Monday, June 11, 2007


SO BUSY HERE AT WORK!!! don't even hardly have a minute to blog but... some highlights:

got invited to a party on Saturday. had a great time. dancing, drinking and sun, got to see some friends that i have not seen in a long time. got to meet Traci's new son, and flick my nose up at the people who used to be my friends...

when ever you go to a party that is not in big sur and there are people from the sur attending, you will most likely find them in a corner or somewhere out side not mingling with the others... so i got to poke some fun at them...

"hey, hey big sur! c'mon over, the party is happening over here!"

"hey, you all don't even smoke! why hang out all by your selves?"

"hey, big sur people!!! don't be afraid there are trees and hot tubs here too!"

i had a hoot! then i thought it would be a good idea to throw a bowl of almonds at them.. you know for fun. except i only hit one person in the shoulder. my ex. whoops, i did apologize and still received the same blank stare and glare. fuck you if you cant take a joke! its a party and we were all having fun!

stayed at home on Sunday. i was supposed to help out a friend, but when i called him at about nine a.m. he was already gone. shit i feel bad, and I'm sure he is bent. WTF can i do about it now?

so worked in the garden all day and did some moving of my own...

well got to get back to work already... hope your weekends were kind to you and enjoy the week! i think I'm going to take Friday off... hmm.

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