Tuesday, July 31, 2007

a list of things...

1.we had a birthday party for cheese on Friday, it was fucking great!
2.she got a small pool for her birthday, also fucking great!
3.our dogs killed one of our chickens last night. not so fucking great.
4.I'm swamped at work and don't have time to be writing all this so that's why I'm making it a list.
5.the woman at my work has her husband in the hospital. she just found out that they are going to crack his rib cage open and cut part of his lung out, staple it up and sew him back together. also not so fucking great at all!
6.number 5 is really bumming me out. she is such a nice lady... always giving me the motherly advice.
7.i need a vacation, i can feel it, i will burn out soon at this pace... i just had a three day weekend and didn't leave the mountain for a minute, i unwound just enough to let some work issues go...
8.our garden is ff-ing huge right now, I'll find some pics to take.
9.this is lame I'll stop.

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Black Egg said...

Actually, the list is a good idea. I was thinking that the reason for scant or infrequent postings both from myself and some of the other blogs I check in on has to do w/ the weather - or the season - I mean it's summer - busy and occupied for a million reasons. No idea what "summer" is like on the west coast - I know you have an idea of what it's like out here right now, on the east coast - f'in hot, humid, sultry, etc. Maybe I'll consider a list for my next post - my brain, heart, life has been swamped...