Friday, May 11, 2007


THIS MORNING AT WORK GOES DOWN LIKE ANY OTHER.... (shit caps. again.) everyone getting coffee, trying to find out where they are going, shooting the shit, etc. etc. I'm in the office with some folks and we start talking with one of our younger, harder working guys... telling him about our 401k profit sharing plan... (its a super good deal.) well, as always we start joking around with him about how his retirement plan is to have a bunch of kids and live off of them... so its seems like a good joke. we were really just fucking with him.
normally he is always cracking the old guy jokes and is very intent on having the last word. if you "one up" him, he usually resorts to some sort of "fucking your girlfriend" or " well, at least I'm not old" type of humor... ooohhhh... I've never heard any of those jokes before... they really bother me... not...i digress.
so this morning is like any other. lots of back and forth about "you are young" and "you are too old" and then he seems to change. takes a stab at me with...

"well, at least i have a family!"he says

"whoa dude, calm down. no one is ripping on your family."

he is super sensitive about his mom and family... i can understand that. over sensitive about being thought of as incapable. the guy works his ass off.. i mean shit, this guy is the ripe old age of twenty one and has an girlfriend who has to be at least nineteen... he is young and proud of it. I'd be and was too. anyway..

"I'm fucking outta here. fuck you, fuck you, and Zack... fuck you too!" he says as he tears his sweatshirt off ready to fight and pointing at the people standing around him.

"hey man, no one is trying to make you feel bad. but if you want to go home that's fine. we were just trying to get you on board with the 401k." says manager #2

he starts walking over to the truck to get a smoke with fists clenched and saying "fuck you!"

what ever, punch me in the face when we are on the clock you ding dong... that doesn't go well for any of us. we are such good friends, i don't know where he popped a gasket this morning but for a guy who dishes out so much shit, he sure wasn't handling it.
now i could have taken offense at what he said to me about my mom. as you know she killed her self not too long ago. i might have let it hurt. but i hear that "I'd commit suicide" shit so often, whatever... anyone of us could have taken offense to the things he was saying, but hey its what we do here. we are a family. we do tear each other apart and we do build each other back up. thats the life here.
so guess what? we are all sorry we offended you some how, we said it and that's final. we wont do it again. but i tell you what. you pull this i can get angry and spite you bullshit with anyone else here from now on, you can go home... it just might be a little different.

wait... i hear the wambulance coming.... waaaahhhaaahhhaaawwwaaaa....

nah. just kidding...
anyway, going up to San Francisco tonight! going to see a concert and spend the night at a friends condo. (thank you l+d) they wont be there so we will be sure not to sleep in their bed. no sleeping! hahahaa... then we will come back and hopefully load up the car and drive three hours in the other direction and go camping!
hope all is well with every one out in the "real world" and have a great weekend!

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