Thursday, June 28, 2007

well, what can you do?

there is no amount of cold beer that will fix the level of frustration I'm feeling right now. so, I'm going to let it all go, leave work early and go get an ice cold beer! ha to all who must stay at work! i just fixed the 401c and took the fire hose to the back hoe.

"oops, did i get you wet?"

"que?" he looks at me slightly wet.

"mucho agua, si?"

"si."his reply as he wrings out his shirt.

"yeah, mucho fucking agua, get it?"

yeah, going home now... before i get into any trouble.

oh and i just got a call from special cheese.

"i just went up to the water tank, bad news, its not pumping..."

how do they say it? insult to injury?

ice cold beer... sounds good, have a nice day all!!!

1 comment:

Sushi the Mermaid said... is...I hopefully will be up and running as soon as the dust settles. In the meantime...I'll be reading!
And enjoy the ice cold beer!