Friday, June 08, 2007


"so, you know you can't take this truck out on the highway."

"i know, it has front end problems. i won't, i promise."

"the seat belts also don't work. it's not really safe to drive at all."

"i know i'm only driving it up and down the mountain."

"well in four wheel drive this thing is a fucking bitch to steer."

"i don't need four wheel drive."

okay, it's at this point i'm thinking to myself. WTF? its a dirt road that goes up a thousand feet in elevation in less than a mile!

"well don't drive it on the highway."

"fine, that's fine."

she starts and drives away. down the driveway and right turns out on to the highway. in my face! i lose again. hopefully she only kills herself and isn't picking up the kids to all fly off the mountain! fucking crack whores.

"i think its more of a moral issue than a safety issue." famous last words...

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