Wednesday, January 23, 2008

so, I've started working out. cheese has been complaining about a few things so I've been doing something about it.

we got a guy here that's been complaining about where he has to park everyday. his compliant is that the three guys that live in our construction yard mooch up the best three spots. he thinks cause they live here that they should park at the bottom of the yard. (our construction yard is on a slope.) he is fed up with having to walk up to the office everyday.

on one hand i can see his point. its not like these three guys even have a valid licence, green card, visa, work permit or whatever. so they shouldn't be driving anyway, or even parking their illegally registered vehicles on company property.

but i see the other side of the border/coin as well. hey they fucking live here, they pay rent, they are our night time security and weekend patrol. they need to get around, go to the bank, store, strip club just like the rest of us, eh?

so short story drawn out into a lame post, buddy decides he is going to burn out in the mud with his rear end pointed at one of these guys cars yesterday. peels out of the yard saying fuck off, fuck you, fuck fuck fuck. something like that. well, homie sees his car covered in mud, totally covered, (2005 civic) and he is not all that happy. this is no small amigo either. he could bench press his metallic blue car easily. he washes it off and says to me "posible putasos" or "maybe a fight".

i explain to him that the last two employees that got into a fight didn't get paid for there weeks and had to beg for their jobs back. if he wanted to fight he should wait for him at the bottom of the driveway in the morning and direct him to the other side of the highway. turn him into hamburger meat there and not on property.

i think what will really happen is "burn out buddy" will have a flat tire one day and then another one for about a week or so. they will talk shit back and forth through the other people in the yard and nothing will ever come of it.

i tell you what, if someone slung mud all over my truck id walk up to them and fatten their lip. i wouldn't take my own advice and have a three week unpaid vacation. fuck that...


Cecile said...

Hey, I'm glad your dog is O.K. He is absolutely beautiful. My Javie dog is a Pit Bull as well. She gets out and "Terrorizes" the neighborhood from time to time. She likes to lick people to death. She is such a pansy ass to be a pit bull, I sometimes think she must be part poodle or something. But she is sweet, and beautiful, and extremely intelligent. Anyway, I'm glad you dog is better, and keep us posted about the Beaner and the Mud Slinger. That sounds like fun. I like a good smack down. Maybe that's why I'm an Avid UFC fan

FirstNations said...

glad you don't have to go give someone a shotgun enema, dude. just dogs being dogs then.

mudslinger better watch where he parks around town for the next month. homeboy will see his car out in front of the tavern one night and give him a custom paint job by 'Jasco'.

cher said...

i had a poodle for a snack with my coffee at 3 today. it was like drinking 6 redbulls.

that picture cracked me up. so working out hey? how? what's your game plan?

oh, and have you seen kay? i think she clawed her way out of my basement.

Anonymous said...

hey zack
its everett,saturday night about to brink a buch of bear,vodka,whiskey or whatever passes my alchaholic lips,hoping you get this tonight. if you do call me 360-376-5177.

cher said...

i feel like calling everett just because he posted his phone number on your blog. maybe i'll call and ask to be put on hold while he looks for your dead boss.

On Durgs said...

You sound like a true jerk.
I'm going to read you often.

FirstNations said...

on durgs, i just went to your blog and you're dead. if you are here then that means you're not dead. so whats it gonna be? you have a lot to say for a dead guy. actually only two sentences, and short ones at that, but thats better than my grandpa and he's been dead since 1968.

i think I'll go call everett now.

hnter1018 said...

first nations you should call Everett. Heck of a nice guy. You'll like him. ask him about his tatoo on his leg!!


CECILE! feckin dogs eh?
nations! they talked and buddy mud slinger denied for a while then said he was just messing around in the mud, then said it wouldnt happen again... i still would have popped him one!
cher! remember the adam sandler gig..."are these people having sssseeeeaaaaxxxx or are they working out at the gym?!?!?" and kay is over in my basement working on cleaning out all that lotion you left in her port.
everette. when i get some cell phone service or my land line worked on i swear i'll call you! hopefully some of the voices readers have called you and given you some sort of harrassment!
cher! call him... he has kids too, maybe you all could swap some recipes! i like the one where you leave the eyeballs in!!!
on drugs! i hope to get to yer blog soon! and watch out for nations!!! shes armed and dangerous, probably on drugs herself, and moody, maybe even a little pyscho, and horny too!
hntr! as always, thanks for checking in!!!