Wednesday, June 13, 2007


well i say that because I'm starting to be tired all the fucking time. my body aches and it takes quite a bit for me to get the ball rolling lately. besides work, there is all the stuff at home i do. gardening, moving, yard work, housework, etc. etc. now i don't want to sound like I'm bitching. but some of the things i usually get done seem to be slipping... dishes, laundry, ( i like doing laundry, everything is so clean and fresh!) mopping.. blah blah blah. thanks to special cheese these things are being handled. but I'm not doing it she is.

there are also all the things i want to be doing. new seats in the boat, build the chicken coop, doors on the wood shed, electricity in the shop, a lawn, fix her car, finish installing the suspension kit in my truck, dogs to the vet, check on the water, kids to the lake, kids camping, buy treys little motorcycle, fix the mountain bike, run another batch of moonshine, cut down some trees, stack some wood for winter, got the creek and make a swimming hole, fuck. so much to do... i think that's why I've been stressing out lately. too much shit to do. but i know it will all happen. and its something i complain about all the time. not enough time.

other then that things are going great!!! have a good one. I'm trying to get off a little early today. go home and get some more shit handled.... thanks for all the replies to the question yesterday... makes me feel all warm and fuzzy... WTF? so I'll ask another. what is one thing you all really want to do/get done/have happen for you this summer? and can i help? i'm better at doing other peoples shit than my own!


Anonymous said...

i wanna put up a new version of my website. but, how sick am i gonna be of doing this shit? very.



well, get out of the fucking house you asshole, go sit by the pool and try to keep your pants on. (more laughing inserted here!) just kidding. sounds cool. website. i like it. should i start pumping your old site and get you some more traffic? may be that would motivate you? i could put up some signs around town. i know you arent very busy with work and some scab work would be cool! anyway, give me a buzz later chooch, thanks for the comment!

Black Egg said...

Well, I'm like you and I make to-do lists that are very ambitious, which isn't say that's a bad thing, but it can set you up for that feeling of getting nothing done... one day at a time, I guess, boring as that is. Your post reminded me that I'm behind w/ laundry and dishes, too.

To answer the question: I want to get my studio set up and start painting this summer. That's my biggest goal. It's pretty do-able- I'm half-way there.

Anyway, good luck w/ all your projects!