Sunday, January 20, 2008

well shit

so the vet called before the end of the day. beau is going to be fine. "he has lost a lot of blood". he suspects his stoic demeaner has something to do with enimic shock. it took them two attempts of opening him up and closing of a vessel to stop the bleeding. they dont think he needs a transfusion and have someone watching him overnight. they might x-ray him tomorrow to see if he was shot. it was a real deep puncture and clean with nothing they could find close to the surface. they are hoping to give him back to me in the afternoon. he was a real matter of fact kind of guy and asked some questions. "how long has he been bleeding, would there be someone that might shoot him." and said a few really nice things as well. made me feel a little better. a friend of mine thinks we should throw a benifit party for him. to help with the costs... im going to stap a set of handle bars to the damn dog when he gets better and ride him around, since he will now be my new dirt bike!!! fucker. but our house doesnt feel the same, even charlie (the lab) is mopeing around... so the evening is upon us and the kids are back. and it will be early to bed i suppose.
oh the weather says snow down to two thousand feet tonight! thats us! if we have snow tomorrow we are all going to play hookie!!! wish beau luck wouldja!!!


Kay said...

I wish him lots of luck and warm fuzzies. Dogs always need warm fuzzies.

cher said...

oh beau...get better.
i laughed out loud at the strapping handle bars on him because he's your new dirtbike.
i think you should totally have a benefit party for him. invite all your neighbours. whoever doesn't show...well, lets just say you know who to break the legs of

cher said...

oh, and if you're not too busy, could you please post some of the blood?

Cecile said...

I am sending doggie get well wished to you. I love dogs and I totally hope Beau gets better. You are going to have a vet bill out the wazoo, but when Beau gives you one of his wet slobber kisses right after he eats the shit out of the litter box and gets his drink from the toilet, it will all be worth it!eeewW. Trust me, I have a dog, I know what they eat and where their water source comes from. Anywho, good luck with the vet bill, and I suppose you could live the American Dream and go into debt for the dirt bike, that is if you aren't already there.

Oh and thanks for stopin by my little spot on the web. It makes me feel all warm inside when people leave me comments. Especially cool ones that boost my ego.

CSI Seattle said...

I just wandered in via Cecile's blog (above).

At first I wasn't sure what to make of your blog, but the more I read, the more I realized that you are brilliant. Crazy, but brilliant. You have put a ton of work into your writing and I like the pics too.

Sorry to hear about your dog. I hope he pulls through.

I will be back,



kay!!! thank you for the the thoughts once again. hoping to pick him up today. the front desk lady said something about an i.v. but i'll keep you all posted!

cher, i pulled all the rags out of the garbage to take a picture of and got slightly choked. thought if the dog doesnt pull through i would get mega bad dad points for exploiting his pain and suffering... so when i get him home i'll try to get some pics out!!

cecile! welcome to the voices! thanks for the comment. its tough when you have to think about the fucking money that its costing. when i lost my last dog i would have sold my soul to the highest bidder for ten more minutes with him. when i found him he was already cold. we had a funeral for him that day and i shit you not, twenty someodd people arrived. for a dog! i hope i am only so lucky... last night the house was pretty somber, the kids were missing beau and some how the conversation turned to him throughout the evening. thanks again!

csi! thanks for checking out the voices! its a fairly new blog, just under two years old or so, when it started it was to keep me from letting the evil thoughts get to me, now its for fun and blasting you all with work rants and drunkin tales of debauchery. not to mention bad spelling, lousy grammer and a shit load of cussing. thanks again and i hope you continue to enjoy. and i'll put up some beau pics soon enough, for all to see were your wishes went!!!