Monday, July 09, 2007


radio: paging big sur volunteer fire brigade... we have a small vegetation fire at 47271 highway one...

phone rings, Debbie answers... "what? where? okay thank you..."

"whats up deb?" i ask.

"theres a fire at my house!" she says as the color leaves her face.

we mill around the office for a moment, day hoe and i decide to grab a fire extinguisher and follow her down... we drive down her road with the windows open and smell nothing. cruise up to debs and casually kick it for a min.

"well deb, i don't even smell any smoke. got any beer?" i ask

"sure, thanks for coming down!" already she is looking better. "day hoe, would you like one?"

"no thanks."

i pound my beverage and suggest to day hoe that we do some four wheeling and find out some more of whats really happening. we drive on this old access road that parallels the river and out of nowhere pops this hippy looking dude.

"did you see the fire brigade?" he stammers.

"nope, wheres the fire?" we ask.

"over here, c'mon I'll show ya!"

after he leads us down a wrong turn and we back up and head back down the road we were driving on we spot it. a good sized red wood tree has fallen over and is smoldering pretty good.

"nice one... " i say and get on the radio with mike...

short story long we went and found the fire brigade, brought them down to the scene and smoked a cigarette. looks like they had it all under control... that hippy looked pretty damn scared though... well have a good Monday!


Black Egg said...

Sounds more exciting than my day... dang. Well, I'm glad everything was ok and you got a beer out of it!

Manuel said...

and got see a frightened hippy, huh, I wanna see a frightened hippy ...