Monday, July 02, 2007

did i mention i'm half Canadian?

here in California we have a saying... "sure feels like earth quake weather.." that means its hot as hell and dry. like something is in the air... well today is earthquake weather... and we had one.

i jumped out of my seat and was on my feet before it was over...

"no, shit! are you feeling that? i said to the gal in the office.

see we have alot of heavy shit here in the yard, and sometimes guys who don't really know what they are doing smack into stuff. if someone were to smack into my office i wouldn't have time to do much...

earthquakes are one of those things i haven't quite gotten over yet. (yeah, you folks from California are saying, "what a pussy." but i am not quite sure of the proper reaction when the earth moves from left to right beneath you...)

"that was a small one, i bet not even 4.7." was the response i got from the outer office.

that still doesn't make me feel any better about. we have stuff here simply stacked on top of things. like shipping containers. two at a time, they are NOT bolted together....

anyway, that was all i had to say about that.

body rant: after a weekend of torturing myself with some serious boozing, heavy duty motorcycling and six or more jumps from an insane rope swing into the lake, my body is giving me the big middle finger. the right side of my back is swollen, left shoulder wont lift above my head, my hands hurt, (is any one playing the violin for me yet?)my knees hurt, i swear my liver is twice the size it should be, (someone calling the wambulance?) and my eyes are still seeing double at long distances... i followed a little too close to the bike in front of me wearing only glasses! (idiot!!!). i need a weekend where i can just sit around and do nothing... yeah, right. i wouldn't even if i could!

work rant:i spent two hours pouring over your parts catalogs looking for this "single spool valve". i know it wasn't easy. i'm loud and quite persistant, but when i said i wanted "the exact same ones" i didn't mean the ones you get a bigger kick from selling to me, from your suppliers. i meant "the exact same ones"! so now while you scramble to find me the right shit, i called your competitor down the street. who has them in stock. tomorrow when you call me and say you had them shipped UPS next day to you, I'll be in my truck to pick up the ones i needed from you last week! oh, by the way, i shipped these heavy ass things back to you UPS collect. i deal with you all the fucking time! you know when i waste my time sitting in your office i mean business, it means i don't trust your staff well enough to give you the order over the phone, it means i will give my business to those retards down the street from you for a while, perhaps until you notice i haven't spent any money with you in weeks and you call me to say hello. maybe even a little while after that. you just lost money. how do you like me now?
oh, and i stole that pic from one of the blogs i read. i hope she doesn't mind!

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