Monday, January 14, 2008

relaxing weekend.

i was planning on having a party or filling our local bar with rejects next weekend to celebrate my ten years of surviving in big sur. but i realized that the anniversary was this last Saturday.... i actually spent that day in town. i unknowingly celebrated my "ten years" by going to town. wtf?

so it kind of takes the shine off of doing anything now. ya, boo hoo, poor me right? I'm just not down with celebrating shit early or late because it is more convenient. or so that more people could come and the like. so excited i was to finally get my "local" status, that i forgot about it all completely. wtf?

after all those years here, all the fuck ups and experiments, the waiting... i

it was a nice weekend. went bowling with some friends and out to sushi afterwards.... our favorite sushi place almost let us down, well they did. wave after wave of sushi rained down upon us... but at the end of it all the vegetarian dishes never showed up. i walked over to the waitress stand and asked about them. they promptly sent over someone who inquired if we wanted to order more.

"youneed songsing else" he very politely asked.

"no we are still waiting on some of the food we already ordered." i replied.

he looked at us with no idea of what the fuck we were talking about, he was not our waitress. she arrived and asked if we wanted to cancel our veggie orders. we could not however cancel... one of our party did not eat fish, but loves the veggie sushi items. all of which she was waiting for. for over an hour... she took it well and even cheeses two young daughters didn't fuss.

Sunday was spent in the garden and yard. got cheeses older daughter hooked on her dirt bike. (finally!!) i was starting to think that might have been the wrong gift. once she got over the fear of wiping out, she was blasting up and down the driveway and we ended up going down the road over a mile! we did that drive twice before "mom" shut us down...

it was time to unwind the girls and drop them at their dads...

relaxed the rest of the evening, watched a movie and played this card game called "fluxx".

so the weekend was good. not too bummed on missing my ten year party, dont mind missing the hangover at all. i do miss throwing parties, just not the messy aftermath. so i'm still working on the review and will have that printed here soon. (ya right.)

edit: "veggie sushi items" hahaha, hey sushi! what are your veggie items?!?


oakland heidi said...

Well, since you live in the canyon you can't technically be a local anyway. :) ha. So I'm not sad I didn't miss your party.

But I do miss you and that lovely lady you've got.


no doubt, i spent so many years ripping on the people who lived in the canyon, telling them they live in town and not big sur.... im closer to carmel valley as the crow flies... welcome back to the voices!!! and you are always in our hearts kiddo. much love to you!

oakland heidi said...

its so lovely to have internet access again... back to the land of no work in an office!


hows the hunt for computer?!?! is that what you mean? or is it that the new jobs has the access on your office computer? hope your weekend will be great? did you get those new batteries?