Tuesday, July 10, 2007

before the first off, sorry about the mistakes! its a fucking mac.

YEAH, FIRST OFF... i hate mac blogging. don't want things to work right? use a mac on Dial up... yeah i should dub that line first bitch....
okay then...

second bitch: what won't eat poison, doesn't like prunes or peanut butter and keeps bugging the living fuck out of me? answer me that and I'll give you something you have never seen before!

third bitch: the company that has our engine. their entire service and parts department has gone on strike!!!! WTF?!?!? I'm going to explode! they have not answered one call or email in two weeks... today i finally finagle my way into a cell phone number and blammo i get service manager, at home on strike.

aaaaarrrrrggggghhhh..... conversation as follows.

"this is Zack at blaze... hows it going? whats happening with my engine?"
"ohhhh... ummmm...welllll... we are on strike. it's more of a walk out really, we are hoping its resolved in the next three days.. things really need to change there." Rene Rodriguez tells me.
"yeah, we are hoping they come to some sort of agreement." his reply.
"so.... whats happening with my engine?"
"i can't really tell you. at this time."
"ahhh... is it your entire company or just your branch? this is bullshit."
"can we transfer this to one of your other branches? are you even doing anything about this?" I'm bright fucking red!
"i have to go..."
i can not tell you how amazingly pissed off i am at this point. i will leave it at that...

third bitch: i hate mechanics. yes, we are all underpaid, overworked and exposed to gnarly chemicals that haven't been fully researched as to how much they are fucking killing us. but, get to work. if you understood how the American money machine worked, you would realize, its not about you... its about the job you do and the customers you service!!! you fucks!!! ( yes, yes... i would like everything they want too... but i need my engine back pronto!!!)

fourth bitch: i am out of beer... and i just went to make myself a rum and coke... no coke... so i pour myself a gin and tonic, another big WTF? "THIS TASTES LIKE SHIT!" read the label on the tonic.... diet... need i say any more....

fifth bitch: I'm getting tired of bitching. try something else...

I've been trying to fix special cheese's Subaru for three days now.. its adding undue stress to things here at the house... its having a fuel relay problem... i wont bitch about that.... but i got to take it home today, with no one else in the car... hahahahahahaha.... i have been dogging on this car since the day i saw it. but when i fired it up to well over a hundred this evening and still had quite a bit to go i was quite impressed. up the coast i followed a PT Cruiser, who was hitting every illegal passing spot and still wasn't doing a very good job at gaining on the snake... (the snake is the line of cars that accumulates in summer going up and down the coast..aka: tourists in a long line.) but it was fun and i fucking hammered it! nice ride! thank you cheese!!!

I'm watching a movie while i do this and am needing to use the phone, enjoy the evening and hope to hear from you all tomorrow!!!


Black Egg said...

Love a good rant or three or five! I can relate to number four - ewww diet tonic. Yuck! I hope you get all the work stuff taken care of - nothing like wrestling over the phone w/ unresponsive knuckleheads - wait, I can relate to that too! Hope you are having an awesome evening!

Anonymous said...

haha, you have 2 number three's!! what a jerk you are! and quit trying to fight the mac, it just wants to help you in an un-retarded manor. everything is much easier than you think, quit trying to let your M$ brain take over. :p

i lectured a tourist yesterday. guess he was from greenland, 25mph molera to SP. holy shit was o pissed, prolly about as pissed as you were on the phone! anyways, i can tell you the story when i get back. have a good week!


Anonymous said...

Soooo... you took the Sube for a little joyride did ya? Hahahaha... I won't tell you what I did in your tuck then!
Just kidding...
but now maybe you won't hassle me about trading it in for a Hummer!
Sorry about all those bitches: bionic critters, striking mechanics, inept "professionals", and the lame mac (you could use your own computer...).
But hey, we're going to have a fucking great weekend!
Love you,
(this isn't the first comment that I posted, but apperently this f@#$ing mac ate the last one)