Thursday, May 26, 2011

waiting around

yep, sitting around waiting for someone to break something, not what i really enjoy doing, but what the fuck else am i gonna do? already tore apart the jack hammer and ordered parts for that, fixed a tire on the grader and pretty much sitting around waiting for lunch. then i have to go do this "thing". does that ever make you wonder what the fuck people are talking about when they say "i have to go to do this thing."?
that could really mean anything right? depending on who you are talking to, woman grabs a baby and the baby bag, heads to the bathroom and says "Ive got a thing to do." you can pretty much guess. not so easy with other folks though... that's your tidbit of information today...


Megan said...

I've got to clean this apartment before Kylie gets here. So there's my thing for today. Tonight. Tomorrow.

Or maybe not.

denim said...

not that you will remember, and coincidentally that Megan posted most recently, but we were talking about her picture the other day as i was trying to think about your blogger friends. anyway, i said her picture was like a classical painting or something, and you were like "naw, not even". well here it is:

Lady of Shallot

and here

pre-raphaelites, bitch!
I love having the internet again!

have fun this weekend. if you bring me back a glow-in-the-dark captain eo shirt, my girlfriend will clean your house. hah!


oh, i see... i'll see what i can do about the t-shirt. and yeah that is a close up of a classic painting. sorry i missed you yesterday, was very busy, doing the whole mechanic thing...


oh and she is supposed to clean my house topless.

not that i'd be there to see it. you know the whole job thing i have to do that day.