Friday, June 01, 2007


well a blogger that i read and have a link for, has a catch phrase contest, which i want to enter. but i am completely stumped on how she handles it. i am supposed to write my catch phrase on my site and link it back to hers.... anybody ever do this shit before? if she uses it,. she links her site back to mine. that is the reward. hmm... i don't give a shit about the traffic, but i think it would be cool to see it in her header anyway, this is what i think I'm supposed to do:

well hopefully it works. this little gem of a saying is a fairly standard one here in the sur. with such a small gene pool to choose from, it ends up being more of a swap meet than anything... small town, small choice of dating opportunities.

now if you have been here for a while you can probably trace back through all the people you have slept with and all the people they have slept with and so on until you reach some fairly bad realizations. you know what i mean, the amount of spit and semen shared in this town makes me want to burn it off with gasoline. or at least get a std check once a week. yuck. (just kidding) but, its the real deal here.

i have friends who just recently pretty much swapped sleeping partners, funny it is not. but kinda? i hope all is well in cyber land and talk to you soon. oh wait!

i had something else i wanted to say. i was just recently searching for some information on some people here. this is scary, the Internet provided me with such details that i could not believe. everything was available, copy's of everything. identity theft could be so unbelievably easy! WTF? so watch out what you put on here. what you sign and what sites you use... folks I'm not fucking shitting you!

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Black Egg said...

Good luck w/the Violent Acres thing. I read her fairly regularly, too. Yeah, small towns can be scary - I remember once sitting on a friend's porch at a party, among the people there were an ex-boyfriend from way back and his (frankly bitchy) fiance. I don't remember the exact conversation but at some point she said smtg. like "Yeah, well how do you think I feel? My fiance has hooked up with every woman on this porch!" Hahaha, well it was true. Thankfully I can say I have no such track record w/ the guys I know in this town - kissed quite a few of 'em - but that's about it! Hope you had a great weekend!