Friday, May 18, 2007


"DAY HOE" aka that guy who keeps fucking shit up.... everyday. day hoe is short for a Spanish word. pendeho. means shit head or asshole or something. and since his name has something to do with it that's what he gets... that's why we shortened it to just day hoe...
yesterday he asks me where i keep the trailer wiring connectors. he seems to have a problem with hooking up the main battery cables for the trailer box. this is like the fifth fucking set! now we have had some bad operators... NEVER has anyone even come close to having as many accidents as this guy.

"dude, where do you keep those red thingys?"

"why" i respond from my perch atop the six cylinder engine I'm ripping out of the concrete truck to have rebuilt.

"well it fell out again and got busted up."

"they don't just fall out, what the fuck are you doing? are you wrapping the wires up or something?"
"no, they do too fall out!" he stammers.

"no, they don't, we have never had this happen before, in ten years... only you." i retort. I'm pissed.

"whatever, where are they?"
"they are on the same shelf they were on when you lost the last one." i said, and "I'm not buying any more after this one. so fucking figure it out!"

twenty minutes later...

"dude the battery in the trailer box isn't charging anymore." he says as i whack my knuckles for the third time.I'm turning red!

"check the relay, since you dragged the battery cable, god knows how many miles, i bet it popped. go fucking reset it like last time when i showed you."

i can tell he isn't very happy with me. i care lots...

have a happy Friday!


Kay said...

Good God. This guy needs to be taken out back.
I love that his name is Day Hoe. I might have to jack that from you, except my work just got rid of our fuckup a couple weeks ago. Good luck with him, sounds like you're going to need it.


oh yeah every day he brings something in that needs "adjustment" or "i dont know how it happened". super nice guy, he is humble about it too, but c'mon man, WTF? get it together