Thursday, April 17, 2008


its my Friday! I'm taking tomorrow off to do house work and prepare for the weekend! we have the landlord and his realtor spending all day Saturday at our house. so i clean.

last night i couldn't do it. i got home, fixed the motorcycle (more on that later) and helped a buddy install his camper shell that we stored at my house for the winter. rewired his lights for it and cleaned up the mess. cleaned up the yard and got the outside of the property finished. we want to leave some mess around so that the open house team has something to do while they are there. what do they say? something about idle hands....

so yeah, ill be sporting the apron and dusting in my favorite birthday suit! then we are planning on going camping on Saturday! load up the dogs, dirt bikes and all our gear then head down to the south coast and do it up. id like for little cheese to get some more practice on her bike. she is losing interest. i dunno, I'm definitely more stoked about than she. she wants a cell phone. (absolutely useless where we live and where her dad lives, no service.) her friend has an iPhone(she is ten) and now little cheese is saving for one.
she was saving for a laptop(Internet obsessed) but since she has seen the power of the Internet in a small hand held device shes got to have it. i tried to explain to her that it was a phone, but she swears its an ipod that has Internet and phone built in, "but she doesn't use the phone part! just the Internet and the i tunes!!!" i dunno.
i have a hard time trying to relate sometimes. i just don't get t.v. but that's what they are into, t.v. and "gadgets" and plastic toys and talking on the phone with three or four friends at a time. all conference calling each other. they don't like to play outside much and need lots of "what about me" time... I'm getting it, but how does one encourage children into doing things that are more conducive to learning and good for their health? go outside, build things, get dirty, hurt yourself and explore the world out there!

i dunno where that was going....

anyway, i finally figured out what was wrong with the motorcycle!!! after weeks of looking at it and starting it and limping it along i got frustrated and took the thing apart. i spent enough time waiting for it to magically fix itself. i tore into it on Saturday and by chance noticed the tiniest little brass "slow jet" was missing. MISSING!! twelve dollars and three days later i installed the missing jet and put the machine all back together and vroom!!!!

what a bike... "that's all i have to say about that." so wish us luck that our house does not sell and that people don't like what we've done with the place. that our camping/dirt biking adventures are fun and exciting and that my early weekend is full of sex, drinks and rock and roll!!! perhaps I'll have time tomorrow to check back in!!


Anonymous said...

Okay, so you DO have a motorcycle. GO RIDE IT really fast!!! Whooo hooo! (of course be careful while you're doing it!)

Man, I'm dreading when my daughter gets to be will probably be like the Borg by then, all hooked up to electronic, wireless, Internet devices and shit...UGHHH!!!

Have a fun time camping: sex, drinks, and rock and roll...I'm jealous!!!!

MJ said...

Please post a pic of yourself doing nekkid housework.

Kristen Tyler said...

The bernsteain bears were literally my favorite books /movies as a child. I LOOOVED them!

I got a good chuckle out of that little cartoon edit ;)