bent the accelerator cable mounting bracket when they were working on it. i can see right on it; a shiny spot where they had whacked it with the pliers they were using to tighten the distributor keeper bolt. assholes. rounded the corners right off the bolt. get the right size wrench. i swear if i saw a technician popping the hood on my car holding a pair of vise grips or whatever i lock them on to his nuts and tell him to have a nice day.

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Black Egg said...

Sounds like a nice weekend and love the work rant as usual ... hahaha about the "pee" google search!