Tuesday, January 08, 2008


hey kids, my bad. after a nasty little hang over yesterday I'm back to work and working at 45%. yeah what an asshole. i walked into work yesterday and spent five minutes trying to focus enough to drink a cup of coffee and then i split... i was so drunk still. the morning after drinking all day. the weekend was was spent relatively mellow until Sunday night. Sunday morning we jumped on the quad, strapped the chainsaw to the back, filled a back pack with beer and ventured out in to the eye of the storm... met up with a friend who was going down the creek to check on his water systems.... spent some of the afternoon clearing and chainsawing trees and removing a dam in the river... went back to his place and hung out until it started raining again. then jumped back on the quad and drove through some four miles of freezing rain back to our house. made some killer pork chops and fresh buns... decided to go to the bar.(always sounds like a great idea when you have been drinking all day!)
loaded up with some road sodas and fired down the coast to our local bar! hung around until the band started and drank the night away. bought a t-shirt and stole a c.d.
at some point on our way home, cheese must have noticed my window down, cigarette lit, one eyed driving technique. since by the time we got home she was driving and i was complimenting her skills! (rarely happens, in fact i get uber car sick if i sit on the passenger side of anything...)
so back to trying out some sobriety again. didn't really work out for me last week, but I'll give it another go. showing up to work and leaving because you are still too drunk to see strait is not a good thing.


Black Egg said...

Fuckin' ouch. Glad you made it home in one piece, anyway. 4 miles on a quad in freezing rain is pretty close to my definition of hell. Hope your last day or so has mellowed out...

Kay said...

I love on you bro. The comic cracked my shit up. Good luck with the sobriety. Earning a paycheck is a good thing. A thing I know next to nothing about, but a good thing.

homo escapeons said...

Ah yes the wonderyears..brings back a lot of memories. Oh to be young again..

BUT, You're kidding about the drinkin' & drivin' thingamabob eh?
I was lucky but a few of my friends were not..
and I miss them..
thirty years later Dude and I still miss them.


B-EGG!!! we made it safe and sound! i guess i was telling cheese to go faster and hammer up our muddy road. and the freezing quad ride qas epic! kind of like jumping into the ocean, but with no sharks!

KAY!!! yep the comics were another idea i stole from sushi, and they are fucking great!!! sooo... when do you get to pay some taxes? you are hopefully not just laying around all woe is me and shit! sobreity??? now where the hell did i leave that pesky thing???

HOMO!?! arent all our years the wonder years, or are they still coming? is that where i wonder what happened to all those years?! and no/yeah i wish i was kidding. i seem to get razor dull senses after a few drinks. i turned an acura integra into a taco once. i guess god does love drunks and babies! thanks for the well wishes and its good to remember those people no longer with us... i miss them too!